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Gun Purchasers Would Be Required to Complete Firearms Safety Class Under New NJ Legislation

Assembly Democrats Gordon Johnson and Valerie Vainieri Huttle (both D-Bergen) have introduced legislation to boost firearm safety by requiring gun owners to complete a safety training class before purchasing a firearm. Read more ›

Photo: A Cup of Hot Coffee

PHOTO: While driving in Lakewood this morning, a reader spotted a heart-warming scene, which he captured on camera to share with TLS. It was a simple – yet beautiful gesture of Read more ›

New BOE Policy Requires Internal Cameras, GPS Tracking Devices on All Lakewood School Bus Routes

A new policy presented implemented by the Lakewood School Board, now requires all buses in Lakewood to be outfitted with internal cameras and a GPS tracking device - a system already in place on Lakewood’s Read more ›

PHOTOS: Chai Lifeline Hosts Evening of Tranquility for Women

PHOTOS: Chai Lifeline of Lakewood on Monday evening hosted an Evening of Tranquility for over one hundred women from the community. Read more ›

30th District Legislators Talk About Post-Hurricane Business Growth at Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

PHOTO: Senator Robert W. Singer and Assemblyman David P. Rible this morning addressesed a Lakewood Chamber of Commerce business breakfast. Read more ›

Readers’ Scoop: My Experience at The County Clerk’s Office in Lakewood

Dear TLS. I’d like to share my recent experience at the County Clerk’s Office in Lakewood. When I realized I needed a new passport for my daughter, I phoned the passport Read more ›

Halacha and the Common Law Part Four: The Consent of the Governed

By Aaron Lang. What kind of polity gives rise to a system of law that defines the status of people, property and acts? We compare the basis of sovereignty in common law countries with a commonwealth in halacha. Read more ›

Family of Children Pinned Under Vehicle Thanks Good Samaritans, Hospital and Emergency Personnel

“The Pashkus family expresses their heartfelt appreciation for the support and care they have received in the wake of the accident involving Read more ›

Lakewood Rabbonim Unite Behind The Town’s Tomchei Shabbos; Enter Raffle

Lakewood’s Rabbonim throughout town have recently been hosting Asifos of Chizuk to encourage their Kehillos to participate in Tomchei Shabbos’s annual Dinner Read more ›

Opinion: A Time to Act

By Avi Solomon. It seems to me that every day at least one major motor vehicle accident occurs in Lakewood, which usually leads to ruined lives or many troubles for the numerous people involved in these accidents. Read more ›

Kosher Taco Now Offering Pareve and Healthy Menus

Hungry? Hop over to Kosher Taco at 1091 River Avenue where they now carry a Pareve and Healthy menu, in addition to their standard large menu. Pareve menu includes Read more ›

Poll: Is Mid-Winter Vacation Necessary?

Roundabout Traffic Circle on Oak Street Could be Replaced With 4-Way Stop

The roundabout Traffic Circle on Oak Street is expected to soon be replaced by a four-way stop sign, officials say. The roundabout circle installed at Oak Street and Albert Avenue in 2010, Read more ›

Tuesday: Reb Mendel M’Riminov’s Segulah For Parnassah; Parshas Ha’mon

[CLICK TO ENLARGE] Reb Mendel M’Riminov (1745-1815), disciple of Reb Elimelech of Lizensk) said, that saying Parshas Ha’mon (Shnayim Mikroh V’Echod Targum) Read more ›

TWP Official: There Should Not Have Been Trash Collection Today; Continue to Place Bins Out According to Holiday Schedule

Coventry Square residents were quite surprised to find DPW employees picking up their trash this morning, despite the Township saying there would not be trash collection today due to MLK Day, Read more ›