We Have More Chanukah Giveaway Winners! Lots More Prizes Coming!

We picked two more winners – these from our Instagram! The winners, D.F and E.G will be receiving a free membership to the LBA Junior ($275 value each), and LBA merchandise!

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PHOTOS: Hadlokas Ner Chanukah with the Bluzever Rebbe in Lakewood

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A cool Chanukah contest from Haddar!

VIDEO: Update on intersection of Rt. 70 and Whitesville from Yitz Henkin and Toms River Mayor Mo Hill

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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Menorah lighting ceremony in Toms River

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The revolutionary initiative in Modiin Illit which has become the talk of the Torah world

[COMMUNICATED] Only for great talmidei chachomim aged 40 and over: Dozens of great talmidei chachomim in one kollel with increased stipends

The new kollel is only for avreichim from the age of 40 ^The kollel is a precedential initiative by the Migdal Oz kollel network and will open its doors, b’ezras Hashem, on Zos Chanukah, giving increased scholarships to great talmidei chachomim ^Rav Yechezkel Etrog: “We are talking about the elite of the Torah world, who can raise many students, and have chosen to spend their time completely devoted to learning Torah” Read more ›

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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lakewood Police Department hosts Chanukah Menorah Lighting Ceremony

Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer and his administration held a Chanukah Menorah lighting ceremony today. Read more ›

DASHCAM VIDEO: Sakanas Nefashos

Drivers: The law requires you to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.

Pedestrians: Don’t expect vehicles to stop.

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After continuous fraud, NJDMV adds QR code to temporary license plates

KOLLEL CHESHEK SHLOMO: ALMOST THERE – Help Lakewood’s Premier Kollel Complete Its Home

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New Jersey to Begin Sending Mental Health Professionals on 911 Calls

New Jersey will begin a pilot program that pairs New Jersey law enforcement officers with certified mental health professionals to jointly respond to behavioral health crises calls, in an initiative called ARRIVE Together (Alternative Responses to Reduce Instances of Violence & Escalation). Read more ›

Happy Chanukah from Police Chief Greg Meyer

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We Have Another Chanukah Giveaway Winner! Lots More Prizes Coming!

We picked another winner – this one from WhatsApp Status! The winner will be receiving a premium portable battery back sponsored by GreaTech!

There are lots more prizes coming – at any hour throughout Chanukah! Read more ›

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[COMMUNICATED] “A kehilla like Lakewood, bli ayin hara, with over a hundred thousand frum Yiddin cannot have all its mosdos fit exactly into one tzura. R’ Yaakov Siegel and his wife have opened a High School for girls that were not exceptions, not difficult, who are not problem girls, but who would not fit into the standard model that applies to so many thousands of others. Rov Henoch Shachar took it on, under the hadracha ultimately of the Rosh Yeshiva, Rov Dovid Shustal and they have seen tremendous hatzlacha.” – R’ Aron Kotler Read more ›

VIDEO: 8 Days 8 Rays – Day 2 | Rabbi Shlomo Landau, Olami Mentors

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UPDATE: Manchester Police Capture Toms River Armed Robbery, Car-Jacking Suspect

The suspect wanted in connection with last week’s car-jacking in Toms River, has been captured by Manchester Police. Read more ›

These Kallahs Are Relying on a Chanukah Neis

[COMMUNICATED] Ateres Kallah helps needy kallahs in Eretz Yisroel to set up their homes respectfully. Read more ›

Tonight: Chanukah Licht with the Bluzever Rebbe in Lakewood

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Frum Couple Killed In Terrible Car Crash

[COMMUNICATED] Rav Reuven Elbaz is not easily phased.  But when this Bais Yaakov girl told him her story, he was moved to tears. Shevy F.* was just fourteen years old when her entire life closed in on her– Her parents were immediately killed in a terrible car accident. Read more ›

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