New Daily Shiur Live From Harav Asher Arieli For American Lomdei Torah




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VIDEO: Message from the Vaad HaRabbonim of Cleveland regarding Pesach

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Lakewood Posek Rabbi Forcheimer: All Travel for Any Part of Yom Tov is Prohibited

Speak with a Doctor from Your Home!

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TLS Coronavirus Twitter Blog [UPDATED HOURLY]

See below for Tweets that are not necessarily posted as individual news stories. Tweets are in reverse chronological order.

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PHOTO: The Levaya of Reb Zeev Rothschild Z”L; Held in the same quiet way he lived his life

Though thousands would have attended his Levaya, Reb Zeev Z”L had a Kevura in the same manner he lived his life – quiet, B’Hatzeya Leches, and without Kavod. Read more ›

Emergency Fund Set Up for the Beiles Family. 4 Yesomim!

[COMMUNICATED] An unspeakable tragedy has befallen us! A shocked community grieves and four young children are left without a father while their mother battles Corona Virus. The unspeakable tragedy Read more ›

MONOC Ceases Operations, Dissolves Into Two Hospital Systems

As of Wednesday morning, MONOC ceased its operations, ending its tenure as the primary provider of paramedic services for Monmouth and Ocean counties, which it had done for more than 40 years.  Read more ›

Bored at home? Take 10 minutes for our future on this Census Day; Letter from Lakewood Poskim

Today is Census Day, the day that determines who is counted in the 2020 Census and where they are counted. Census data is used to extend billions of dollars in funding for hospitals, school lunch programs, Medicaid, and resources that are needed every year, especially in uncertain times like now. Read more ›

Final Day for Agudah’s Virtual Yarchei Kallah – Tomorrow!

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AG Grewal: If You Threaten a Cop with COVID-19, You Will Face the Maximum Criminal Charges

Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal today announced that the Attorney General’s Office has taken over prosecution of six cases and is filing upgraded charges against defendants who allegedly threatened police officers by spitting or coughing at them and claiming to have COVID-19. Read more ›

Wednesday: April 1st: Front Lines Update from Rabbi Kaszirer of Bikur Cholim

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The Greatest Chidon To Take Place Tomorrow

[COMMUNICATED] COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt. But Torah learning never stops.  Read more ›

4:30 PM: Live Teleconference – Atzeres Chizuk

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Watch Live 3:00 PM: Misameach Hosts Joey Newcomb

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VIDEO: Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles takes a drive around a quiet Lakewood

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Tehillim for the Cholim of the Mageifa

Due to being inundated with requests to post Tehillim names for Cholim of the terrible Mageifa, we are opening this thread for families to list names of Cholim in the comments section. Read more ›

Coronacare: Someone Whom You Might be Neglecting | Michelle Halle, LCSW

When you ran out and bought arts and crafts kits, you thought you purchased enough to supply a large day camp for an entire summer, but in less than 5 days, you’ve depleted your entire stash. Read more ›

Watch: Lakewood Board of Education Attorney: Interviews

Board Attorney and Adina Weisz, Supervisor of Related Services and IDEA; Kathy Jankoski, Speech Therapist; Susan Foley, Occupational Therapist; Lisa Elsinger, Sodexo Operations Manager. Read more ›


[COMMUNICATED] Save BIG on Your Next Black Hat! Presale of Asher New York Crushable Hats going on NOW for JUST $54.99!

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Lakewood Kiddush Hashem Story! Chocolates for Nurses (& Doctors)

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Freeholder Director Vicari Asks Gov. Phil Murphy To Postpone Any Vote On Controversial Parkway And Turnpike Toll Increases

Arguing that the public has not had a reasonable opportunity to voice its opinion on the upcoming Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike toll increases, Read more ›