Make Starbucks Kosher Again? Petition launched

In response to yesterday’s report about Starbucks ending the Star-K program, a petition was launched – titled “Make Starbucks Kosher Again.”

See the petition here.


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There are 32 Comments to "Make Starbucks Kosher Again? Petition launched"

  • moshe says:

    Its fine, let them focus on closing stores to educate about fairness, equality & not being offensive to all patrons

    You can support all the local hiemishe coffee shops & if you prefer starbucks burnt flavor, I’m sure you can request your local hiemishe store to do that for you as well.

  • Support local businesses says:

    I’m sure local owned kosher coffe shops are happy about this

  • Yankel bistritsky says:

    Nebach !! That this is what we’re worried about.
    A lot more important things in life to be concerned about then Starbucks

  • Izzy says:

    Wow pretty sad that people are so “sad” and “need” etc
    What this world is coming to.
    Hey if you need a coffee get yourself a thermous and fill it up. It’ll be enough for the whole day and then some. If you can’t live without Starbucks then you need a shrink

  • Isac says:

    Let’s support Patriots of the US and not these p.c. (politically correct) haters, like starbucks.

  • Haha says:

    Wow, this is not their year!

  • Eli says:

    The coffee is awful
    Go to French press or kava

  • Mike says:

    You all seem to be missing the point!
    This is not about who to patronize locally .
    Many of us who travel regularly looked to Starbucks for coffee and other drinks while on the road .
    I hope they reconsider.

  • Timmy Rosensteinbergski says:

    Oh no What’s everyone going to do ?

  • Yankel ohefferkorn says:

    Only thing they have going for them is that the c.o. of Starbucks Mr. Schultz met R’ Nosson Tzvi Finkel zt”l and was deeply inspired by the uplifting conversation they had.

  • Profile everyone says:


  • Buzz says:


  • AK says:

    What’s wrong with Nescafé or tasters choice
    Very Sad state for frum people if these are the causes we advocate for
    Wow is to us here we are a few days before chodesh אב
    And this is what people are worried about their frappachinoes
    Guess it’s no wonder we’re still in golus

  • Schemp says:

    Personally I don’t like starbucks…..but I’ll sign the petition so there’s more waw a coffee for me….

  • KELM says:

    in Kelm we were lucky just to have hot water.
    It’s a shame we’ve made ourselves a slave to Starbucks. Hashem Yerachaim !

  • Pathetic! says:

    SAD, Soooooo Sad.

  • You’ve GOT to be kidding says:

    Chazserai!!! What is this business with the bought beverages ??? When I was a kid it was all Folgers in a 6 oz coffee cup in the coffee room.. I can cry over this!

  • Your kidding!!! says:

    I can mamish cry.. back when I was a youngerman it was all Folgers in a 6oz cup in the coffee room… now every bucher on their shvers tab is busy getting this bought beverage .. aside for the issur of eating and drinking on the streets .. I can mamish bcchechh

  • Tony says:

    Who signed it is it backed by major people?

  • hi says:

    What about signing up for the kindness challenge while you are at it signing this petition (see previous post called the kindness challenge)

  • Live in airports says:


    Being that I and many others are on 2 or more planes a week and this is our breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner it is very important.

    Clearly you don’t know the feeling of waiting to fly home trapped in an airport on a Thursday night after being away all week and your flight gets delayed and delayed and all you have is Starbucks while the rest of the airport is eating dinner, Starbucks becomes very important.

    Thx for reading and may you all be Zoche to the bracha we say in bentching thanking a host that says your work should be near your home.

    May we all have a meaningful nine days and be zoche to the geula shleima.

  • Resident says:

    It starts with their day of equality training, continues with their commitment to ditch plastic straws so as to “save marine life”, and ends with abandoning their kosher-friendly policy. This was a predictable next step in their leftist agenda. I’d not be surprised if they would ban Americans flags in their stores for next July.

  • Me says:

    By signing the petition and getting Starbucks to get certified again (especially if you don’t go to Starbucks or even any coffee) you are having tremendous Ahavas Yisroel and showing support as klal Yisroel that cares one for another.
    By having Starbucks certified it causes countless Yidden to drink something with a hechsher.
    So please instead of looking at this (as well as other things) as “it’s not fit for a mentch” or “where have people come to..” rather look at it as “Wow, Yidden uniting for the right thing” and “Baruch Hashem that Yidden are helping each other out for good things”.
    Just my thoughts, may we merit in these special days that they be turned into happy days.
    “yihafchu yamim eilu lisason ulisimcha”

  • Me says:

    By singing this petition and getting Starbucks to get certified again (especially if you don’t drink strarbucks or even any coffee) you are having a tremendous amount of Ahavas Yisroel and showing support as klal Yisroel that cares one for another.
    By having Starbucks certified kosher it causes countless Yidden to drink something with a hechsher.
    So please instead of looking at this (and other things) as “it’s not appropriate for a mentch” or “where have people come to” rather look at it like “Yidden uniting together for good things” or “Baruch Hashem Yidden are helping each other out for good things”
    May we merit in these special days the ultimate Geulah shleima.
    As it says “yihafchu yamim eilu lisason ulisimcha..”

  • Jw says:

    You know, all of the above negative comments… somehow I don’t think any of the Mussar greats would condone your disparaging an entire segment of Yidden, at any time of the year and especially now, and in a public forum that is read by all. Are you sure you are above it all that you can afford to criticize others for wanting to drink a kosher Starbucks coffee? Is all correct and perfect in your own life? Perhaps some m’lamed z’chus (finding merit) is in order for Klal Yisroel. That would be a more appropriate use of your time before Chodesh Av and the upcoming Yomim Nora’im (High Holidays). These Yidden, many of whom have very valid reasons for patronizing Starbucks, are willing to give that up and keep Kosher. Live and let live and work on perfecting yourself before publicly berating others.

  • same problem says:

    its not just about coffee. many use starbucks to sit and work and buy a coffee so they can justify using it as an office.
    they are definitely gonna lose out when they stop. lets see what happens.

  • Moshe says:

    While some drinks like frapps can’t be bought at Starbucks anymore flavoring for lattes or coffees can be bought as long as you ask to see the bottle and see a suitable hechsher.

  • Their choice says:

    Its there choice, leave them alone. Go to some where else.

  • outoftowner says:

    For those of us living out of town and don’t have all the options that in towners have, this really affects us! Starbucks was the only option for “coffee dates”

  • gibs says:

    ide love to start a petition that they stay NON kosher, those liberals, fired a hard working white employee when she followed store policy , b.c. the subject in hand was black. (she did become rich over the firing, she deserved it)
    I wouldn’t step into that terrible place that’s trying to destroy America with their phony love for all and liberal left agendas.

  • chaya cohen says:

    Count your blessings lakewooders that you have 3 fully Cholov Yisroel Starbucks quality coffee shops in town French press(2) and Kava. While us out of towners only have Starbucks.

    So yes, we would very much appreciate if it becomes kosher again.

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