Pedestrian struck by vehicle, seriously injured, on Rt. 88 (VIDEO)

An accident on Route 88 in Lakewood this evening left a pedestrian seriously injured, officials said.

The accident occurred approximately 9:30 PM just west of Clover Street.

Lakewood First Aid, EMS and Hatzolah responded to the scene.

The pedestrian, described on scene as a middle-aged male, was transported by Lakewood EMS to Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Lakewood’s Traffic Safety division is investigating.

Route 88 is shut in both directions in the area.


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There are 12 Comments to "Pedestrian struck by vehicle, seriously injured, on Rt. 88 (VIDEO)"

  • A says:

    I think it’s time that all streets get lights no matter what county, state. This isn’t a rural town anymore.

  • sandra manny says:

    oy vey

    reflectors is a must

  • Interesting says:

    I live in monsey but I frequent this site a lot and always see ppl kvetching about how Lakewood residents drive. Last week I was in Lakewood to be menachem avel some relatives (I moved out of Lakewood in 2003) and I nearly got killed twice. The incidents were frightening and I thank Hashem that my reflexes are so sharp. I am a pretty quick driver myself but what I saw was scary. What was so bothersome was that it wasnt one or two careless drivers, it almost seemed that Lakewood has its own set of driving rules that are put in place to be destructive. May Hashem watch over all of you!

    • Danny says:

      Relax buddy, there’s no way in a million years you almost got killed twice in your one night of driving in Lkwd. I drive around Lakewood every day and I never almost got killed even once!

  • To interesting says:

    I find your post to be more destructive than the drivers you mention . To depict an entire town of drivers as bent on destroying each other with their driving?? I drive around Lakewood all day,every day and feel perfectly safe and I don’t know if my reflexes are as quick as yours . Better to stay in monsey and not speak lashon horah about our amazing town. Where people drive, there will be accidents . In every city in the world.

  • Mlkiel says:

    Lakewood has many great people and it also has alot of anxiety (nothing to do with religion or standard of religeion) and its affecting the actions of people we need to relax our scheduals and not be under such pressure

  • Jay says:

    To interesting,

    You write how you came from Monsey to Lakewood and almost got killed twice in one night. You also mentioned that you are a quick driver yourself. Is it possible that your quick and possibly erratic driving was the cause you almost getting killed twice. I think that perhaps this may be the case. In this case you could almost get killed twice in one night in Monsey as well. No need to come to Lakewood. You probably would have been better off staying in Monsey and being menachem avel over the phone.

  • lakewood mom says:

    Rte 88 is considered a highway, but in town it is a pretty narrow road. And now that it is so overbuilt, be ready to hear of more accidents R”L and close calls.

  • Azoiy says:

    I can understand this Monsey driver – even though he may be exaggerating a bit. But I am from Brooklyn and a frequent visitor to Lakewood. I am always astounded by the driving habits of the Lakewood community – both male and female – actually I found the ladies to be more aggressive drivers. I understand that you are constantly under pressure and in a rush – but the lack of concern for others is blatant. That’s in addition to the Chilul Hashem it causes.
    And they have the chutzpa to complain of the Brooklyn drivers!!

  • Old time lakewooder says:

    People in Lakewood do have their own rules about driving.
    Just today I saw someone make a right turn from a left lane, cutting the person off who was driving in the right lane to make the turn. Then later on I saw someone in a turning only lane go straight almost hitting the car going straight.
    I believe the person from Monsey almost getting hit twice in one night.

  • I fully agree says:

    I’m originally from Monsey and now live in Lakewood and if you don’t think the way most people drive in this town is unsafe then you’re just desentisized from it already. From making quick turns right in front of oncoming traffic to talking on cellphones the driving habits by the average person here is absolutely ridiculous. There is no justification but the explanation is that the traffic is so crazy that it takes so long for people to get from point A to point B And that makes them do certain dangerous driving maneuvers that they otherwise wouldn’t do if they were not so pressed for time. Try making a left turn onto anywhere on route 9 and you’ll see why people are so impatient and dangerous. I mean, no left turn arrow at the 2 busiest intersections in the town etc. enough said.

  • David M says:

    Every day as I drive through Lakewood I see pedestrians walking in the street, rather than on the sidewalk. I am not suggesting that this is what caused this particular accident. However, walking in the street when there is a sidewalk is not only dangerous, it is against the law. It is dangerous for you as the pedestrian and it is dangerous for the drivers. Just this morning an oncoming driver swerved into my lane to avoid a young man who was walking in the street. Please, use the sidewalks, and be alert.

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