Harav Lubin Shlita: Keurig Machine Must Be Toveled

Keurig Coffe MakerJUST IN: A group of Yungerleit brought a Keurig Coffee Brewer to Harav Shlomo Lubin Shlita at BMG moments ago, to inquire about the Toveling requirements for the popular coffee machine. Reb Lubin Shlita Paskened, that the machine-which brews the coffee by inserting the small pre-filled cups- must be Toveled. One reader told TLS “I personally have one at home and the thought never occurred to me”.


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There are 24 Comments to "Harav Lubin Shlita: Keurig Machine Must Be Toveled"

  • Leibel says:

    Why are we paskening on the internet. Have we not learned our lesson regarding Crocs on Yom Kipur, Shabbos elevators etc.
    If you have a question or are unsure about something ask YOUR Rov.
    If you don’t have a Rov you have a serious problem.

  • Anonymous says:

    anyone who understands how a coffee machine works will realize it is impossible to toivel the coil which is what needs tevila. therefore you have one of two options.
    1) rely on Reb Moishe who holds that anything plugged into the wall does not need Tevila
    2) take the machine apart and reconstruct it, which negates the need to toivel.

  • mark levin says:

    its important to be meorair the shayla and ask your own poisek . tls is not paskening , just relaying the story

  • glatekup says:

    is reb shlomo lubin a posek?

  • yitz says:

    Yes glatekup he is a posek as well a boki in halacha.

  • ctowner says:

    i personally brought a keurig machine to harav chaim stein shlita and was told that the coil does not need tevila because it is actually connected to electricity itself,(unlike a george forman that the coil just heats the grate) however the two pins that puncture the k-cup must be toiveled. these are easily removable.

  • Ari says:

    R’ Nochum Eisenstein told me that it does not need tevila.

  • Anonymous says:

    rav chayim stein is great zoken rosh yeshiva , not a posek , rabbi lubin on the other hand is a posek.

  • m savage says:

    i did not know mark levin works for the scoop

  • ASKAN says:

    rav chayim stein is great zoken rosh yeshiva , not a posek , rabbi lubin on the other hand is a posek……………………………………….
    what makes rabbi lubin a posek over morenu harav hagaon reb chaim stein a posek

  • Anonymous says:

    rabbi lubins learning is focused on the study of halacha lemaseh rabbi steins is focused on learning the daf lehagdil torah as yeshivas do. this is a fairly simple thing to grasp….

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought the pins were made of plastic?

  • ctowner says:

    depends on which model you have. the higher end models have metal pins

  • ASKAN says:

    Harav Hagoan Rav chaim stein can rip apart any given posek in lakewood and brooklyn combined

  • Fresser says:

    The psak I got from my rov was to be makneh the machine to a goy and then rent it back from him.

  • ctowner says:

    that is a well known psak. this is a psak that works for any kli that needs tevila.

  • annonymous says:

    rav lubin is a tzadik a bracha for the klall to have such a posek who is always available a big anav and unassuming in his greatness.we should be zoche to continue having our poskim with us with health and bracha and his kyh mishpacha…….ad bias hamashiach!

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear ASKAN , talmidey chachomim and poiskim are not football players so please stop refering to them as such (ie “rip apart”) go watch espn or join a fan club gedolim are not heros and dont need you to cheer them on .

  • mk says:

    to ctown. I asked a poseik, r’ schneider from brooklyn, and he said people say you don’t need to tovel a can opener: which is what the “pin” that punctures the k-cup is doing. So he said you don’t have to.

  • Moshe K says:

    I asked Rabbi Balanson, a posek in Erets Yisroel, and this is how it went:Q- My brother has a coffee maker that’s expensive (over $200) and is afraid
    that toyvling it might ruin the machine. The outside of the machine is all
    plastic and has a digital mechanism. I tried looking inside the machine,
    but can’t tell if anything metal is going to touch the water/coffee. I
    don’t know what to do from this point on and was wandering if Rebbe had any
    suggestions or eitzah’s?

    A: They quote Rav Eliyashiv shlit’a as saying that anything electric,
    since it operates only when plugged into the wall, doesn’t require
    tevillah. So, I don’t think that there is any problem.

  • moshe says:

    my ruv said I should tovel the plastic and the k cup area that comes out, without a bracha.

  • Anonymous says:

    # 2 Anonymous said
    October 20, 2009 at 1:03 pm
    1) rely on Reb Moishe who holds that anything plugged into the wall does not need Tevila

  • Ah bissel Sechel says:

    it wont even help to toivel it because the water will not enter the machine, and not touch the heating element unless the pump is activated. this holds true for many of the regular coffee makers as well, so i dont see why everyone is getting bent out of shape about the Keurig

  • Kemach Yoshon says:

    Does the metal boiler inside need tevila?