DASHCAM VIDEO: Multi-vehicle accident in Lakewood caught on video

The accident occurred at the intersection of Cedarbridge Avenue and Clover Street.  Read more ›

SEVERE WEATHER: Tornado Warnings in Much of NJ; Twister Strikes Pennsylvania

UPDATE 8:54 PM: Two tornados were reportedly spotted on the ground – one in Monmouth County, one in southern Ocean County. No further details available yet.

UPDATE 8:31: Tornado warnings in the Lakewood area have expired, but the threat of severe weather remains. A Severe Thunderstorm warning is in effect until 9 PM, and a Flash Flood warning is in effect until 11 PM.  Read more ›

WATCH: Thief tries to enter vehicles in Lakewood, but moves on when he finds them locked

Other vehicles in the neighborhood left unlocked were burglarized. Read more ›

Over 3000 in Lakewood have signed up to ROUNDUP for Tomchei Shabbos


Over 3000 in Lakewood have signed up to ROUNDUP for Tomchei Shabbos

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Poll: Do You Trust The CDC?

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VIDEO: A message from Dovid Egert, the Lakewood man who started Bike 4 Chai

See below a message today from the man who started Bike 4 Chai, Dovid Egert.

See also footage from the the launch of Bike 4 Chai by Dovid Egert in 2009.

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Harming a Journalist Could Soon Become a Federal Crime

U.S. Senators Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.-15) today reintroduced legislation Read more ›

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Bike 4 Chai 2021 Gets Underway

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Why Do We Have Three Different Tefillos on Shabbos, Unlike Any Other Day of the Year?


Shabbos may look like one day, but it is actually a compression of the three most pivotal days of history; the Shabbos of Creation, the Shabbos of Revelation and the Eternal Shabbos – the World to Come. Read more ›

TAKE NOTICE: Intersection of 7th x Lexington now a 4-way

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Spotted by a reader in Cape Town, South Africa; Coming soon to NJ?

VIDEO: Kiddush Hashem at a gas station in Arizona

[Via Status] So a man rolls down his window at a gas station in Arizona and asks Lipa Ribiat of Lakewood if he was Jewish… Read more ›

Reminder: James St. between Williams and Sunset to remain closed due to construction; Expected to reopen Saturday

This Simple Trick Can Protect Your Phone From Being Hacked

The number of cellphones hacked each year is not known, but security experts believe the number is significant and that many suffer extreme consequences because of it, including stolen personal information and money. But there is actually a very easy way to protect yourself.  Read more ›

6-Year-Old Escaped Out The Front Door And Got On Public Bus

[COMMUNICATED] It was a crisp autumn morning when Rachel Blau got a phone call from her 2-year-old daughter’s ganenet. “Mrs. Blau, do you have a moment to speak?,” said the voice on the other line. Rachel sensed the teacher’s serious tone and took a deep breath.  Read more ›

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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Getting ready for the 12th annual Bike 4 Chai event

More than 600 riders will take part in the ride. Read more ›

PHOTOS: 92-year-old Lakewood resident, an Army Veteran, puts on Tefillin for the first time

Lakewood resident Paul Hoffman is 92 years old, but not too old to come closer to his roots. Read more ›

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Seriously? [VIDEO]

A local camp is asking for the public’s help in locating a man who stole their cut-out figure from their lawn. Read more ›

Notice from the Lakewood Board of Education

[Public Notice] Read more ›

UPDATE: Lakewood man charged in attempting to cover up stabbing in Brick; Suspect still on the loose

Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer and Brick Township Chief of Police James Riccio announced that on July 26, Read more ›

IRS continues unemployment compensation adjustments, prepares another 1.5 million refunds

The Internal Revenue Service reported today that another 1.5 million taxpayers will receive refunds averaging more than $1,600 as it continues to adjust unemployment compensation from previously filed income tax returns. Read more ›