Stories that speak from the heart – by Rabbi Dovid Abenson

Below is a recently-received email from a parent of a former student who was interviewed by the editor of my soon-to-be published sefer on chinuch.

Their child who was 14 years old at the time came to see me after being thrown out of school number 5, becoming despondent, abhorring Rabbonim, partaking in destructive behaviour and ultimately leaving Yiddishkeit all together.

Boruch Hashem after going through the learning program with him, he turned around and went on to a yeshiva and competed the Shisha Sidrei Mishnah. He is now a proud jew, loves judaism and actively helps others find their way back home.

I hope this email gives hope to others who may be struggling either personally or with a child, and that no matter how low a person may go, one should never give up hope and ask Hashem for siyata d’shmaya for help.


Dear Rabbi Abenson,

I started the conversation with the editor this morning.  We spoke for close to 45 minutes and most of it was not about the Rabbi.  I wanted to make clear how far down Shmuel had gone and yet the Rav saved him.  He somehow brought him back!!!!  I started to tear up as I talked in honesty where he had been.  I will NEVER be able to express in words the immense HaKarus HaTov I have for the Rav for everything he did.  Without the Rav’s time, love, effort and wonderful methods of teaching he would never have been saved.  He would simply be a statistic of one the lost souls of Judaism.  I WISH I had the financial means to give the Rav the gift he deserves, but in truth nothing will ever be enough.  I know in Shomayim if the Rav didn’t do a single other mitzvah (which I know he has) he would receive an incredible reward, beyond probably what he can imagine, for that alone.  I will gladly finish the conversation with her this evening, but in all honesty, nothing I say will ever capture the essence of who the Rav is and the debt of gratitude every talmid and parent of a talmid should have for him.

With sincere thanks, love and admiration will I always be thinking of the Rav.  It is with sincere apologies that I don’t mention my debt to the Rav more often  than I do.  I really should be more grateful, but like I stated you saved him!!!!


Yaakov A


Story 2

I read a beautiful article in a periodical  magazine regarding a teenage
girl who had had difficulties in her hebrew reading and had a lack of
confidence with social skills, and how she miraculously changed her
whole life with 10 sessions using the Zobin Method  taught by Rabbi
Dovid Abenson.

I then thought, perhaps this program could also help my 18 year old
nephew who was out of Yeshiva, struggling with his learning, reading
and social skills and was very withdrawn.

I was amazed at Rabbi Abenson’s professional approach and his
techniques which were able to transform my nephew, not only in his
approach to his learning, but he became an extrovert who loved being
around people. In fact, Rabbi Abenson has been the only person who has been able to get through to him.


The happy ending is that he recently became engaged and I have much
Hakoros Hatov to Rabbi Abenson that without his assistance he would
not have gotten engaged.

I recommend this program to be instituted in every mossod throughout
the world and may HaKodesh Boruch Hu bentch him with many more years
of hatzlocho in his avodah.

Mrs Cohen



Story 3

I am a 68 year old frum man who studies in the traditional yeshivos in
America all my life.  In fact I obtained Smicha and was exempt from
the Vietnam War.

However, I always had difficulties with my Hebrew reading,
consequently translation difficulties which filtered down to
struggling when trying to learn gemara. I always had to have a Rebbe
to teach me. I felt I just had to accept that this was a fact of life
and it was Min HaShomayim. The strange thing was that in English
reading, I could read up to 200 words per minute!

I happened to read in a periodical magazine regarding the unbelievable
work of Rabbi Dovid Abenson where he stated he “upgrades all levels of
learners and levels of commitment to Yiddishkeit”
I thought I would try seeing if and how he could help me.
I was amazed with the diagnostic results of the evaluation he gave me,
and after just a few sessions of the reading program, I really was
able to read!

He made gemara learning seem so simple and I got very excited with this.
I actually went and got trained in the program to be able to help others.

I wish I had this opportunity 60 years ago!
Thank you Rabbi Abenson for giving me a new lease on life!


Story 4


Greetings and salutations

I want to give you an update.  I was doing kriah with my Shmiel the other night (something I am embarrassed to say I have not been able to do with him in a while) and he read so beautifully!!  He read clearly and quickly too!!
I asked him what happened?  He laughed and answered that he followed your instructions.  He said whenever he felt he was stumbling he would slow down and read more carefully until he familiarized himself with the words.  I was quite impressed.
Now I need him to slow down and imagine the commas and periods in the Gemarah, he just jumbles it all together.  But his Rebbi said  -this too will come with time.
So I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
All the best!

Mr Goldberg


Endorsed by  HaRav Mattisyhu Solomon Shlita, Mashgiach, Bais Medrash Govoha, Lakewood

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend two outstanding projects undertaken by Rabbi Dovid Abenson  a yiras shomayim with a burning zeal to reach out with care and concern to his fellow jews.”

For more information Rabbi Dovid Abenson  514-739-3629 cell 514-993-5300

Email website





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