Reader-submitted: If it’s not for you, don’t park there

There seems to be no end to the problem of people parking in the handicapped spots around Lakewood.  

The spots are meant for people who need them ONLY!

Why can’t people realize that if it’s not meant for you, don’t park there!

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There are 17 Comments to "Reader-submitted: If it’s not for you, don’t park there"

  • Old time lakewooder says:

    I’ve heard from more than one person that they have a handicap sign to hang in their car for a family member and they use it for parking when they can’t find another spot even though they don’t really need it…

  • Cantwait2carry says:

    Last mishnah in Peah. Not to mention chilul Hashem. Disgusting when I see people do it. Why do you think laws and rules don’t apply to you? Baalei gayva

  • Sheinim Dank says:

    When I drive a handicapped person to shop or to shul, I park there even though I don’t have the card. It’s too difficult to park and walk. Not justifying G-d forbid someone who uses it selfishly. But just because you don’t have the card doesn’t stop a handicapped person from using it, the same as if you do have a card and don’t need it you shouldn’t be parking there.
    May we not need these spots no longer…

  • Cantwait2carry says:

    Shainem dank. Unfortunately what you’re doing is still illegal. I get it that you’re doing a chesed for someone, however the proper thing to do is drop them off close by and then go park somewhere else

  • Bikur cholim says:

    I couldn’t agree more instead of just being thankful to Hashem that you don’t need the spot people have the audacity to take from those who unfortunately actually need it

  • No one asked me says:

    Here we go, again

  • Boogies says:

    I think that pregnant women and women with babies should be permitted to park in handicapped parking. It is difficult to walk far with little children and tough to keep them safe in large parking lots. (I’m
    A father).

  • Ron Benvenisti says:

    What goes around comes around. Keep it up and you just might need one.

  • #stop the lkwd building says:

    I may be rong
    But I was at a wedding once and and after I left I realized I forgot my hat
    So I drove back and parked in a handy cap spot for a second ( making sure there was other one there) ran in and got my hat.
    That was the only time I ever parked there
    And I still feel uncomfortable with this story but I don’t think it’s a prob
    Bh my feet are well!
    Ty hashem!!

  • Resident says:

    And don’t ever EVER judge someone who is using the tag! Handicaps involve more than what you see; not only for people with wheelchairs. If you are not the driver’s doctor, don’t pass judgment.

  • Thinking Straight says:

    I’ve seen parking lots that have special parking spots for mothers who are expecting. However that won’t work too well in a town like Lakewood because the majority of women shopping are expecting, so most of the parking spots near the entrance would be have to be marked for them. And what about the non handicapped. elderly who find walking a little hard or for the temporarily disabled due to a broken foot etc. Shouldn’t there be parking spots earmarked for them too? Nuff said. One should not be lazy and park in a handicap spot unless you have a tag and really are disabled. I personally park far away from the entrance so I get some exercise and I thank Hashem that I am able to walk.

  • Simon W says:

    I watched a police officer stop a lady walking away from her vehicle parked in a handicap spot and tell her STUPIDITY IS NOT A HANDICAP !

  • Sheinim Dank says:

    Can’t wait to carry, I agree that i risked getting a ticket but I still justified using the spot based on the passenger in my cars handicap. The reply was just to put a twist and think there may be a ligitamacy to someone parking there even without a card.
    May we all be able to get around from far out parking spots

  • Chaim says:

    I know somone who used the spot while recovering from severe illness and surgery and did not have the tag, but was in a precarious situation. Agreed no one should be using when they arent meant to but sometimes it may be the case where its being used for its intended porpose even though without the tag.
    In such a case im sure would a law enforcement oficer be explained the circumstance the driver would be fully excused.
    This is another strong reason to judge all favorably because you simply never know. Just focus on doing the right thing and the world will live on just fine.

  • Avraham says:

    Be careful who you judge. They may have a condition that you don’t know of. Don’t park in a spot not meant for you and don’t judge others.

  • Get a temporary card says:

    if one needs it temporary they can request a temporary card (LPD). it should only be used if the person requiring it is in the vehicle. Not for their spouse or others…

    Great to know thay someone else asked TLS to Post this issue other then me. I have placed ads in local papers telling people” 60 seconds is 1 minute too long” if you dont need it.

    and the stores and their drivers must stop blocking the spots as a storage or loading zone.

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