RWJBarnabas Health Announces Leadership Changes at Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus in Lakewood

RWJBarnabas Health today announced Eric Carney, President and CEO of Monmouth Medical Center, (pictured right), Read more ›

Join us live for the Siyum on Maseches Shabbos this Motzaei Shabbos at 10:30 PM!

[COMMUNICATED] What better way to celebrate the completion of Maseches Shabbos than by elevating the meaning of Hanhagos, Halachos, and Tefillos of Shabbos? Read more ›

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Join the Siyum on Shabbos LIVE!

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The Weekly National News Roundup | Shlomo Rudman

Trump Signs Order Effectively Banning TikTok – President Trump on Thursday signed an Executive Order that prohibits US companies from doing transactions with the Chinese company Read more ›

Officials: Power Companies Should Pay For Food Spoiled By Power Outages

Ocean County officials are asking Gov. Murphy to request the power companies reimburse citizens for the cost of food spoiled as a result of lengthy power outages since Tropical Storm Isaias hit the area on Aug. 4. Read more ›

Zmanim for Lakewood; Shabbos a high of 82

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PHOTO: 5,000 Free art packages ready for Sunday’s Drive-Thru event

The CHEMED and LRRC team along with tens of volunteers last night packaged 5,000 bags for this Sunday’s drive-thru Census event. Read more ›

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles responds to your ‘Ask The Mayor’ questions: Checking Trees

The following is an ‘Ask The Mayor’ question submitted to TLS, and the Mayor’s response. Email your questions for the Mayor to Read more ›

Spend the Weekend in the Mt. Laurel Resort & Spa! (Aug 20 – 23) Few Rooms Left

A few rooms left! Read more ›

Lakewood Fire Department responds to increased number of CO calls due to power outage

The Lakewood Fire Department is responding to an increased number of Carbon Monoxide alarms during the power outage. Read more ›

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SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Burglars hit the Raintree neighborhood of Lakewood

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NJ-04 Democratic Nominee says as Congresswoman she will “ensure that our infrastructure and electrical systems in New Jersey are updated and improved”

By Stephanie Schmid. While I am at my home in Little Silver, still without power since Tuesday at 11:30am, I’m wondering, like many NJ-04 constituents probably are, Read more ›

PHOTOS: Chaplain Dovid Egert coordinates Bris in Fort Hood, Tx, the first Bris there in 5 years

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Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro’s Nesivos Shalom Shiur Parshas Ekev: Watch Out

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[UPDATE – FOUND!] TEHILLIM: 2 Bachurim, one from Lakewood, missing in the Catskills [VIDEO]

Two Bachurim, one of whom is from Lakewood, are missing in the Catskills. Read more ›

Letter: Move It All Underground

It has become painfully obvious in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaias that the infrastructure in Lakewood (and New Jersey in general) simply isn’t up to par. Yesterday, TLS posted a beautiful letter from a reader who said that Read more ›

VIDEOS: Shulem Lemmer performs for Camp Simcha Without Borders NJ

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Ocean County Officials: Residents should have a choice how to cast a ballot in November

Ocean County officials say voters should not have limitations placed on them when it comes to casting a ballot in the November Presidential Election. Read more ›

Explainer: How and Why New Jersey was Under Multiple States of Emergency at Once

As crews continue cleaning up from Tropical Storm Isaias, many readers have been inquiring how it could be that the state was under multiple declared “emergencies” at the same time, Read more ›

Though Restrictions Have Lifted, This Woman Is Still Unable To Leave Her Home

Mother-of-14 Malka Heimlich had received surgery for a torn tendon and was walking down the street recently when she heard an ominous “snap.” The next thing she knew, she was on the ground. Now, she is confined to a wheelchair.

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