DASHCAM VIDEO: Watch what this aggressive driver does next

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There are 21 Comments to "DASHCAM VIDEO: Watch what this aggressive driver does next"

  • Piner says:

    How not to recycle? Someone’s in trouble

  • report to the authorities says:

    Its very nice to share this clip here, but why don’t you also send the clip with the license plate # to the proper authority?

  • Rachel says:


  • An emergency responder that doesnt take advantage! says:

    Im assuming he got upset bec. You used a airhorn which is meant for emergencies instead of using your horn like anyone else would do!!
    Not to say he’s not wrong.

  • Daniel G says:

    He may be aggressive but you could have let him change lanes – I get the impression you would do the same…

  • leah cohen says:

    Granted the guy was wrong for throwing his soda & you don’t “have to” let him in but why not? We all know how frustrating it is to change lanes on a busy highway…for heaven sakes give drivers some slack!

  • Smile says:

    Please report this that was not necessary someone couldn’t got hurt!!

  • Anin says:

    Had that last week on the parkway too. Didn’t have dash cam though….. I called the police. But by the time they came guy was long gone

  • sa says:


  • Phil says:

    Let him in!


    That’s Mean!

  • TG says:

    You have a moral duty to notify the law enforcement authorities. Road rage maniacs like this are liable to go to the next step and cause serious bodily harm, if not worse, when they don’t get their selfish ways – no matter how un-entitled they are.

    A creep like this, who intentionally takes physical action to harass other drivers on the highway should have his license revoked at least temporarily & be forced by a Judge to enter a road rage rehab course, which he will be tested on & have to receive passing marks before he is allowed back on to our roadways again!

    For all we know, he may not even be a first time offender..

  • Really? says:

    Don’t blame the guy…. let him in like a mentch…. be courteous

  • love Lakewood says:

    Let him in. He may be wrong but Not worth some thing to happen.

  • Help! says:

    Anyone know why I can’t watch Lakewood Scoop videos on my android? I used to be able to until a few weeks ago….it’s definitely not a filter issue.

  • Think Before You Act ! says:

    We all share the roads, and sometimes fellow drivers are not courteous. That does not give us a license to vandalize another person’s car because we’re angry. This driver acted on his anger. This time he threw a drink – next time it might be something more lethal. It’s not what he threw – it is the action itself. This out-of-control driver should be reported to the police. This is unacceptable behavior under any circumstances.

  • Fail says:

    Guy looks like no turn signal but you had second chance to be courteous. Don’t send in video unless you want to get bagged for the air horn. Move on and be nice. On the road, courtesy is king. Total fail.

  • david says:

    Here is my 2 cents to add tho this video. The guy changing lanes is definitely wrong and aggressive, it’s not a chiddush that there are crazy drivers on the road, we drive around total strangers and we don’t know what they might do. But how about you Mr “cool guy” with the dashcam and air horn? (people think they’re being cool equipping their cars with these gadgets, and feel superior on the road) you could have easily let him in and avoided all this, but you chose not to, so you’re just as aggressive as he is, and most likely there is more to the video that we don’t see that caused this guy to loose his cool and throw a cup of ice at you. count your blessings he only threw some ice and not pulled out a gun and shot you. your dashcam and horn and being right will not save your life! Don’t be a fool and don’t be right, be wise!

  • ST says:

    They should have let him in. When I need to get in the next lane and there is room, until the car already in that land speeds up to block me, I totally understand the anger especially if you experience spiteful and selfish drivers day in and day out. Be courteous!

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