A Request To Our Readers-Posting Comments

comments postingThe goal of TLS is to be a positive means of growth for the community. Our readership needs to engage the issues, discuss them respectfully, and hopefully the products of these discussions would be fruitful to help improve the community, even one or two people at a time, for the better. TLS realizes that at times our comment section does devolve into a mean-spirited forum, with name calling and behaviors that, quite frankly, are embarrassing. In fact, many of the opinions that are so negative and filled with a mean-spiritedness, could very well be a catalyst for critically reviewing the positions we all hold – if they were expressed with a little bit more dignity.

After much reflection and guidance of our Daas Torah, TLS has decided that the rancor, name-calling and disrespectful statements are counter-productive to our goals. TLS, therefore makes the following three requests:

1] Let’s try to keep all aspects of normal decent communication – no disrespecting, and degrading anyone. We all know what we have to do.

2] Let us keep the tone of the emotion level down. Cooler heads must prevail. We must distance ourselves from anger. This is what chazal tell us. Let’s keep to it. Everything can be said, it’s how it’s said.

3] Let’s try to act with more respect for people. Everyone is a Tzelem Elokim-created by G-d. Let’s reflect that.

Let us also bear in mind that TLS is read by major news outlets, including Television stations and Newspapers. It is also read by Law-enforcement Officials and higher Authorities. So please, a little respect, common sense and a lot more maturity.


1. Absolutely no personal attacks against any group or individual

2. No gossip, slander or defamation

3. No links to external sites.

4. No words in CAPS

5. No multiple posts of comments

6. No profanity, vulgarity or any foul or inappropriate language

7. No user names communicating any agenda, opinion or message (i.e. “Smash Chasidim”, “Let’s Liquidate Lakewood” or “Orthodox are Hypocrites”) in any form, regardless of quality of comment.

TLS encourages and appreciates healthy comment and robust debate. Please argue sensibly. Please post thoughtfully. Please reply to comments intelligently. Do not use slanderous and/or emotional words, derogatory names and insults (i.e. “moron,” “idiot,” etc.)—any such comment will be deleted immediately.

TLS is not responsible for any comments posted. All comments posted are solely the expressions of opinion by their posters, whether anonymous, named or using pseudonyms. Please contact TLS at if you feel any comment is inappropriate. TLS


This content, and any other content on TLS, may not be republished or reproduced without prior permission from TLS. Copying or reproducing our content is both against the law and against Halacha. To inquire about using our content, including videos or photos, email us at

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There are 60 Comments to "A Request To Our Readers-Posting Comments"

  • ascoon says:

    Way to go.

  • bored says:

    you are a blog,not a yeshiva.people hide behind the computer and vent. what do you expect?

  • Thank you! says:

    this is way better!!! thank you!!!

  • yashrus says:

    I agree 100% ! I am very embarrased because by association it would appear that many posters are representing the majority of orthodox jews and not their own myopic views.

    TlLS – supposedly you moderate the posts, why post them if you agree that they are not worthy of being posted.

  • A Yid says:

    Thank you.
    Maybe now some people will go back to their Gemoros.

  • sound famillier says:

    Saw this exact nusach on VIN a while back

  • Fresser says:

    Sounds like a plan.

  • anon says:

    #6 – if you look at the bottom of the article it says “VIN/TLS”

  • Anonymous says:

    about time

  • emes says:

    A blog is a forum in which people have the ability to be heard and express their feelings. Perhaps you are being influenced by a group of individuals who have much to fear. those people and groups should leave the world of politics and therefore wont have what to fear. You cant have your cake and eat it. Public entities and politicians are to be held accountable and is done in every democratic country.

  • ICSL says:

    Comment deleted

  • unacceptable says:

    #11 should be deleted. it makes suggestions and causes me to think of bad words. nuuuu

  • ANON says:

    i think of it like this. one can criticize constructively, by pointing out specific aspects of a situation as opposed to bashing the person. or even pose possible solutions to problems discussed.

    for example, instead of “busses can’t drive normally in my neighborhood cuz people park like idiots”
    a better post may be “i’ve noticed that the parking congestion in my neighborhood poses safety hazards to drivers and impedes traffic flow. perhaps people parking closer to the curb and straight instead of at an angle will improve the safety of everyone involved.”

    same point, different wording.

    i’m not trying to bring up this particular issue i’m just using it as an example of how i think people should post their opinions. Freedom of speech/press is a wonderful thing, lets make ourselves worthwhile to listen to.

  • Anonymous says:

    So do you also run VIN site?

  • Festeh Leitzonim & Reezigeh Batlonim says:

    Bseder Gomur.

