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PHOTO: Lakewood OEM assists Seaside Park authorities following blast

imageOfficials from Lakewood’s Office of Emergency Management yesterday brought light towers to the blast scene, assisting authorities through the night.  Read more ›

VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: Governor Christie: We Are Working With Authorities To Bring Whoever Is Responsible To Justice

gov[VIDEO BELOW] Jake Tapper: Governor Christie, thanks so much for joining us. Governor Christie: Thank you, Jake. Read more ›

Chesed of Lakewood: Sukkah Exchange program in full swing

COL Sukkah Exchange 2015Chesed of Lakewood: Although summer just left us and the school year is still very new, Read more ›

Ad: Kikiriki Shells $13.99 – One Week Only! Save on Plus Sizes, Kids Shells and more!

kiki[ADVERTORIAL] Kikiriki Shells only $13.99?!* That’s right – all regular adult and kids shells of every color and every sleeve-length are $13.99* for one week only! Just in time for Rosh Hashana and Sukkos! Read more ›

Tonight: Mashgiach Harav Leuchter from Yerushalayim to deliver Shiur in Lakewood

shiurMashgiach Harav Reuven Leuchter from Yerushalayim, the Mechaber of Pirushim of on the Nefesh Hachaim and Or Yisroel, will be delivering a special Elul Shiur in Lakewood this evening. Read more ›

VIDEO: Fox running around the Raintree neighborhood

image[VIDEO BELOW]  The fox was seen running around the neighborhood on Motzei Shabbos. (MH Via Read more ›

Renaissance Faire rents out entire Pine Park until Monday

pine-park-fairA fair has rented out the entire Pine Park in Lakewood for the weekend, shutting the park to all not attending the fair. Read more ›

VIOLENCE IN OCEAN COUNTY: Authorities investigating explosion near boardwalk in Seaside Park at beginning of 5K race

imageAttorney General Christopher S. Porrino announced that authorities are investigating an explosion in a trash can near the boardwalk in Seaside Park, N.J., that occurred this morning as a charity 5K race was about to begin. Read more ›

Lakeland Harmony Bank Conversion taking place this Weekend

lakeland-harmonyHarmony bank, acquired by Lakeland Bank earlier this year, will be converting to the latter this weekend. Read more ›

PHOTO: Shabbos Hatzolah in Lakewood

imageTLS is a sponsor of this campaign. Join us in saving lives by donating online here!

SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Burglar arrested after breaking into vehicle

image[VIDEO BELOW] UPDATE: Police have apprehended the suspect hours after a warrant was issued for his arrest. (Video provided by Pinny Werner) Read more ›

Wisniewski Introduces Bill to Allow for $3.2B in Total Increased TTF Borrowing for 2 years

gsp traffic tlsAmid the continued Transportation Trust Fund stalemate, Assemblyman John Wisniewski on Friday announced he’s introduced legislation Read more ›

PHOTO: Handwritten missionary letters being sent to Lakewood residents from Jackson


S.S.S.S. Nesivos Shalom Ki Seitzei Elul: The battle is on


Read more ›

VIDEO: Mexican Independence Day parade in Lakewood

image[VIDEO BELOW] The parade went through downtown this evening in honor of Friday’s Mexican Independence Day. [TLS-FL] Read more ›