EXCLUSIVE: Lakewood man credited for saving life of man stuck in cement truck

A Lakewood man is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of the man who fell into a cement truck in Lakewood, TLS has learned exclusively. Read more ›

Unique and in Yerushalayim – Torah-24!

[COMMUNICATED] Three kedoshei elyon had one common concept when it came to learning Torah – they were the Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh (Rabbi Chaim ibn Attar 1696-1743) when he came to Eretz Yisroel; the Ramchal (Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto 1707-1746) when he lived in Padua, Italy;  and Hagaon, Harav Chaim Volozhiner, (1749-1821) the famous talmid of the Gaon of Vilna. Read more ›

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Bill to Extend Eligibility for Special Education Services to Certain Students Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic Signed Into Law

With the goal to help special education students compensate for significant educational disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor signed a bill Wednesday to extend eligibility for special education services Read more ›

The Secret of Bensalem; The Thriving Destination Community Only a Drive Away

[COMMUNICATED] “The Bensalem Kollel is a place of energy, opportunity, and unity. It’s a kollel within a beautiful community, a place where yungeleit and their families are thriving, thrilled to be making a difference.” Read more ›

“I Don’t Have a Cent; I Desperately Need Your Help”: The Widow Who Was Left Alone Pleads

[COMMUNICATED] She struggled with the challenges of a sick husband, a Down’s syndrome child, and a mountain of debt: The widow cries for help Read more ›

BREAKING: Reports of Plane down in Long Beach Island, NJ [UPDATED]

Preliminary reports indicate a plane is down in the water in Long Beach Island. Read more ›

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Notice from the Lakewood Board of Education

[Public Notice] Read more ›

Is Shabbos a Gift From Hashem — or to Hashem?

[COMMUNICATED] Hashem refers to Shabbos as a matana tovah, which He keeps in His house of treasures. Does that mean Hashem still holds on to Shabbos? Rabbi Pinches Friedman shares the fascinating history of the first Shabbosim to explain their significance and how — even when someone doesn’t have time to prepare properly — Shabbos is still a gift.  Read more ›

PHOTOS: Senator Singer and Dr. Rajesh Mohan See Off Shipment of Medical Equipment to Covid-Ravaged India

Senator Bob Singer and Dr. Rajesh Mohan, President, Global Impact Foundation, recently saw off a shipment of life-saving oxygen concentrators to help save lives at risk due to the COVID pandemic in India. Read more ›

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Her Student Opened Up To Her. But It Was Only Half The Story…

[COMMUNICATED]  Efrat Chagira is a free-spirited six year old girl who lives with her parents and five siblings in Eretz Yisroel. Teachers in her school have always marveled at the young girl’s artistic creativity, impressive and insightful questions, and overflowing love of life. But recently, the limudei kodesh teacher Mrs. Katz noticed that Efrat’s bubbly personality seemed to dampen. Efrat began showing up to school looking tired, and with a sad, hollow look in her eyes. She very often came without any food to eat. Mrs. Katz did what any Jewish mother would do: She pulled Efrat aside during recess and asked her if anything was troubling her.  Read more ›

Post HS and Post Sem Girls: Get Your Degree in One Year at The New Seminary!



The New Seminary is accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. In just one year from now, you can have that degree tucked under your belt! There’s locations in Brooklyn, Lakewood, and Monsey. Read more ›

TODAY: Emergency Blood Drive in Lakewood | Sponsored by Bikur Cholim and TLS

Blood supplies at New Jersey Hospitals remain critically low due to the cancellation and postponement of hundreds of blood drives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more ›

PHOTO: Vehicle slams into Lakewood shop, causing significant damage

No injuries reported.

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JUST IN – UPDATE: Fox which Attacked Residents in Jackson Tests Positive for Rabies

The Ocean County Health Department (OCHD) is reporting today that a fox captured in Jackson over the weekend has tested positive for rabies. Read more ›

WATCH: Man allegedly steals bike from Shul in Lakewood

UPDATE: The victim tells TLS the bike was located. Read more ›

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Choosing A Career Can Be Overwhelming, Let TTI Help You!

[COMMUNICATED] In the past 24 years, our trusted relationships have helped over 17,000 frum men and women earn college degrees and career certifications without compromising their hashkafos or sensitivities. Our students have gone on to study in prestigious universities and build careers in diverse industries around the world

Programs include:
Read more ›

Bill Package Addressing Food Insecurity in NJ Passes Committee

With more than 1 million New Jersey residents needing food assistance in 2020 as a result of the hardships posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, several Assembly Democrats sponsor a legislative package to address the recent rise in food insecurity throughout the state. Read more ›

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JUST IN: Man airlifted to hospital after being extricated from cement truck in Lakewood [UPDATED- VIDEO]

[UPDATED] Emergency personnel in Lakewood are working to extricate a man stuck in a cement truck. Read more ›

CAN(’t) DO IT: Shalva Changes the Narrative

[COMMUNICATED] As a teenager, there are doubts, challenges and immense social pressures. Lots of pain and confusion. It’s easy to feel lost. To question. To feel that life is “impossible.” To want to give up and not try anymore. Read more ›