PHOTOS: Toms River getting ready for its first Biur Chometz; Updated info

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Family cancels Pesach in Lakewood due to Measles outbreak

An out-of-town family who was to spend Pesach in Lakewood has canceled after learning about the measles outbreak, TLS has learned. Read more ›

Lakewood Zmanim for Erev Pesach

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TLS Pesach Information Center

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A Chilling Photo

The pictured pair of boots may seem like just an old worn out pair of footwear, but they’re anything but ordinary. Read more ›

Thank You! Over 100 Pesach Sedarim already sponsored during our ‘Sponsor-a-Seder’ Campaign!

Over 100 needy Lakewood families will have a Simchas Yom Tov, thanks to your generous donations Read more ›

Booker: AG Barr misled the public on Mueller report

U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) issued the below statement on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report released today on Russian interference in the 2016 election: Read more ›

Man tragically killed in Jackson by falling equipment (PHOTOS)

A man was tragically killed when equipment fell on top of him today and pinning him, police say. Read more ›

PHOTOS: The I-80 BBQ gets underway

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Anti-Semitism the Hot Topic as Jewish Community Leaders Meet Top White House Officials (PHOTOS)

Just days before Pesach, dozens of Jewish community leaders from across the United States converged upon the White House for a special meeting Read more ›

TRAFFIC ALERT: Squankum Road shut due to water main break; Use Route 9

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Agudath Israel Hails Court Ruling Nullifying NYS “Substantial Equivalency” Guidelines

A New York State Supreme Court judge in Albany has invalidated the State Education Department (SED)’s recently enacted guidelines for evaluating the Read more ›

Born between 1957-1989?

Attorney General Barr: No Collusion

Before releasing a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report to Congress and then the public, Attorney General Bill Barr held a Read more ›

Daf Yomi completes Meseches Chullin, begins Bechoros; List of Daf Yomi Shiurim around Lakewood

Tens of thousands of Daf Yomi learners today completed Meseches Chullin, and are beginning Meseches Bechoros. Read more ›

PHOTOS: LPD’s SWAT team gives presentation at the Lakewood Middle School

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Israel’s Health Ministry: Mayanei Hayeshua voted #1 in Patient Satisfaction for the 5th Consecutive Year

[COMMUNICATED]  Number One in Patient Satisfaction – for 5th consecutive year

Every year, Israel’s Health Ministry conducts a Patient Satisfaction survey among all the country’s hospitals. The very latest results published in February 2019, show that once again, Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center has topped the table with a satisfaction score of 85%. Read more ›

Reminder: Extra trash pickup today for Monday Zone

The Lakewood Department of Public Works will be adding an extra trash pickup for Monday’s zone. Read more ›

Opinion: Invite The Less Fortunate | Avi Gutfreund

Pesach, for most, is a time of joy and relaxation, a Yom Tov that offers a short reprieve from our hectic lives and endless responsibilities. Read more ›

S.S.S.S. Nesivos Shalom Pesach 5779: Your Pesach Seder

The weekly Shiur delivered by Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro. Read more ›

VIDEO: Tefillah – Personalize

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