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KOL HAPOSHEIT YAD NOSNIM: VIDEO & LETTERS: Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman, Rabbonim Seek Public’s Assistance for Unfortunate Family

[VIDEO BELOW] [POSTED UPON REQUEST FROM ASKONIM] יהודים יקרים Every day finds new letters in your mailbox.  Happy and sad ones, Read more ›

UPDATED: Petirah of Reb Refael Menachem Meir Rubin Z’L; Levaya Hookup Info

BARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: It’s with much sadness we report the Petirah of Reb Refael Rubin Z’L, who was Niftar just as Shabbos began, following a lengthy illness. He was 36. Read more ›

PHOTO ESSAY: Purim 2013 in Lakewood – Submit Your Photos


Bal Korahs for Megillah Wanted for Local Hospitals and Facilities

Due to the large amounts of requests Chesed of Lakewood has been receiving for Megila Leining in Local Hospitals and facilities on Purim, they are requesting that anyone who Read more ›

Dr. Shanik And Dr. Cohen on The Dangers of Alcohol

[REPOSTED UPON REQUEST OF DR. COHEN] The following letter submitted to TLS is an open letter from Dr. Reuven Shanik, and Dr. Jonathan I. Cohen, addressing the several safety concerns they say need to be addressed before Purim: Read more ›

TEHILLIM: Lakewood Yungerman in Critical Condition

TEHILLIM: Refael Menachem Meir ben Raizel Aidel, a Lakewood Yungerman who underwent a Liver Transplant last month, is in extremely critical condition this afternoon, sources tell TLS. Read more ›

Thousands of Dollars of Tzedakah Money Stolen From Shuls; LCSW Asks Gabbaim To Be Cautious

Thousands of dollars were reported stolen from Shuls last night, and some of the thefts were caught on video. LCSW this afternoon issued the following statement and alert in response to the thefts. Read more ›

BOE Votes to Move Its Offices to LHS; Move to Save over $400k Annually

The Board of Education Thursday evening voted to move its offices out of the Madison Avenue location and into the Lakewood High School, as first reported on our News Alerts. Read more ›

S.S.S.S. on Purim: Your Best Chance of the Year

VIDEO of R’ Yisroel Meir Shapiro’s weekly Chumash/Nesivas Shalom Shiur which takes place at the South Side Sandwich Shop. Click also HERE to download and print Vertlach Read more ›

Lakewood Police Preparations for Purim 2013

Submitted to TLS by Police Chief Rob Lawson: Light Towers Out Motzie Shabbos: 14th St. and Forest Avenue, 14th St. and Case Road, 14th Street and Cedar Row, Courtney and Clifton Avenue (Chaveirim). Portable Speed Boards: Sunset Ave (southbound) 14th St. (westbound) Read more ›

Surviving Purim: A Dieters Guide to Making it Through Purim Without Blowing Your Diet; Drinking Tips

By Ezi Levi. Whether you are new to dieting or a life long dieter we all face that same challenge – staying on course during Purim. You know how it goes, the shalach manos are pouring in with all those goodies of cakes, Read more ›

Marines to Conduct Range Training at Joint Base MDL; Residents May Hear Loud Noises, Feel Ground Shaking

Residents in and around the Joint Base MDL can expect an increase of range activity due to units conducting training at the Dix ranges Feb. 22-24. The 87th Civil Engineer Squadron Read more ›

LIST: Places for Women to Hear Megillah

CLICK HERE FOR LIST of dozens of place around town where women can hear the Megillah this Purim – both night and day. For further assistance, contact 732-363-4339.

Lakewood High School Basketball Team Moves Into Finals After Win Against Toms River North

The Lakewood H.S. Boys Varsity Basketball Team won the Toms River North H.S. in the Shore Conference Tournament (SCT) Semi Finals at Brookdale Community College Wednesday Read more ›

Purim Crossing Guard Schedule from LPD

Police Chief Rob Lawson has released the following Crossing Guard schedule for Purim. The Crossing Guards will only be stationed at their posts on Sunday between 9:30 AM-5:30 PM. Read more ›