PCS Alumni Inducted into FDU Silberman College of Business “50 under 50” Honor Society

Ben Katz, CPA, Senior Manager with Deloitte, was inducted into the 2019 FDU Silberman College of Business “50 under 50” honor society. Read more ›

VIDEO: Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro’s Nesivos Shalom Shiur – recorded in Chevron

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Opinion: Addressing Recent Tragedies l Avi Gutfreund

We have suffered multiple tragedies in recent weeks that captured the attention and tefillos of thousands of frum Jews across Read more ›

TSA begins verbal advisements of REAL ID requirements (VIDEO)

The Transportation Security Administration announced today that it has begun verbally advising travelers who present non-compliant licenses of the upcoming REAL ID Read more ›

NJ Senator: Medical Study Shows Consuming Fluoridated Water During Pregnancy Causes Low IQ in Children

In response to a new medical study indicating that fluoride consumed by expecting mothers may lower their children’s IQ, Read more ›

Menendez, Booker Announce $1.7M to Bolster NJ Community Health Centers, Including in Lakewood

U.S. Senators Bob Menendez, a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee that sets national health policy, and Cory Booker today Read more ›

UNPRECEDENTED: Over 20,000 Children Expected at Next Week’s Zichron Chana Siyum 

Imagine if you were given the opportunity of enabling, and having a zechus in, 20,000 children learning and mastering a vital portion of the Torah that, unfortunately, is not widely studied. Wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Read more ›

Let’s Do It for Dovy!

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Your Clips: Rayim Mesivta Cruise with Beri Weber and Shimmy Levy

Send your camp clips via Whatsapp to 415-857-2667.  Read more ›

PHOTOS: Van full of books flips on GSP near Lakewood; No serious injuries reported

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PHOTOS: Hatzolah branches from around the Tri State area meet in Brooklyn

For the first time, Hatzolah from every neighborhood in NYC, Kiryas Joel, Monsey, Central Jersey, Baltimore, and others, gathered together in NYC. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Vehicle takes out pole in Lakewood

The accident occurred on Swarthmore Avenue. Read more ›

The Ultimate Yissachar – Zevulun Deal

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Letter: Investors Bank

Dear TLS, I am writing to let the Lakewood Community be aware that Investors Bank recently Read more ›

Let’s Do It for Dovy!

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VIDEO: The Song of Temurah – by Yossi G.

Daf Yomi will be celebrating the Siyum of Temurah this Thursday, Aug 22.  Read more ›

VIDEO: At the Atlantic City Air Show

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PHOTO: Traffic Safety officer Rich Stanick spots boys without helmets…

Traffic Safety officer Rich Stanick spotted two children riding bikes without helmets, so he Read more ›

UPDATE: Document Contradicts Social Media Rumors l G. Sonnenfeld

Following the revelation that a member of the Jackson Planning Board and two members of the Jackson Zoning Board attended a secret meeting Read more ›

Daf Yomi to complete Meseches Temurah, Begin Kerisus; List of Daf Yomi Shiurim around Lakewood

Tens of thousands of Daf Yomi learners will be completing Meseches Temurah tomorrow, and beginning Meseches Kerisus. Read more ›