Wishing you a Chag Kosher V’sameach!

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President Trump statement on Passover

“As we enter the first day of Passover, we join our Jewish brothers and sisters Read more ›

The Weekly National News Roundup l Shlomo Rudman

Mueller Report Released – On Thursday, the Justice Department released a redacted version of the complete Mueller report Read more ›

TLS Pesach Information Center

Below you will find helpful links to pre-Pesach information. Read more ›

VIDEO: Lakewood Mashgiach Reb Matisyahu Soloman thanks Firefighters during Biur Chometz

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AUDIO: Ira Zlotowitz Tidbits – Duchining

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PHOTOS: Toms River Rabbonim Selling the Chometz

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Notice from Lakewood Board of Education

[Public Notice] Read more ›

Friendly Urgent Care WILL be Open This Chol Hamoed

[COMMUNICATED] Go into Yom Tov with ease, and less stress, knowing that Friendly Urgent Care, located in Todd Plaza, will be open for your family. Read more ›

Thank You! Over 115 Pesach Sedarim sponsored during our ‘Sponsor-a-Seder’ Campaign! (Last call to take part in this Zchus!)

Over 115 needy Lakewood families will have a Simchas Yom Tov, thanks to your generous donations Read more ›

PHOTOS: Biur Chometz in Lakewood (Send in your pictures!)

Whatsapp your pictures to 415-857-2667 or to have them added to our Erev Pesach album!) Read more ›

PHOTOS: The First Biur Chometz In Toms River gets underway

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Lakewood Posek: No issue with leaving Chometz in Township-owned Trash Bins during Pesach

[FROM TLS ARCHIVES] Rabbi Shmuel Felder Shlita, one of Lakewood’s leading Poskim, tells TLS that Lakewood residents may leave Chometz Read more ›

PHOTOS: Lakewood restaurant severely damaged in fire; Apartments evacuated

A restaurant in Lakewood was severely damaged in the fire this evening, officials say. Read more ›

Pedestrian struck, critically injured in Lakewood (VIDEO)

A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and critically injured in Lakewood this evening. Read more ›

Kiddush Hashem

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PHOTOS: Toms River getting ready for its first Biur Chometz; Updated info

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Booker: AG Barr misled the public on Mueller report

U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) issued the below statement on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report released today on Russian interference in the 2016 election: Read more ›

Family cancels Pesach in Lakewood due to Measles outbreak

An out-of-town family who was to spend Pesach in Lakewood has canceled after learning about the measles outbreak, TLS has learned. Read more ›

Lakewood Zmanim for Erev Pesach

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A Chilling Photo

The pictured pair of boots may seem like just an old worn out pair of footwear, but they’re anything but ordinary. Read more ›