WATCH: Lakewood Police officers arrest stabbing suspect at gunpoint

As first reported on our Status earlier today, Lakewood police officers this afternoon arrested a man suspected of stabbing a woman during a fight. Read more ›

Reb Shayale’s Yartzeit: Sponsor Tomchei Shabbos food being delivered today!

[COMMUNICATED] The holy day has finally arrived! Read more ›

Face Masks Becoming a Threat to Ocean County Waterways

Face masks have become a necessity during the ongoing pandemic, but they are also a new threat to local waterways, including the Barnegat Bay, Commissioner Joseph H. Vicari said. Read more ›

Kerestir in Lakewood: Grab Reb Shayale’s zechusim right here at home!

[COMMUNICATED] Sponsor a Shabbos for a Tomchei Shabbos Family

It’s that time of year again. The yartzeit of Reb Shayale of Kerestir zt”l – the legendary tzaddik and baal chessed – is around the corner, on Thursday, Gimmel Iyar.  Read more ›

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Inzelbuch: Judge’s Decision ‘Absurd,’ Files Exceptions with Commissioner

The Lakewood Board of Education yesterday filed “Exceptions” with the New Jersey Commissioner of Education with regard to the case entitled “Alcantara,” which involves what many in Lakewood consider to be the failure of the State Legislature to provide appropriate funding to the unique Lakewood school district, as opposed to continuous loans which now total more than $100 million.   Read more ›

Notices from the Lakewood Board of Education

[Public Notices] Read more ›

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Now: Yad L’Achim accepting names for free for tefillah at Reb Shayele of Kerestir zt”l’s Kever


This is very important to see now CLICK HERE

Tefillah and Pidyon Shvuyim

Read more ›

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Senator Singer’s Daughter, A Terror Victim, Appointed to New Jersey-Israel Commission

To coincide with Israel’s Yom Haatzmaut – Independence Day – Governor Phil Murphy has appointed 76 members to the New Jersey-Israel Commission, the group overseeing the state’s relations with Israel.

One of Governor Murphy’s appointees to the Commission is Lakewood Senator Bob Singer’s daughter, Sarri, who is herself a victim of Palestinian terror.  Read more ›

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Scoop Outdoor: Welcome Jewish Home of Freehold!

Another great ad from the Jewish Home of Freehold.

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Poil miracles in Zechus of R’ Shaya’la Kerestirer z”l.


On the day before his passing, R’ Shaya’le made a promise to his children:

“As long as the acts of Chesed continue, so long will Yeshuos for Yidden live on.”

Rav Lehoishia”, a special initiative by R’ Shaya’le’s grandchildren is heeding the call Read more ›

BREAKING: Gov Murphy Considering Giving $40 Million In Stimulus Payments to Undocumented Immigrants

Governor Murphy is considering signing an executive action that would provide approximately $40 million in one-time stimulus payments to New Jersey’s undocumented immigrants Read more ›

New Jersey Increases SNAP Benefits By $95 A Month For 231K Households

The state of New Jersey is boosting food stamp benefits by $95 a month for some 231,000 households. The increase, announced on Tuesday, comes after the federal government allocated $16.3 million more for the state’s food programs.  Read more ›

Send your Kvitel to the Tzion of the holy Reb Yeshaya Ben Reb Moshe, absolutely free!


Reb Yeshayala’s Guest House in Kerestir ensures that Klal Yisrael stays connected with the holy Tzadik.

With great thanks to Hashem, thousands of Yidden are right now in Kerestir for the Yahrtzeit. However, many more who would have wished to join are unfortunately stuck Read more ›

ICYMI: Unclaimed Property funds could be waiting for you; Many successful claims from Lakewood

[Reposted as a public service] Note: Many Lakewood residents have already claimed money owed to them. Read more ›

Notices from the Lakewood Board of Education

[Public Notices] Multiple notices below. Read more ›

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J&J Vaccine Yanked: What to Know About Blood-Clotting Concerns

All 50 US states on Tuesday halted the administering of the Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine upon recommendation from the FDA and CDC over several rare cases of a serious blood clotting issue that may be connected to the vaccine. Read more ›

Chesed of Lakewood once again offering subsidized pool safety signs

The warm weather has finally arrived, which means swimming season is coming shortly. Read more ›

Tonight: Yahrtzeit of Reb Shayele of Kerestir

Thousands from around the globe tonight will be visiting the Tzion of Reb Shayele Kerestir, marking the Tzadik’s 96th Yahrtzeit. Read more ›

What Little Boy Saw Was So Bad, He Never Spoke Again

[COMMINICATED] Rav Bentzion Rabinowitz, most known as The Biale Rebbe, wrote a moving letter to the public this week on behalf of a family that has endured the unthinkable. Mrs. Leah Nemirovsky was a young and otherwise healthy woman when she began to experience strange abdominal pains. The pains became worse, until she was completely bedridden. Read more ›

Free Gelbstein’s Food Box Distribution Today

Free Gelbstein’s food boxes will be distributed today beginning at 3:30 pm and lasting until supplies are exhausted.  Read more ›

Fire significantly damages Lakewood home [VIDEO]

A fire broke out at a Lakewood home this evening, leaving it with significant damage. Read more ›