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FIRST REPORT: Lakewood Mosdos’ 9th grades will not open until all girls are placed

The 9th grades of Lakewood’s girls’ Mosdos will not be opening this coming week unless all girls are placed, TLS has learned.

PHOTOS: 2 vehicles overturn in Lakewood minutes from each other

The first accident occurred on Route 88, and the second on Prospect Street.

PHOTO: Home invasion investigation continues at the Fairways

Opinion: Just Another NJ Cash Grab

By Aaron Neuman. New Jersey’s state treasurer announced that there will be a tax hike of 4.3 cents per gallon of gas bought in NJ beginning this fall.

VIDEO: Senator McCain’s casket arrives at the U.S. Capitol

The ArtScroll Edition Tosafos Inaugural Edition: Tractate Makkos, dedicated by Yaakov and Ilana Melohn

[COMMUNICATED] You asked for it. “I’ve learned Daf Yomi with the Schottenstein Talmud for two cycles, and I want to deepen my understanding. What about a Tosafos?”

PHOTOS: Lakewood, Jackson Police Departments hold joint Active Shooter/Killer Training to protect local schools

On August 29, the Jackson Township and Lakewood Police Department hosted a joint Active Shooter/Killer Training at the Christa McAuliffe Middle School.

Next Tuesday: Tomchei Shabbos day of Giving: Triple Your Dollars, Triple Your Zechuyos

[COMMUNICATED] By: L. Halevi. Starting this Tuesday, and going for 35 hours,  the #TomcheiTishrei campaign will, together with you, raise a whopping $1 Million that is  necessary to  ensure Simchas Yom Tov for every single family in the greater Lakewood area.

The Pickup Children’s Gmach: Succos Clothing Drive in Full Swing

The Pickup Gmach, servicing Lakewood families is collecting Yom Tov clothing for children, current styles and excellent condition clothing

Tesla Raffle Tickets Going Fast ­– Be Sure to Grab One!

[COMMUNICATED] We all work best under pressure – so here’s a little to get you going! Chicago Chesed Fund’s Annual Tesla Raffle is fast-approaching, and tickets are going fast.

S.S.S.S. Nesivos Shalom Ki Savo 5778: Loving Hashem

The weekly Shiur delivered by Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro.

The Weekly National News Roundup – by Shlomo Rudman

NAFTA Being Replaced – In a Monday morning news conference, President Trump announced a two-country trade deal with Mexico to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement,

732-For-Work changing the way workers are hired

[COMMUNICATED] I just wish I could find a handyman to fix my closet door an easier way! I just wish I could find an electrician who was actually available today! I need a plumber now! Not tomorrow! Not tonight! But now!

Motorcyclist thrown over 300 feet, seriously injured in Toms River drag racing accident

A motorcyclist was seriously injured in an early-morning accident in Toms River, police say.

PHOTO: Jackson private school bus passes arrive in mail

See earlier information here.

Letter: At the end of my rope

I know I’m probably reiterating what has been stated many times, but why

UPDATE: Details scarce about suspect in violent Lakewood home invasion due to condition of couple

Investigators are still trying to piece together information into yesterday’s violent home invasion in Lakewood, but some key information

Funding Our Future

By Avi Gutfreund. There are several chesed organizations to which people give their maaser money without even thinking, including Hatzolah, Tomchei Shabbos, Bikur Cholim, among several others.

PCS/FDU Bachelor Program announced

[COMMUNICATED] PCS is proud to partner up with Fairleigh Dickinson University to offer a Yeshiva and Seminary Bachelor of Arts Program.

Police release surveillance video showing 4 officers struck by a vehicle; Joint ‘Move Over Law’ campaign announced

Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato today announced Ocean County Law Enforcement will bring together their policing partnership to promote New Jersey’s “Move Over Law”.