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New to Lakewood – stunning table linens! Give the Chanukah Gift That Lasts All Year!

[ADVERTORIAL] Send or print a gift certificate for the seasons hottest gift item at Lakewood’s new table linens shop. Our high quality, stunning styles are available at unbeatable prices. Read more ›

Tonight: Extended hours at Marcy Clothing the Boys Club; Avoid the Erev Shabbos Chanukah rush

[ADVERTORIAL] To help you avoid the Erev Shabbos Chanukah rush, Marcy Clothing (367 Cedarbridge) will be reopening tonight from 8pm until 10pm. 7329875100. Read more ›

Here’s an ‘in case of emergency’ tip a Lakewood resident discovered while traveling on the Thruway

A Lakewood resident driving the Thruway from Montreal, discovered information that could be useful to travelers. Read more ›

Governors Christie and Cuomo Announce Commitment to Fund 100 Percent of States’ Half of New Gateway Tunnel

Governor Chris Christie and Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced commitments to fund 100 percent of New York and New Jersey’s share of the new Gateway Tunnel. Read more ›

Reader-submitted: My Pacifica

Dear Editor, Your recent post about a gas range explosion got me thinking about a recent experience I have had, or am amidst having. Read more ›

TONIGHT: The Amazing Latke Cook Off Live on TLS at 9:00 PM – Meet The Contestants

Tonight, for the first time ever, exclusively on TLS you will get to watch the most amazing culinary event EVER in Lakewood, The Grand Latke Cookoff LIVE! Form Evergreen. Read more ›

Parnassah Network subsidizes Lakewood Uncle Moishy Chanukah Show

[ADVERTORIAL] Guess who is coming to town. Parnassah Network is proud to announce a subsidized children’s educational Chanukah program. Read more ›

The Season of Light and The Dark Web – by Ron Benvenisti

During this universally celebrated season of light. A long-standing traditional season we all share to shine the victorious light of righteousness and justice into the darkness that permeates the world, I thought I might “shed some light” on the most modern and perhaps most dangerous world of darkness to be illuminated yet. Read more ›

Consumer Alert: IRS Warns Taxpayers, Tax Pros of New Email Scam Targeting Hotmail Users

The Internal Revenue Service today warned taxpayers and tax professionals of a new email scam targeting Hotmail users that is being used to steal personal and financial information. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Many accidents reported once again this morning; Take it slow on icy roads

Read more ›

When He Heard Their Stories, He Had To Do Something

[COMMUNICATED] On a side-street in the bustling city of Bnei Brak is an address known by those who struggle: The office of mekubal, talmid chacham, and community leader Rav Dovid Chaim Stern shlit”a. Read more ›

Multiple accidents and spin-outs reported around town; Use extreme caution

Update from BMG: Capitol Hill Reports – Serious threat to Mechanchim and Mosdos removed from GOP Tax Deal – Qualified Tuition Benefit protected

The Beth Medrash Govoha Department of Government Affairs has provided the following update on the nationwide effort to save the Read more ›

BREAKING – FIRST REPORT: Jackson Township Attorney reveals the Attorney General and DOJ are investigating Town’s land use laws

During tonight’s Jackson Township council meeting, the township attorney revealed the the New Jersey Attorney General Read more ›

JUST IN: Jackson Township Allows Eruvs on Utility Poles – Askanim Call It a Step in the Right Direction

The Jackson Township Council passed a resolution tonight allowing the placement of Eruvs on utility poles. Read more ›