Agudath Israel Appeals for Injunctive Relief Against NYS Shul Restrictions

Agudath Israel of America has filed an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals, seeking injunctive relief against Read more ›

Sunday: Dr. Rich Roberts to appear on 77WABC’s Mind Your Own Business

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President Trump Announces Normalization Between Israel and Sudan [VIDEO]

President Trump has done it again. On Friday, the president announced that yet another Arab country, Sudan, has agreed to recognize and normalize relations with Israel.  Read more ›

This Week! Free Drive-Thru Flu Event for Ages 19+!


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TEHILLIM: Please be Mispallel for Pinchos Gershon ben Chana, Reb PG Waxman

All our asked to be Mispallel for Reb PG Waxman, whose condition took a turn for the worse overnight. Read more ›

NJ Election Officals To Begin Counting Early Votes Tomorrow

New Jersey election officials will begin counting mail-in votes tomorrow, the first time in history that votes are being counted prior to Election Day.  Read more ›

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Share your photos and memories of Reb Yosef Weiss Z”L

The family of Reb Yosef Weiss Z”L is requesting that all who have photos and memories of Reb Yosef Z”L to please share them with the family. Read more ›

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A Message from The Vaad

The Weekly National News Roundup | Shlomo Rudman

Final Debate Before Election – The last debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden was held Thursday evening, and it didn’t disappoint – unless you were hoping for a repeat of the circus that was the first debate. Read more ›

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Surveillance Video: At the intersection of Cedarbridge & New Hampshire Avenues (Chai Care)

No serious injuries reported. Read more ›

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Bill to Extend Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits Clears Assembly Committee

In an effort to help out-of-work residents who have exhausted their unemployment insurance (UI) benefits amid the current economic recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Read more ›

Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro’s Nesivos Shalom Shiur Noach 5781: Your Own Personal Teiva

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WATCH LIVE 9 PM: Final Presidential Debate

President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden face-off against each one last time before Election Day. Read more ›

Petirah of Mrs. Shaina Malka Hirsch A”H

We regret to inform you of the Petirah of Mrs. Shaina Malka Hirsch A”H   Read more ›

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Motzei Shabbos: See if you’re a match to help Rabbi Levin, Menahel of the Lakewood Cheder

BREAKING: Judge Tosses Trump Lawsuit Challenging Governor Murphy’s Vote-By-Mail Order

A lawsuit filed by the Trump administration, and joined by the Republican National Committee and the New Jersey Republican State Committee, challenging Governor Murphy’s executive order to hold the election mostly by mail, has been tossed out by a federal judge.  Read more ›

VIDEO: Bachurim in Lakewood create a Trump flag helium kite to show their support for the President

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Petirah of R’ Yosef Waldman Z”L

We regret to inform you of the petirah of R’ Yosef Waldman of Lakewood.  Read more ›

Bill Requiring MVC to Allow Applicants to Take Written Driver’s Test Online During Pandemic Passes Committee

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt normal services, Read more ›

Moving: ALS Didn’t Stop This Mother & Daughter From Enjoying Their Time Together


Ayala Zayig is only 17 years old, but she carries herself with the maturity of someone much older. That’s because in her short years, she has endured considerable suffering. Her mother, Rebbetzin Ruti Zayig, bravely fought ALS for four years. She recently passed away, and Ayala’s life has changed considerably. Click here to see her heartbreaking message for you.


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Agudath Israel to Host Worldwide Asifa Lihisorerus This Sunday

Agudah: During these tumultuous times, it is important to not lose sight of Whom is really in charge-Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Read more ›