Reader-submitted: 7-year-old Malky Hirth A”H left a big impact on this world

I just wanted to share my thoughts from today.

Last night for the first time, I heard about a little girl named Malky Hirth from Lakewood NJ.

“She is very sick, please pray for her,” I was told. I said a prayer and took the time to google her name and learn a little bit about her. Lots of videos and information came up on you tube. Such a sweet innocent child, full of life.

Malky Hirth was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. Unfortunately, the disease refused to stay away from her little body and she relapsed 3 times. Malky suffered so much in her short 7 short years of life, but always seemed to have a smile on her face and make sure everyone around her was happy.

I never met Malky. Nor do I know anyone in her family. Regardless, her story is heartbreaking and it definitely made me cry ALOT today. How I so badly wish there was something I could of done to make Malky healthy again. But we all know that nothing is in our control and it’s all god who deicides our fait.

I have so many questions, with no answers.

Why do people experience more tragedies then others? Why do some parents have to bury their children? Why do some children have to suffer so much?

I am realizing more and more that most of us take things for granted (including myself) I took my son to the doctor for his 18 month check up yesterday. The dr walked in, he examined my son for about 15-20. He listened to his lungs and heart and was checking to see if everything was ok. Mrs F “your son is healthy and is doing great” I smiled, got my son dressed and packed up to leave.

As I was driving home, I had tears in my eyes. Do you know how many Mommy’s and Daddys take their child to the doctor for a checkup and don’t hear that sentence. How many parents go to the dr thinking their child just has strep and are told “run to the ER”. Unfortunately, children are diagnosed with cancer so often. How lucky am I to have a perfectly healthy child!

It’s hard to always be happy and see the positive in life. It’s hard to be thankful for the things we take for granted. We always want additional “things” and sometimes get jealous when our neighbor has more.

Look around you, you have so much to be thankful for.

To Malky’s family. I’m sorry for the pain you are in. Malky left a BIG impact on this world. She will never be forgotten.



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There are 4 Comments to "Reader-submitted: 7-year-old Malky Hirth A”H left a big impact on this world"

  • chazak says:

    my daughters say that thy knew Malky from school. They said that she was very freindly and smiled a lot. They are sad that they will never see Malky again…. my 7 yr said she can still picture her sliding down the slide in the playground. Malky is playing in the biggest, nicest playground possible. She rests on Hashem’s lap. She is happy and will never feel ppain again. May the family be striong and comforted. It seems that Malky was admired even by young children.

  • Goldy says:

    Thanks very much, Esther, for your poignant and important messages for all of us to take to heart. Whatever we have in life – or don’t have – is what Hashem knows is good for us even if we don’t understand it.
    We should not run after/covet other “things” just because someone else has them. We should be happy with what we have. Someone sent me an audio message of Malky giving someone chizuk. Part of her message was: “A Yid is always supposed to be happy, even when it’s hard.”

    And yes, we need to appreciate the simple things that we sometimes take for granted. When we go to sleep at night in our own bed with a pillow and blanket, in a warm room – we need to thank Hashem for that tova as well – not everyone is fortunate to do so.

    Someone sent me this quote:

    “Happy moment, praise Hashem
    Difficult moments, seek Hashem
    Quiet moments, pray to Hashem
    Painful moments, trust Hashem
    Every moment, thank Hashem”

    May Malky’s family have a nechama, and may Malky be a meilitzas tova for her family and for Klal Yisrael.

  • Humbled says:

    I knew her. And boy did I learn a lot. Malky taught me that the little things do not matter, and how to appreciate life. Every time I spoke to her I walked away in a daze, wishing I could spend more time with her. She had the insight of a mature adult, and an understanding that was beyond belief. She had perception so deep, and so rich. Her pure heart lent so much love to life and the people around her. May her neshama continue to have an Aliya iyH.

  • Reizy says:

    Malky was my role model she went through so much but never complained to hashem (and boy did she have what to complain about)instead of saying why me she took all her nesyonos and grew and helped others grow in there Emunah in hashem
    May Malky be a maylitz yosher

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