Gut Yom Tov!

Keeping The Simcha in Simchas Torah | Zvi Gluck

Here we are again, in the home stretch of what has been a wonderful yom tov season, Read more ›

A Gut Kvittel!

Sudden Petirah of Mrs. Rivki Wajsbort A”H

We regret to inform you of the sudden Petirah of Mrs. Rivki Wajsbort A”H, who was Niftar over Shabbos. Read more ›

Mi K’amcha Yisroel (PHOTOS)

After many of Sukkahs around Lakewood were destroyed during the windy storm, Read more ›

Dr. Roberts responds to feedback on the Chol Hamo’ed carnival (VIDEO)

Submitted by Dr. Roberts: Thank you for all of your encouraging comments. Read more ›

Looking for something to do local today? Visit Climb Zone!

Located one minute from Lakewood. Visit

VIDEO: Gedolei Roshei Hayeshivos in Waterbury, Conn. to celebrate an incredible Simchas Hatorah

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VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Thousands attend the Dr. Rich Roberts Chol Hamo’ed carnival

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Friday: Chuck E. Cheese’s event to benefit Chai Lifeline

Group chat opened to help those whose Sukkahs were destroyed in and around Lakewood

Reader-submitted: A lot of sukkas in Lakewood/Toms River and Jakckson were knocked down last night and today due to strong winds. Read more ›

Friday: Free Carnival at the Jewish Home of Rehabilitation in Freehold

[COMMUNICATED] Looking for something local on a short Friday for your children? Read more ›

VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Strong winds take down, blow away Sukkahs in Lakewood [UPDATED]

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VIDEO: The Song for Siyum Hashas

As we approach the series of the 13th Siyum Hashas events, to be organized around the Jewish world by the Dirshu organization during the coming winter, Read more ›

Lakewood Police save the day

Reader-submitted: On the second day of Succos, one of the children in my District (26) who is hearing impaired Read more ›

Thursday: The Dr. Rich Roberts Chol Hamo’ed carnival [UPDATED]

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The Very First Written Bracha From The Mashpia Hagadol ‘Reb Meilich’ Biderman Shlita

[COMMUNICATED] The very first written Brochah from the Mashpia Hagadol ‘REB MEILECH’ BIDERMAN, SHLIT”A

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Petirah of Mrs. Shaindel Cohen A”H

We regret to inform you of the Petirah of longtime Lakewood resident Mrs. Shaindel Cohen A”H. Read more ›

Visit DiggerlandUSA during Chol Hamoed!

[COMMUNICATED] Diggerland USA is open for our 6th annual Chol Hamoed event for 3 days this year October 16th to the 18th.

We are open from 11am until 6pm both the 16th and 17th and in observance of Shabbos opening early on the 18th at 9am until 4pm. Read more ›

A Gut Mo’ed!