    Yasher Koach for being me’oirer to the oilam this gevaldigeh chilul hashem that comes from comments that are not tzugepast for this site.

  • ICSL says:

    To #12
    All what I said was something that was funny, I didn’t actually say anything wrong. I could twist everything I see and make it seem bad and dirty. If you have such an issue with what I said there is something very wrong.

  • Eli Manning says:

    #12 come on that was funny I had such a good laug,h there was nothing wrong with that comment, we want simcha in our lives and not everything has to be so serious.

  • A rod says:

    lets go yankees!!!!

  • hearthstone says:

    i must apologize…i too at times have used this site as an instrument to vent. from now on, positive words to help lakewood and everyone that lives here a better place to live and visit. thanks for the opportunity.

  • oh boy says:

    i hope we still see the Officer Butterworth comments

  • dovdov says:

    Hershell, what will do about all the politicians we need to weed out? Or are we exempt for political reasons?

  • Concerned about Tax Hikes says:

    Did all the TLS readers fill out their Census Forms? What about the Bloggers?

  • Anonymous says:

    who is the daas torah you consulted?

  • dounut man says:

    I think we need to buy everyone some dounuts.

  • Anonymous says:

    A good idea would be to make it mandatory to log in before posting comments.

  • Anonymous says:

    Since this is a Lakewood site how about a ban on any bashing of the yeshiva and it’s talmidim

  • noodle says:

    Derech Eretz is always in order. There is also something in this country called freedom of speech. It is possible to communicate in a way that is above board and more refined and yet still get the message across. All it takes is work. As far as debating the issues goes, let me tell you with all due respect. If there is a case of corruption I am aware about, I have every right under the constitution to protest it in a non violent fashon. That means I may call for a recall of public officials, question why my tax dollars went for a boat that’s tied up in Toms River, and so forth. Let the higher authorities you mention understand that there are standards they must live up to and if they don’t, then people will protest loudly until things are done with honesty and integrity. We all have the right to expect and demand that all of our public officials live up to that standard and if they don’t we will vote them out of office. It’s called Democracy.

  • they got to you too ???? says:

    i agree that certian attacks for no reason on certian people and ideas should be moderated, but an all out ban really kills the whole purpose of blogging. what blogging has done is given the weak and abused a way to even the playing field against the abusive and corrupted bodies or individuals who use personal threats and strong arming to carry out thier corruption and abuse.

    i fully agree things like (“Smash Chasidim”, “Let’s Liquidate Lakewood” or “Orthodox are Hypocrites”) or names and insults (i.e. “moron,” “idiot,” etc.)— have no place on a blog. but stopping people to post information and opinions , about what people or groups are doing that is directly or indirectly hurting others – kills all the good that this blog has done.

  • Anonymous says:

    Freedom of speach has no place on a privatly owned blog


    i am thrilled that you are representing the holy city of lakewood by setting such standards.For all the people that are writing that it is not right to limit the blogs then why don’t they put there names to it . obviously they are a bunch of cowards and fear much repercusion

  • Anonymous says:

    The power was out so police were directioning traffic this truck was waved to move forward by the police officer that was directioning traffic at the same time the other car flew through the light coming the opossite way ignoreing the officers directions, and hit this truck(shown in video) going atleast 50mph! Thank God no one else was in this truck!

  • shnuel dovid nagelberg says:

    LOST ! Female cockatiel her name is ” Offie” about 18″ tal,mostly gray body, with yellow circle on each cheek. 25.00 reward.
    Call: 732-363-0918 Last seen at ampitheater by the lake.
    thank you Shmuel Dovid Nagelberg 417 Forest Ave. Lakewood NJ

  • "Basya" says:

    Found: Artscroll youth book by South Side of Lake on July 1 by benches. (732) 370 4523.

  • Fly Like a Butterfly says:

    I stand edited. Thank you TLS

  • Anonymous says:

    ma da

    I read all of the comments posted on September 1, 2010. I read English well, but I did not understand many of the Orthodox terms. It would be very helpful if you translated them.

  • rockin bubby says:

    you are very right about the emotional,angry mean-spirited comments that need not be posted. my concern is what is the measuring stick being used to determine what is appropriate to be presented in this forum?some things need to be said [even if it is uncomfortable to hear].its a sticky situation to control content and still contain your integrity.

  • A wonderful experience says:

    A family member of mine has recently done business with Meridian. Yonesen Reichenberg handled their loan. I was advising them along the who process. I must say, that Mr. Reichenberg is an outstandilng professionsanal. He delivers what he promises and more. He is very thorough and concise. He made the whole loan experience a real pleasure for them. I wish you all lots of Mazal and continued succcess.

