Lakewood Bachurim surprised to discover who their driver was

Two Bachurim leaving a wedding late last night in Lakewood were quite surprised when they discovered who it was who offered them a ride.

“I just left a wedding in Lake Terrace with a friend, when a car rolled up and asked me if I needed a ride,” one of the Bachurim relayed to TLS.

“When I got in, I recognized the face and asked his name – he told me “Mike”.

“It turns out, it was the Ocean County Sheriff (Michael Mastronardy)!” the Bachur said.

“He drove us to where we needed to go, and made it feel like we were doing him a favor!”


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There are 24 Comments to "Lakewood Bachurim surprised to discover who their driver was"

  • Tested says:

    Very safe so you got into a car with someone you didn’t know

  • WZ says:

    Weird stuff.
    And who care, this is not even news!

    • Stephanie says:

      Wow. Talk about bitter people. I actually found it a cute story (not sure about the safeness, but definitely cute).

      Stop being so bitter and maybe life will be better for you.

      Doesn’t God instruct you to be happy and not complain, and serve him with happiness?

      And if you don’t like something, just move on. Why the need to complain about everything.

      Thank you scoop for this cute story while I was enjoying my coffee.

      Signed, the Goyish from Jackson.

      • a jewish says:

        Stephanie…I love your comments and perspective from the outside! keep it up!

        No it wasn’t safe for them to hitchhike… maybe thats why the chief stopped. Better with him than with gd knows who!!!

  • #proud yeshiva bucher! says:

    That’s a nice story
    these Sheriff guys are awesome ppl

  • The thief says:

    I actually had a similar story. I was picked up, and looked up at the driver. It was a police officer. I was in the back seat. I had handcuffs. It was frightening.

  • My Opinion says:

    Very nice!

  • chana says:

    very nice story, but I’m confused a little…did Chief Myer just say a few days ago that giving a hitch is a moving violation?

    • david... says:

      it’s a machlokes!! the shaila is if its a din in a ride or he was saving them from a dangerous ride from someone else that time of night!!

  • Tremendous says:

    Wow! Thank you sherriff!

  • Anonymous says:

    The sherriff was just testing how easy it is to kidnap, now they are going to make new laws, just watch?

  • Commuter says:

    Stephanie. Ur posts and positive outlook is refreshing. Would just like to point out a minor correction in ur signature for future posts. Goy (instead of Goyish) from Jackson. 🙂

  • Yellowbunnies says:

    Good story. Nothing changes if you write something negative so why comment ? @Tested @Yossi @WZ

  • Command Post says:

    Sheriff Mike is a great guy. And, btw, he was coming from The wedding in Lake terrace – Where he danced with the chosson’s father for a very nice time.

  • Y Bb when u can C# says:

    Great Story. Thanx, Sheriff !! 4 more years !!

  • ST says:

    Stephanie, great post but just a suggestion for future posts: Just use your name. Too many privately put a negative connotation on any form of the word goy. Also, hitching in Lakewood is more commonplace than a driver yielding to another driver or observing Stop signs or looking both ways before crossing the street. The bochurim lucked out..

  • Abe says:

    Cops don’t make the law. Cops often don’t know the law. It’s legal to hitchike from the sidewalk and it’s legal to pull over to the side of the road if you’re not blocking traffic

  • Long Time Lakewooder says:

    Goy is not negative,just as Jew is not! It just means “nation” as in “someone from another nation,not Jewish”. This can be a very helpful description in Jewish law, for example with Shabbos, when a Jew may not do certain things but may ask a goy. Of course,like any other description,these may be used to connote negative,depending on who says it or how. I’m sure I am not the only one who has ever been spat at “hey Jew!” Even in Amerca. (Although since I am pleased and proud of my heritage,I have never felt humiliated, quite the contrary!)

  • Shalom says:

    Shalom and congrats on getting married just be careful my beloved getting in to cars and not knowing who it is very dangerous

  • Elchonon Jacob says:

    remember what happened in isreal kidnapping by hitchhiking

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