PHOTOS: Woman says her GE range exploded, and all she was offered was a $25 rebate

A woman tells TLS she was cooking in her kitchen when her GE range exploded, sending the frying pan and hot oil flying. And to make matters worse, she says all the company offered was a $25 rebate.

The homeowner wrote the following to TLS:

To whom it may concern,

I have four GE appliances in my kitchen. My GE range is a few years old. I thought GE was quality, until now. I am very shaken up about what happened.

I was frying chicken cutlets on the stove; they were almost done when suddenly there was a loud BOOM – my range exploded. The grates flew out of position, the glass top exploded, and the frying pan with hot oil went flying.

I was paralyzed in fear, to say the least.

Staring at my oven no more, I called GE right away.

A technician came down a week later, and said he’s never seen anything like it. The insulation was coming through the middle vent! My dealer is horrified. He’s never seen anything like this either!

The case manager sent my pics to the safety team and finalized that this was not a safety issue! That’s it!

Talking to GE customer service is a waste of time. They are not coming through in any helpful way – besides for offering to sell me an oven at hundreds of dollars more than a local retailer! I would have expected a new range for the frightening aggravation. So did my dealer and so did my local repair guy.

The MOST GE offered is a $25 REBATE!

See photos attached.


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There are 27 Comments to "PHOTOS: Woman says her GE range exploded, and all she was offered was a $25 rebate"

  • asfv says:

    All I see is a messy range

  • HMH says:

    Most likely someone in India making $25 a month thought he’ll be nice and offer a full month salary for all the pain and suffering.

    Time for GE to get off their high horse or they’ll be another blackberry – gone because of not listening to their customers.

    On the other hand my first experience with amazon customer service was amazing which is why I have been shopping there for years even if they are not the cheapest.

    Rule of thumb always check companies rating especially their customer service ratings by speaking with local repair guy.

    Perhaps TLS should have a blog with “how to purchase big ticket items”

  • al says:

    Your fitst mistake was to think ge is a good brand. Ge appliances was sold to a Chinese company so not only are they made in china buy its controlled by the chinese. Ge quality is a thing of the past

  • Harry says:

    It’s out of the warranty, why should they offer anything?

  • Anonymous says:

    If you know anyone who has twitter or Facebook, have them tweet/post the pictures out with your story, and put GE on the tweet. Nowadays, if you want anything to get done, you need to call the company out online.

  • To Harry says:

    So when your car is out of warranty it should just explode on you and kill you?

  • Stephanie says:

    Why is she not filing a lawsuit? This could have killed someone. Scary.

  • Lakewood Voter says:

    Sounds like a problem with the gas line, not the oven.

  • Esty says:

    I think the LEAST they should do is give her a free new range, and some other stuff for this frightening incident. BH nobody was injured. This could have caused serious permanent burns and the home to go on fire.

  • new age says:

    You need to Tweet. You will get fast results.

  • Jack W says:

    And who says it was GEs fault? Maybe some oil spilled from the frying pan and ignited. Just because something unusual happens does not automatically mean its the manufacturers fault. Just saying….

  • Appliances Direct says:

    Wow! I have seen that happen when kashering a glasstop with a blech and burners full on. They shatter under that kind of temperature. Usually brings the fire department down. B’h things did not get that bad here.

  • TrafficProblems says:

    Should have called the fire Dept. They probably would have called the fire Marshall to investigate. Then she could make a claim to the homeowners insurance who also may have investigated. Too late now.

  • YITZY says:


  • Amil Zola says:

    I wonder if the range was professionally installed and whether the jets on some of the burners were clogged. Clogged jets on closed burners will cause a gas build up. I’ve had this stove for 8 years and nary a problem, but I did follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and maintenance and I did have it professionally installed.

  • Amil Zola says:

    I’m also wondering where the glass came from.The only glass on the unit is in the front center on the control panel.

  • Lkwd Chochom says:

    Sue their pants off and make them go bankrupt. GE is no more what they used to be.

  • Yitzchok says:

    I am sorry to hear about what happened with your oven.
    My GE oven was making a loud sound. I called GE when my oven was out of warranty. They sent someone down. It needed a new ignitor. GE said that they pay for anything related to safety issues even if the oven is out of warranty. They covered the repair. The phone number for GE Customer Relations is 800-386-1215
    I would suggest that you try calling them again. I would also be happy to share with you the extension of the person in GE that I spoke to thru TLS. But, I think that you should have success trying to call again and talk to whoever picks up. Good Luck!!

  • Bd says:

    Nissim!!! There could have been a lot more damage to people and property

  • Thinking Straight says:

    I have had GE ranges for the past 25 years and have had no problems, don’t know if mine were made in China or not. Definitely should sue GE if it was their fault and nothing else was wrong with the stove. Also see if homeowner’s insurance covers that.

  • anon says:

    @Amil Zola – I have this exact same range. The entire top is glass (or some alternative material that looks and feels like glass). Please don’t post such comments when you do not know! This was a scary incident.

  • Matt says:

    For the people saying take to Twitter,Lakewood scoop sends out tweets..and GE DID respond to their tweet for the lady’s contact info within an HR or two of the message going out !

  • askan4trouble says:

    I would file a complaint with the consumer protection safety here’s the division that handles complaints and I woul also contact the I’m pretty sure you’ll have better results

  • Dovid says:

    This is a gas range. It does NOT have a glass TOP. There are grates that are over the gas burners. Possibly the ignitor didn’t start sparking immediately and the gas started to come out. Then the ignitor sparked setting off the gas build-up.

  • Amil Zola says:

    Anon#18, the stove in the picture is a gas closed burner range, it does not have a glass top. You can easily see the burner jets and the iron hobs that the pots sit on.

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