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There are 4 Comments to "News Tips"

  • Anonymrs says:

    Whats the smoke smell in spruce street area

  • Mendel says:

    Drivers should be careful not to hit any kids that might be stuck inside one of the many potholes in town. Rumor has it that the IDF is being called in to destroy these tunnels.

  • a says:

    whats the deal with this txt message going around from the “mekubal” nissim shalom about moshiach….first of all did ANYONE ever hear of this person second of all if u google it this exact same message has been sent out numerous times over the past three years …is this someones sad idea of a joke?

  • M.G. says:

    James backed up from Cheder, all the way to Rt 9 and then even further onto Pine Street.
    New Hampshire is backed up from Ridge, all the way to Cedar Bridge.

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