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Lakewood Matzoh Bakery: Deadline Midnight tonight to Receive Discounted Matzoh Pricing

[ADVERTORIAL] It’s time to think about Pesach! As in the past years, Matzohs freshly baked in Adar will be available at a discounted price of Read more ›

New Gemach will pick up used clothing from your doorstep; Servicing Lakewood, Toms River and Jackson

[Submitted] A new Gemach servicing Lakewood, Toms River and Jackson, will come to your door to pick up used clothing. Read more ›

Biegeleisen Shiva information

The Biegeleisen Shiva will be taking place at 1675 Hidden Lane. Read more ›

@LakewoodNJJobs: Real jobs, real opportunities; Over 1,100 signed up to the Free public service

Have a job to offer? List it free by sending it to (280-character limit). Read more ›

WATCH LIVE: The A TIME Shas-a-Thon 5778 [Siyum & Live Concert at 6:45PM]


Sunday: Super Special Amazing Flash Sales! Every Hour, Another Sale, only @ Evergreen [Check back here every hour]

[COMMUNICATED] Today, at the Evergreen Purim store, every hour on the hour there will be another amazing flash sale with prices on Purim items that you won’t believe possible. Read more ›

Amazon Sellers Compliance issue #17 – by Ed Rosenberg

[See info below regarding Major Amazon Sellers Event Feb 22/2017 in Brooklyn] This is a continuation of an ongoing series of Amazon Seller Performance Related information. Read more ›

Levaya of R’ Yehonoson Rothchild Z”L

VIDEO: ‘Eat for Oorah’

Read more ›

JUST IN: Lakewood Fire Election results

The following are the results for Lakewood: Read more ›

VIDEO: Through THEIR eyes: The MIR

Read more ›

Message from Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer

Police Chief Greg Meyer sent the following message to TLS: “Visibility and roads poor. Snow is heavy. Roads are slippery. Stay home unless it’s important that you go out.”

A post shared by The Lakewood Scoop (@thelakewoodscoop) on

Tragic Petirah of Hayeled Eliezer Tzvi Biegeleisen Z”L

We regret to inform you of the Petirah of Hayeled Eliezer Tzvi Biegeleisen Z”L, who was Niftar this morning. Read more ›

Six Hundred People And This Is Only The Begining

[COMMUNICATED] 2018 is the year for Mifal Torah Vodaath. Read more ›

REMINDER: Lakewood Fire District Elections until 10:00 PM

The Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners Elections are taking place tonight. Read more ›