New Jersey Gun Applications Soar In 2020

The New Jersey State Police say they received 442,214 applications for gun permits in 2020, a 332% increase from 2019 when 102,270 applications were submitted.  Read more ›

WATCH: Her Own Daughter Didn’t Recognize Her

[COMMUNICATED] Those who knew Mrs. Yocheved Kraus up until a year ago thought of her as a powerhouse: An energetic mother of 7, who lovingly looked after the kindergarten she ran. Read more ›

Updated visitation policies for local hospitals

UPDATE: Full PPP Application Open – Apply Now

The full PPP application is now open and is available by clicking here.

The seamless online application should take just a few minutes to complete if you have all of the required documentation prepared ahead of time.  Read more ›

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Say Goodbye to Those Treif Spoons; Learn How to Do Hag’ala With Ben Yomo Episode #4


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Lakewood Industrial Commission Holds Virtual Reorg Meeting

The Lakewood Industrial Commission (LIC), established in 1960 and made up of volunteer commissioners, recently held its annual reorganizational meeting. Read more ›

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Lakewood Post Office reopens following 2-week shutdown

The post office shut January 5th – reportedly due to Covid within the offices.

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Statement Of Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen Regarding Nationwide Safety And Security For Inauguration Day

Statement: Tomorrow, the Nation and the world will witness an orderly and peaceful transfer of power in the United States, as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court swears in President-Elect Biden. Read more ›

Rav Avigdor Miller on Passing Up On Your Bashert

Q:Can a person pass up his basherte? I mean, is it possible for a person to let go of an opportunity for marriage that was ordained by Hashem? Read more ›

Lakewood’s Congressman Rep. Chris Smith Deactivates Twitter Account [UPDATE]

UPDATE 8:23 PM In a statement, Rep. Smith’s office said that he “halted his Twitter account over security concerns and to help the district and Nation move toward unity during this difficult time. Divisive and hate-filled Tweets have become far too frequent and impede the healing so needed today. Congressman Smith continues to receive phone calls and emails from thousands of constituents freely expressing their opinions. His website and Instagram continue to provide congressman’s most recent statements on votes and legislation.”

Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-4) apparently deactivated his Twitter account late Friday but has yet to make any public comments or distribute a press release explaining the decision.  Read more ›

Updated letter from Gedolim regarding Covid vaccination

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Say Goodbye to Those Treif Spoons; Learn How to Do Hag’ala With Ben Yomo Episode #4


Ki Heim Chayeinu is back this week with Episode #4 in the Ben Yomo series.

Hag’alas keilim is the topic of this week’s demo and discussion- with step by step instructions and explanation on every part of the process.

Kids in the kitchen ‘treifed up’ all your pareve spoons?
Read more ›

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Letter: Dream and Move

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspires me, and should inspire you too. Read more ›

PPP Loans Round 2 – Your Personal Assistant and Advisor for Your PPP Loan Application Process

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Mega Live-Event For Alei Siach! Live Music Renowned Singers & Musicians 1 PM -4 PM

Mega LIVE-EVENT!!! Today!!!

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New letter released from son of Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky regarding vaccination

Fundraiser launched for Jackson firefighter’s 2-year-old daughter

Hi everyone my name is Mackenna Leonard I am two years old. On Monday January 4th, 2021 I was admitted to Jersey shore medical center Read more ›

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FINALLY! DreamWorks Water Park for Women & Girls!

[COMMUNICATED] You asked for it. You deserve it! Read more ›

The Crisis Tearing Us Apart | Avi Gutfreund

As an individual intimately involved in the mental health profession, I sometimes have a different perspective on hot-button issues. Read more ›

New Jersey American Water Launches Online Emergency Reporting

New Jersey American Water announced that customers can now report a water outage, leak, or other water emergency online. Read more ›

Jackson Police Chief Busts Drug Dealers While Off Duty

It appears Jackson Police Chief Matthew Kunz is always on duty – even when he’s off duty. Read more ›

ICYMI: Dr. Jacob Freedman on the Let’s Get Real show

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