UPDATE: Lakewood’s Enclave community votes to allow Sukkas, with restrictions

A senior community in Lakewood will after all allow Sukkas to be constructed within the development, but with restrictions.

As earlier reported, an effort to stop Sukkas was made at the Enclave, where many Frum families have taken residence in the last few years.

A resident present at last night’s vote tells TLS  that under the new rules, Sukkas would need to be bolted to the ground, would need to be beige, and an application with a diagram would need to be submitted yearly in order to receive a permit from the development’s Homeowners Association.


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There are 20 Comments to "UPDATE: Lakewood’s Enclave community votes to allow Sukkas, with restrictions"

  • Yid2 says:

    Seems reasonable

  • ruby says:

    insane why are we giving in to nonsense

    • jason says:

      who exactly is we ? and what nonsense are you giving in to ? this seems like a very very very fair agreement !!!!

      • ruby says:

        do partry tents that are 10×12 need to be bolted? are awnings required to be 1 color for the most part sukkos look like little huts are cabins on your own property , u can park a big orange uhaul truck in your driveway but a sukka on your back porch needs to be regelated – i’m all for being nice to neighbors and helping , contributing etc… but this is over the limit

  • Ok- that's fair says:

    Glad they came to an agreement. I can understand their concern.

  • Westgate says:

    What about xmas decorations? Are those also subject to these kinds of rules? Beige decorations I think not! But a box on a back porch that’s not in anyone’s face needs to be?

  • Ari says:

    Same way if u dont like the rules of your kids school then find another school. If u dont like the association rules then move elsewhere. Its that simple.

  • Senior Board says:

    These are NEW rules that have been changed since more Jews moved in to the development and the Xmas decorations are all over the place. All the NEW rules are anti Jewish religion. The rules changed without notice to the people living in the development. It scares me that every year we are subject to the HOA approval for our religious obligations that are less obtrusive and in your face than the six plus week light shows along with over sized blow up characters running on noisy air pumps to celebrate but not obligated other religious holidays. Don’t even respond that we should move out – where? Now that these rules are fixed along with the new fees the HOA are charging to new homeowners are possibilities of moving are limited.

    • Yid2 says:

      Maybe if you were nicer to your neighbors, they’d become your friends, and would want you to be happy.
      When I moved in to my house, Instead of immediately calling my non-Jewish neighbors antisemites when they asked me to drive safely and not block their mailboxes, I took the time to understand their concerns… and we became friends! In fact, they are now some of my best friends. They would help me with anything. Instead of fighting my sukkah, they help me build my sukkah and even come to visit and join.
      They watch my house when I go away, they help us with house repairs, etc. One of my non-Jewish neighbors contributes $5 to every lemonade stand my kids make for the walk-a-thon.
      Try making friends instead of enemies.

      • Devora says:

        Thank you Yid2, because your actions benefit all of us. Thanks to you, your neighbors will be looking at me differently, with respect. If there would be more people like you I think we would be in a much better place!

  • Miss Informed says:

    Let me guess…
    One of the Association Board members happens to sell Beige Sukkas that bolt to the ground AND come with a diagram ????

    Stupidest rules I ever heard

  • chaim says:

    Insane. All xmas decorations need to be one color and submitted to the association every year. You call that fair. They are trying to make your life miserable over nothing. Now I know some will say having this inconvenience is not miserable and for peace we should accept. They will just keep pushing envelope until in about 3 years there will be more of us.

  • Hunch says:

    Craziness. Will they make the same rules for the Xmas decorations?

  • Yes says:

    Beige? Why cant they just say in the brown family.

  • david... says:

    i spoke to a lawyer and he said that this would not stand in court, its clearly a religious discrimination. Yet the people might not want to take this to court because it will start a war!

  • Lakewood says:

    Just put up any color sukkah! Nothing will happen! The only way they will figure it out is if they go on your property which is trespassing. We can not give in! This is clear discrimination.

  • Amil Zola says:

    It’s nice a compromise is reached. As others have said be a good neighbor.

  • My Take says:

    Glad I don’t live there. My succah has been standing for 20+ years and it is not bolted to the ground and has never blown away.

  • TheDoctor says:

    Typical fascist HOA

  • Dave says:

    The residents of the adult communities do not stop Sukkos, They only wish them not to be unsightly, As you see in town many are used plywood.I have also seen cartons cut up.We ask that they have an alumimun frame and canvas material.It will be good for many years,When residents move here they are given the rules an bylaws.
    We live with them and so should all residents.

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