BREAKING: New Jersey Man With Local Ties Found Guilty On All 5 Counts Related To The January 6 Riot

A New Jersey man with alleged Nazi sympathies who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was found guilty by a jury this afternoon on all 5 counts. Read more ›

Lakewood Rav and Flatbush Attorney Unite with Chayim Aruchim to Successfully Prevent Local Hospital from “Pulling The Plug” On Jewish Patient

A frightening incident took place this week in a large Tri-State region hospital, where a critically-ill patient was about to have his life support removed against the family’s wishes. Read more ›

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NJSP to increase traffic enforcement around the State this weekend

The summer season officially begins this Memorial Day weekend as thousands of motorists will travel New Jersey’s roadways to get to our beaches, lakes, state parks or just across town to a friend’s cookout. Read more ›

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Friends Don’t Forward


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Scoop Outdoor – Bringing Your Ads to Life in a Massive Way

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Video by Read more ›

TRAFFIC ALERT: Heavy delays on the GSP southbound (shore-bound) ahead of Memorial Day weekend

PHOTO: The Skulener Rebbe of Lakewood being Menachem Avel the family of Rav Leibel Gruber ZT”L

Man charged with Murdering Jackson resident he solicited for business

A man was charged with murdering a Jackson resident who he moments earlier solicited for business, Prosecutors say.

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New NJ Program would Train Veterans and Retired Police Officers to Become School Resource Officers

Congressman Van Drew announced that he is drafting the Stronger Schools Act “which will ensure that our children are safe and protected while at school.” Read more ›

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Can the best get even better?





Jerusalem Estates unveils an array of exclusive, hotel-level amenities

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New US Surgeon General’s Report: Solving Healthcare Worker Burnout | Aharon Ben David

Healthcare worker burnout has been a long-standing issue for systems across the country even before the pandemic. A new report from the U.S. surgeon general hopes to help by sharply increasing benefits and reducing burdensome administrivia tasks. Read more ›

PHOTO: Accident involving school bus on County Line Road

No injuries reported.

Nesivos Shalom Bechukosai Chazak 5782: The Way To Receive Berachos

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Watch Live 8:45 AM: Lakewood Board of Education Special Meeting

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Spotted in Jackson

BREAKING: Person shot in Lakewood [VIDEO]

Emergency personnel are responding to a reported shooting in Lakewood. Read more ›

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Hundreds of Rabbanim and Dayanim Gather to Learn the Latest Medical Innovations and Relevant Halachah in the Field of Woman’s


BROOKLYN, NY – An overflowing crowd of rabbanim, dayanim, and chassan madrichim participated in asifos in Boro Park and Lakewood last week. Read more ›

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Saying Kaddish and Keil Malei Rachamim with a Minyan at the Kever of Joseph Novins Z”L, a Jewish firefighter who died 100 years ago today

A Minyan gathered today to say Kaddish and Keil Malei Rachamim for Joseph Novins Z”L upon his 100th Yahrtzeit. Read more ›

NOTE: Rita’s in Manalapan under Hashgacha of Conservative Rabbi

It has come to our attention that the Rita’s in Manalapan is under the supervision of a conservative rabbi. Read more ›

CHASDEI HASHEM: Lakewood Yungerman who collapsed last week, and was in critical condition, returns home

A Lakewood Yungerman who collapsed at an event in Boro Park last week and was in critical condition, returned home moments ago. Read more ›

Measure Implementing the “Electric School Bus Program” Clears Assembly

School buses travel about four billion miles each year, providing the safest transportation to and from school for more than 25 million American children every day. Read more ›

Ocean County Law Enforcement Leaders to Meet to Discuss Student Safety in Wake of Texas Massacre

Law Enforcement leaders in Ocean County will be meeting to discuss student safety in wake of the massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Texas. Read more ›