Thank you! Over 20 Pesach Sedarim already sponsored during our ‘Sponsor-a-Seder Campaign!

In just two days since the launch of our annual Sponsor-a-Seder campaign, over 20 Sedarim have already been sponsored!

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This past Shabbos was Shabbos Mevorchim Chodesh Nisan.

“Rosh Chodesh Nisan Yihyeh B’Yom Hashabbos Kodesh!”

For most people, those words bring a smile to their face, as it means Pesach is near. The joyous atmosphere, the food, the rituals, the Afikoman gifts, the Matzah (and more Matzah and more Matzah), the Chol Hamoed trips, it is simply a period of joy and excitement.

For most people, that is, but not for all.

For some families, Pesach has a totally different meaning. Pesach means overwhelming bills, lack of basic necessities, having to make do with a lot less than their neighbors, boring Afikoman gifts, if any. For over 1,000 families, right here in Lakewood, Pesach is an impossible time of year to manage.

Many of these families may receive assistance from their neighborhood Kupos Tzedakah, and some may even be fortunate enough to get some familial assistance, but for the majority of these families, even after the assistance they get, which are used for many of the  high-cost Yom Tov related needs, they are still faced with empty pantries. Invariably, they still cannot afford meat, chicken,  wine, grape juice, fish, Matzah and the other necessities of Pesach, which can break the bank of even better off families.

These are our neighbors! Our friends! Our family! Our responsibility!

We must ensure that  the joy of Pesach applies to them as well.

The one address where these families turn to for help, year after year for over 3 decades, is Tomchei Shabbos. Yes, Tomchei Shabbos has a special Kimcha D’Pischa campaign, which is going strong since 1987, which literally feeds over one thousand  Mishpachos, with a dedicate Pesach budget which this year surpassed $1.1 Million!

Yes, when it comes down to it, without Tomchei Shabbos, there would be no Pesach for thousands of men, women and children in our community. ! It is a nearly impossible task to meet, but one that must be met, no matter what; one that has been met since 1987!

Tomchei Shabbos relies on the Lakewood community to pitch in generously and help feed those amongst us that need our help the most. We are not talking just a handful of food boxes to help out these families; we are talking full-fledged support for an entire Yom Tov! Each family receives between 18 and 25 cases of Yom Tov products, including chicken, wine, Grape juice, potatoes, onions, cups, aluminum pans, and of course baby fingers for the kids too!

Without Tomchei Shabbos there would be no Pesach. Without the community’s help, there would be no Kimcha D’Pischa fund.

Your help is needed. Please recognize that Tomchei Shabbos is our collective responsibility, halachically as well as morally. These families need every single person in Lakewood to take part in making this Pesach a most joyous one for EVERY family in Lakewood.

With its finger on the pulse of Lakewood, The Lakewood Scoop strongly identifies with the pain and suffering of so many children in the kehilla whose families lack the means to provide them Yom Tov food. We feel the needs of the precious children of these families who would be left with no simchas Yom Tov at all, without the help of the entire community.

We have therefore undertaken to host the Web-a-Thon fundraiser, from now through Pesach, on behalf of Tomchei Shabbos’ Kimcha D’Pischa – Lakewood’s Kimcha D’Pischa.

Kupas Kimcha D’Pischa provides over 1,000 families in our community with all Yom Tov food essentials, from wine and matzoh to fish, meat, poultry, potatoes, produce, canned goods and more. The size and scope of the Pesach distribution effectively makes Kupas Kimcha D’Pischa an organization onto itself, with its own staggering, $1.1 Million budget.

Visitors to TLS are able to pledge or donate directly from our Web-a-Thon portal, 24 hours a day.

In addition to their regular sponsorship options, Kupas Kimcha D’Pischa offers the Sponsor-a-Seder program, which provides donors of $147 and above the opportunity to underwrite a family’s entire Pesach Seder.

The first 5 Sedorim were sponsored by TLS.

Kupas Kimcha D’Pischa is 501(c)3 tax-deductible charity.


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  • cool masmid says:

    TLS – you should be gebentched for all that you do in helping out the Lakewood community in so many ways. It has not gone unnoticed neither by your sponsors or by your many readers and fans..
    Mechayil El Choyil!!

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