Dashcam video: Road rage

In this reader-submitted video (via our Whatsapp line, 415-857-2667), a driver can be seen Read more ›

It’s Happening Now!

[COMMUNICATED] Right now, in Chicago, hundreds of Lomdim are joining together to complete the entire Shas in the zechus of Klal Yisroel’s singles. Read more ›

Rav Avigdor Miller on Tu B’shvat

Q: How should we celebrate Tu B’shvat?  Read more ›

VIDEO: Rav Asher Weiss at Agudah Yarchei Kallah: Excessive alcoholic consumption in our Yeshivas a ‘Charpah and Bushah’

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VIDEO: Lakewood Cheder 5th graders perform at Auction

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Monday: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Municipal Offices Closed

mlkMartin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday. In observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Lakewood’s Municipal offices will be closed. Read more ›

PHOTOS: The Total Lunar Eclipse

(Share your eclipse pictures by sending them to Read more ›

PHOTOS: Tu B’Shvat Tisch with the Liska Rebbe in Toms River

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2 years since the Inauguration: How would you rate President Trump’s job so far?

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Recap: The Yeshivas Ner Moshe Legacy Event (Full Video)

(If you missed the event due to the weather, you can donate online here.) Read more ›

UPDATE: Over 1,000 without power in Lakewood

Over 1,000 JCP&L customers are without power in Lakewood this evening. Read more ›

Kiddush Levana and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse | R’ Moshe Flohr

While all over the world there was great interest (and even excitement) over the Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017, due to its being a rare phenomenon, Read more ›

Abramson Shiva info

The Shiva for Chani Abramson A”H is taking place at 16 Shemen Street. Read more ›

IRS waives penalty for many whose tax withholding and estimated tax payments fell short in 2018

The Internal Revenue Service announced that it is waiving the estimated tax penalty for many taxpayers whose 2018 federal income tax withholding and estimated tax payments fell short of their total tax liability for the year. Read more ›

Tonight: Liska Rebbe to visit Toms River L’kavod Tu b’shvat

Reminder: This evening, January 20, the night preceding Tu’ B’shvat, the Toms River community will be graced by the presence of the Liska Rebbe, Read more ›

Mazel Tov! (PHOTO)

The Vort of Yehuda Kotler, son of R’ Aaron, to Dana Michael. Read more ›

One day of free dental care for Ocean County children

Local dentists, Dr. Elisa Velazquez & her team from Ocean Pediatric Dental Associates, will provide one day of free preventive and emergency dental care Read more ›

Important Message from Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer

The following message was provided by Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer. Read more ›

An Open Invitation to the Special Evening Program at Agudah’s Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah 2019; Watch Live 12:45 PM with Rav Chaim Kanievksy

Agudas Yisroel is pleased to announce that this year’s Yarchei Kallah in Yerushalayim will have an enhanced evening program, open to the public. Read more ›

Thinking Florida? Check out this new Florida Kosher Villas rental in Ormond Beach (Virtual Tour)

[COMMUNICATED] This 4500+ square foot, two-story home in Ormond Beach, Florida, boasts 6 full bedrooms, a loft area, an office, 3 1/2 baths, a formal dining room, Read more ›