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VIDEO: Fox interviews Kellyanne Conway about Trump’s Taiwan call and more

wallace[VIDEO BELOW] Read more ›

Reminder: Beginning Tonight


The 2017 Property Reassessment and You: A Comprehensive Guide – Presented by The Lakewood Vaad

tax assessor and asBy S.B. Within short order, virtually all Lakewood property owners will have received a letter from the Township of Lakewood Municipal Tax Assessor informing them of the newly assessed “fair market value” of their property. Read more ›

VIDEO: Viznitzer Rebbe at the Eisdorfer residence in Toms River

img_8718[VIDEO BELOW]  Read more ›

Sudden passing of retired longtime Township Receptionist Mary Jackson

municpal_building_tls_2We regret to inform you of the passing of longtime Lakewood Township Receptionist, Mary Jackson, who suddenly passed away in her sleep. Read more ›

Photo submitted by the Lakewood Fire Department

fire-hydrant“Just a reminder from the Lakewood Fire Department that blocking a fire hydrant is not only against the law, but someone’s life may depend on water from that hydrant!” Read more ›

Winners of the Bikur Cholim Chinese Auction

bikur-cholim-2016See below for the list of winners of last night’s Bikur Cholim Chinese Auction. Congratulations! Read more ›

Levaya info for Reb Yitzchok Dershowitz Z”L


VIDEO: Berry Weber at the special Bar Mitzvah of Moishe Bak in Lakewood

beri-weber[VIDEO BELOW] With musicians Meyer Rosenbaum, Ephraim Berger and Yossi Shtendig. The Bar Mitzvah took place Thursday evening. Read more ›

TONIGHT: The Bikur Cholim Chinese Auction; Melava Malka event for women at Lake Terrace

bcol[ENTER ONLINE UNTIL 9:30 PM] The Bikur Cholim Chinese Auction is taking place tonight, Motzei Shabbos. Read more ›

TEHILLIM – URGENT: Rebbetzin Salomon in extremely critical condition

img_8711The Lakewood Mashgiach’s Rebbetzin, Miriam Chaya bas Sarah, is in extremely critical condition this evening, Read more ›

Street Crimes arrest in Lakewood nets handguns and drugs

lpd street crimes tlsAfter the culmination of a two month investigation into drug activity at a Lakewood residence, Read more ›

Baruch Dayn Ha’emes: Petirah of Reb Yitzchok Dershowitz Z”L [UPDATED]

img_8667We regret to inform you of the Petirah of Reb Yitzchok Dershowitz Z”L, a longtime Lakewood resident and Lomed at BMG, who was Niftar this afternoon. Read more ›

JUST IN: NJ HAND Receives $1.3 Million Grant for Affordable Housing in Lakewood

construction tlsIn an exciting development for low income Lakewood families, the Federal Home Loan Bank has given a $1.3 million grant to NJ HAND, which will be allocated Read more ›

BREAKING: Man involved in gunpoint robbery in Lakewood charged with additional robberies and shooting

breaking news tlsA man arrested in connected with a Lakewood gunpoint robbery, has been charged in connection with additional armed robberies, as well as the shooting. Read more ›