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Maser Consulting: Traffic counts are done when school is in session; 5 New Traffic Lights coming to Lakewood soon

Maser Consulting, the company tasked to perform the traffic studies in Lakewood, says it conducts the studies when school is in session. Read more ›

Identity Theft Is Not Just an Internet Problem – by Ron Benvenisti

As CyberSecurity Awareness Month comes to a close, it’s important to note that you can be a victim of identity theft even if you never use a computer. Read more ›

At the SCHI Challenge sign-up event at the home of Yossi Michael

You can sign up for the Challenge here.

S.S.S.S. Nesivos Shalom Sazria Metzora 5777: The number seven

Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro’s weekly Shiur on the Parsha. Read more ›

PHOTOS: State of New Jersey Honored by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce for its Landmark Anti-BDS Legislation

By: Shimmy Blum. On Wednesday evening, the ground floor of Bell Works, the cavernous, two million square foot business and retail “metroburb” in Holmdel, NJ hosted a special tribute to the State of New Jersey. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Authorities investigating serious assault on woman in Lakewood

Authorities are investigating a serious assault which took place in Lakewood this afternoon. Read more ›

Township to hold Master Plan Committee meeting

The Lakewood Township Master Plan Committee will be conducting a meeting, and the public is welcome to attend. Read more ›

VIDEO: Lublin to Durham: A Message from Rabbi Paysach Krohn​

Read more ›

Letter to Community from the Lakewood BOE President

Dear Lakewood Residents:
​As Board President of Lakewood’s Public School District, I am deeply concerned about the major budget deficit looming over our schools. I am deeply concerned about Read more ›

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles responds to your ‘Ask The Mayor’ questions: Handicap Parking

The following is an ‘Ask The Mayor’ question submitted to TLS, and the Mayor’s response. Email your questions for the Mayor to Read more ›

Letter: Thank You LCSW

Reader-submitted: We would like to take this moment to publicly thank Jay Varga from LCSW for going out of his way to help us over Pesach. Read more ›

PHOTO: Official Ballot Drawing held at the County Clerk’s Office

In accordance with NJ election law, the Official Ballot Drawing for the upcoming June 6th Primary Election was conducted at the County Clerk’s Election Services Office at the Court House. Read more ›

TONIGHT: SCHI Challenge Sponsorship & Sign-Up Event

[COMMUNICATED] There will be a SCHI Challenge Sponsorship & Sign-Up Event tonight, at the home of Yossi Michael, 13 Walker Dr. in “The Woods”, at 8:00 PM. Read more ›

Reader-submitted: From the unreported stories

As Jews, we are constantly under the greatest scrutiny by the secular world. As the lyrics of Yaakov Shwekey’s “We Are a Miracle” so poignantly state, Read more ›

Rabbi Mendel Kessin to resume Shiurim in Lakewood

Rabbi Mendel Kessin will resume his Motzei Shabbos Shiurim in Lakewood this week. Read more ›