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PHOTOS: Alleged Drunk Driver Pulled from Overturned Vehicle by Passerby

cd otPHOTOS: An alleged drunk driver was pulled from her vehicle after it landed on its roof during an early-morning crash, TLS has learned. Read more ›

Levaya of Reb Baruch Feigenbaum Z”L

candleWe regret to inform you of the Petirah of Reb Baruch Feigenbaum Z”L, who was Niftar this morning at his Washington Square home. Read more ›

Tell Your Child – By Rabbi Dovid Abenson

rabbi dovid abensonOn the street where my family lives, one can sit outside on a Shabbos afternoon, enjoying the peace and tranquility that Shabbos brings, learning in solitude or just enjoying the quality time spent with family. There is an exception though. Read more ›

Today: Coventry Shul Hachnosas Sefer Torah

hachnosas sefer torahThe Coventry Shul’s Hachnosoas Sefer Torah which was to take place last Sunday, will be taking place today, April 6th. Read more ›

Vehicle With Children Inside Carjacked on Clifton Avenue

lpd charger tlsA vehicle left running with children inside on Clifton Avenue was carjacked last night, Detective Sergeant Greg Staffordsmith says. Read more ›

Fidelity Payment Services to Distribute 1,000 Free $50 Gift Cards in Lakewood

gift cardsFidelity Payment Services on Sunday will be distributing 1,000 free pre-paid $50 gift cards to Lakewood families to help ease Yom Tov expenses, the company said. Read more ›

[AD] ProCar Vehicle Pesach Cleaning Services Comes to You

pro car[ADVERTORIAL] Need your cars cleaned for Pesach but just don’t have time? We at ProCar Services will leave your cars clean, fresh, Read more ›

EXCLUSIVE: [VIDEO & PHOTOS] First Lakewood Police Officers Train With Narcan

grp narcanEXCLUSIVE: VIDEO & PHOTOS: About 20 police officers yesterday were the first from the Lakewood Police Department to be trained Read more ›

Up to 500 Without Power in Pine Street Area

jcpl pineBetween 100-500 JCPL customers in the Pine Street area are without electricity this morning, JCPL says. Read more ›

S.S.S.S. Nesivas Shalom Shiur: Do You Have a Rebbe?

yisroel-meir-shapiro-kosel-smVIDEO: of R’ Yisroel Meir Shapiro’s weekly Chumash/Nesivas Shalom Shiur which takes place at the South Side Sandwich Shop. Read more ›

Man Found Dead in Tent City

lpd tls chargerA man has been found dead at the Tent City homeless camp, officials tell TLS. Police and EMS responded to the encampment around 8 PM, and upon Read more ›

PHOTOS: Officials Meet to Discuss New 911 Call Handling System Upgrades

911 meetPHOTOS: Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy was among about a dozen local officials on hand this week as a new 911 call handling system Read more ›

Lakewood Residents Hear from Nefesh B’Nefesh about Life & Opportunity in Eretz Yisroel

 kosel plaza tlsA crowd of over 25 Lakewood residents gathered this week to hear about the wonderful life and opportunities that are a reality in Eretz Yisroel today. Read more ›

Harav Nissan Kaplan to Deliver Shiur in Lakewood Tonight

rav nissan kaplanHarav Nissan Kaplan Shlita, Magid Shiur in the MIR Yerushalayim, will be in Lakewood this evening to deliver a Shiur on Inyanei D’Yoma of Pesach. Read more ›

Pita Hut Opens Second Location in Lakewood

pita hut[ADVERTORIAL] Pita Hut has celebrated the opening of their second Lakewood location. The new location, now open, is located at Read more ›