Lakewood police officers will need to pay $1 each day they let their beards grow – Here’s why

Lakewood police officers wanting to grow a beard, will need to pay for it.

In an unprecedented move, Chief Gregory Meyer has authorized officers to participate in ‘No Shave November’ (AKA ‘Movember’).

Movember is a global awareness campaign ran each November, in which men grow their mustaches or beards in an effort to raise funds for charity, and raise awareness about men’s health.

Officers who wish to participate in the program, must pay $1 per day in order to grow their facial locks.

All proceeds from the program will be donated to a local charity dealing with men’s health, PBA Local 71 President Mark Zwebiec says.


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There are 13 Comments to "Lakewood police officers will need to pay $1 each day they let their beards grow – Here’s why"

  • Stephanie says:

    Haha that’s awesome. You guys look like some of my Jewish friends now. Just missing the Yamookah(?)

    The Goyish from Jackson.

  • Patricia from Toms River says:

    @Stephanie Exactly what I was thinking! !

  • Rachel says:

    Cute. YARMULKA. The cap males wear in their heads.

  • Rachel says:

    To Stephanie. Thank You for caring so much . I don’t know about any classes , but one can google a lot . Most people say Goyish when they mean something like a place or item that isn’t appropriate. Ex. That’s a goyish song, or a goyish place (McDonald’s) or an inappropriate clothing store. Goyim means more than one goy. Have a great weekend. Keep warm.

  • Def says:

    Stephanie, you seem ultra friendly, open and welcoming as am I. I love learning new Yiddish words before using them. The dictionary states “Goyish” and “Goy” are insults for non Jews. Maybe meet with a rabbi if interested in learning more, go to the library or simply read the dictionary more. Don’t be so naive, learn the words you are referring to yourself as. But I agree it would be nice for there to be a Yiddish class for anyone and everyone to take. Maybe this could be offered some day as a way to bring the communities together.

  • Lion says:


    I’m from Jackson and a “goyish.” Please don’t insult us about “taking a class” as we know your traditions. We have no choice but to know.

  • IS says:

    LeRoy my friend – going to grow a beard like mine?? I’m sponsoring your beard for the month of Nov!!!!

  • Aura Gold says:

    Definition of “goy” is Nation.
    Am Yisrael is called a Goy Kadosh. It is not a an insulting or pejorative term at all!

  • Rachel says:

    To def. goy simply means a gentile or non- jew. Not at all insulting. Thank You to those that are being so warm and caring.

  • Long Time Lakewooder says:

    Goy is not a pejorative. It means “nation” as in “someone from a nation other than Jewish”.
    Stephanie,it looks like I’m not the only one who appreciates your friendliness and openness. Here is the grammar:
    Goy is a noun
    Goyim is plural, meaning more than one non-Jewish person
    Goyish is an adjective describing something that is not Jewish, generally used to refer to things or actions that do not conform to Jewish law or ideals

  • Yid says:

    Amish call anyone who is not like them, “the English”.
    Orthodox Jews call anyone who is not like them, “the goyim” (the nations of the world).
    Muslims call anyone who is not like them “infidels”.

    Webster’s dictionary defines “gentile” as “a person of a non-Jewish nation or of non-Jewish faith”.
    “Goy” is Hebrew for “gentile”.

    In some circles, especially in Nazi literature, the word “goy” has become a slur. But the original meaning of the word was “nation”, referring to the non-Jewish nations of the world.

  • RebRambo says:

    Goy is not pejorative at all. It merely means “nation”.

    When a Jew hears bad news he says “Oy Vey”.

    When a non-Jew hears bad news he says “Goy Vey.”

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