NJ Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald Condemns Passing of Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald on Thursday strongly condemned House Rule 38, which amends federal criminal code to allow an individual to carry a concealed handgun in another state.

“By creating concealed carry reciprocity, Congress is putting Americans at risk. Over the past decade our nation has seen an epidemic of gun violence, from the mass shooting in Las Vegas to the massacre at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando,” said Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington). “Proactive stances on gun violence help make America safe, and this change will do nothing but make our neighborhoods and communities more dangerous for families.”

Greenwald has been an advocate for gun safety since meeting with the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2013 after their devastating losses. That year, he introduced a 21-bill package, including lowering gun magazine capacity, enhancing penalties for gun trafficking offenses and establishing a regulatory system for the sale of ammunition.

“The loss of 20 children and 6 teachers impacted our nation and strengthened my resolve to protect our communities from gun violence. I am at a loss that anyone would want to put our nation at risk of another tragedy like this,” Greenwald said.

House Rule 38 provides a means by which nonresidents of a state whose residents may carry concealed firearms may also do so in the state. This legislation was introduced by Congressman Richard Hudson (NC-8) in January, and Congressman Tom MacArthur (NJ-3) is a cosponsor of this legislation.

Right-to-Carry laws have been proven ineffective in keeping populations safe. In a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, researchers learned that states with RTC laws had violent crime rates 13 to 15 percent higher post-passage relative to normal crime patterns.

“Here in New Jersey we have worked to reduce the number of deaths by gun violence, and I am appalled by the steps taken today in Washington to put our nation at risk,” Greenwald said.


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There are 16 Comments to "NJ Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald Condemns Passing of Concealed Carry Reciprocity"

  • Entitlement society says:

    The problem is the bad people not the guns.
    Should we ban trucks? Because of the Home Depot truck crash in manhattan?
    In france, guns are illegal and there’s lots of terror there.
    He should the fight the problem not a byprpduct of the problem

  • Miss Informed says:

    First tell Louis Greenwald to give up HIS Carry permit. Then he needs to understand the gun control doesn’t work on the criminals. NYC and Chicago have some of the toughest gun laws in the country, yet their crimes committed with guns and killings are out of control!!!!

  • TheDoctor says:

    Democrats only believe that criminals should have guns and legal citizens should just put up with being robbed and raped by criminals who don’t follow the law anyway
    Just look at Chicago with the toughest gun laws in the country and they have an equivalent of that church massacre every weekend

  • Lone Ranger says:

    Growing up in Texas, you always had to keep your handgun on your dashboard or wear it on a holster in which everyone could see it. That did not stop shot-outs but at least everyone knew if someone’s gun was within reach.

    It was not legal to carry concealed weapons in Texas until the 1990s. These liberal state and federal gun laws are a recent development.

  • #letuspumpourowngas says:

    NJ is backwards

  • Dovid says:

    Don’t worry. People from out of state will still be hit with jail time. The cops will see someone carrying and stop him to check if he has HOLLOW POINT BULLETS, which are illegal in NJ. Maybe the Feds should pass a law that hollow points are legal in all 50 states.

  • Smartypants says:

    Typical liberal looking for media coverage. does he think if a criminal that wants to shoot someone over state lines won’t cross over because there’s a law that you can’t? It’s for law biding people who want to protect themselves where ever you go.

  • Me myself & I says:

    As a political conservative who doesn’t follow Rush & Hannity like a sheep, it is beyond me why so many frum people follow them on the gun control issue. Any laws that limit guns legally are great. They limit some people from getting guns. Even if gun control laws don’t limit everyone, each person who can’t get a gun is one less lethal weapon off the streets. I get scared when I hear about how many people in our community own and carry guns.Of course people kill, not guns, but a person without a gun can’t cause as much misery.

    • TheDoctor says:

      its very simple all this would stop is law abiding citizens as criminals by their very definition don’t follow the law

  • You & yourself says:

    Hey “me myself & I”! You said it so well. Here I was thinking I’m the only one left not drinking the Hannity kool aid. No reason for people to give up all their seichel in exchange for Rush’s opinion. Yes, somethings (most things) that conservatives do make sense, but that doesn’t mean they’re right on everything.

  • CNN says:

    The reason they follow Rush & Hannity like sheep is because that’s all they’re exposed to. No different than all the people who get all their information from CNN and MSNBC. Frum people don’t have TV, so they get their info form talk radio. The same one-sidedness. That’s why so many of our people are blind Trump supporters, refusing to aknowledge the many problems with the man.
    Of course, they all think they are so smart and educated, because theu don’t follow CNN….

    • Me myself & I says:

      My thoughts 100%. I feel like I can’t get any news anymore. All news is biased and one sided, whether I’m reading the NY Times or Fox News, and especially the talk shows. I can tell the opinion of the writer just by reading the headlines. The talk show hosts will side with Trump no matter how ridiculous he acts. That makes them lose credibility in my mind.

  • Me, myself & i says:

    Btw the legendary Bob grant, who was as conservative as they come, was also pro gun control

  • tomatoface says:

    Totally agree with so many of the commentators. Gun control is a good thing. The constitution isn’t a divine document. It was written by human beings. It makes no sense to keep on feeding into this American gun obsession!

  • HuKnows says:

    If gun control would help even prevent the criminals or terrorists from killing, I would be for it, but as we see, gun control only stops the law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.
    Just as cars don’t kill, trucks don’t kill and guns don’t kill- PEOPLE DO.
    And as we see today, so many people are getting killed with trucks and knives and the only way they are getting stopped is by a good man with a gun.

  • Please think says:

    The obvious difference (well, not obvious to Hannity and Rush) between guns and trucks is that guns are designed to kill, trucks are designed to transport people and objects. We don’t restrict trucks, even though people have occasionally used them to kill, because they have an important use. Guns, on the other hand, are designed to kill. That is what they are for

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