  • Zev says:

    No way should yeshiva buchirim have to ride with a lady bus driver late at night. i complained many times to the yeshivas that the last boy going off the bus might have a Halachic Sheilah of Yichud

  • cannot stop crying says:

    i am crying as i write i do not know what to say
    hamokom yenachem eschem betoch sheor evlei yerusalayim

  • Anonymous says:

    he should have a refua sheiama

  • H.W. says:

    lost a pin with two diamond flowers on may 24-May be in Rose 848- 525-4703 or 732-364-4279

  • cookies says:

    for those who keep repeating that its a blog and you can write what you’d like, you should know that if you’d like to make a comment that was requested should NOT be made, there are many other blogs to turn to. Keep this one a kosher one. 🙂

  • ha says:

    there is no problem with BP gas station on Madison Ave, as I always fill there my whole fleet. Still could you please post the name of the mechanic who handled all the repairs

  • Glenb says:

    Does Lakewood have comcast service, I am having issues

  • barak says:

    be careful buying food from stores buy from those which did not have outages or short outages and get an honest answer how long it was sitting before moving more than 1 day be careful

  • paula F says:

    Please help the seniors at Horizons at Wooklake Greens in Lakewood. We need Heat. Out since last Monday. We feel like “The Forgotten Ones”.

  • pincus supposes says:

    As a father of several married children and as one who is looking for shidduchim for several others and as a clinical social worker, I believe this writer is raising some legitimate points. The notion that a bochur must start dating earlier or choose to marry an older girl to shecht himself on the altar of “shidduch crisis” is nonsensical on its face. People should date when it is good for them to date and date the person they believe is the most likely. No one has the responsibility to save klal yisroel by marrying due to some shitta. That having been said, there are many people who seem unable to find their life partner using the current methods available. Familiar statements like “girls are too picky,” or “there are more good girls than good boys,” even if accurate, don’t really explain the situation in which we find ourselves. I want to suggest that there are several major factors that have become endemic. Too many choices, easier to divorce, unwillingness to be poor, greater focus on external characteristics. I’m not suggesting that anyone in particular change what they want, but rather that these are all real features of our lives today. There is good research to show that when people have more choices and can change them more easily, they tend to be less satisfied with what they have chosen. I believe that it follows that people today are more worried that they will not get the “best person,” and that maybe someone better will come along and they will be filled with regret. Then of course as they get to know the person they are dating and see some imperfections, instead of deciding whether they can tolerate or accept those flaws they reject and go to the next one. Labeling this as “too picky” is to ignore the powerful external forces at work in our cultures today and put the onus on the individual. It really is more the “system” and “the times.” Perhaps knowing that can provide the beginning of an antidote.

  • Gerry Mullen says:

    I’m a seventy year old goy and I visit a number of frum friends in Lakewood, NJ At night, my vision is not the best and on a number of times I came very close to hitting ADULTS not children. I’m sure, I am to blame for some of the times but the black coats, black fedoras and the weather are tough to see —- b’vah’chah’shah wear a bright reddish or some illuminating clothing for me and many other drivers to see.
    B’vah’chah’shah, I DO WANT to be responsible for harm to anyone !!!

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen

  • Larry says:

    Regent Place

  • Ole Lakewood says:

    If it was still the same as 30 years ago I would still be there.

  • MRS C Wahington says:

    i visited the lakewood high school several times @ recitals.i was very disappointed from my first impression,the building was unkept,this is not an environment to promote learning to young eager minds.where was the board of ed,or the state,the principal,orparents?


    I lost my wedding ring recently after62 yrs. and I am heart broken. It was white gold wiyh no decorations. Has someone found it ????

  • Been there still there says:

    Because Lyme has so many different symptoms it is difficult to diagnose and treat. Doctors will treat the obvious situations – patient knows they were bitten and a bullseye rash along with a positive test. However many people do not not remember being bitten ( ticks are tiny like a speck of dirt) and do not develop a rash. I did not have any of those – only light virus symptoms which I thought was a cold coming on. At some point insurance companies investigated and closed down practices of doctors over diagnosing Lyme so we certainly don’t have to worry that doctors are over treating Lyme – if anything they don’t keep the antibiotics going long enough and Lyme returns. The worst part is the psychiatric part which people have to hide because they don’t associate it with Lyme and think they’re going crazy. Having said that not everything is Lyme and it’s very tricky. Only people who have it can understand it; everyone else thinks the person is making it up.

  • Been there still there says:

    I didn’t enter my comment in the right place should have been in the Lyme comment section

  • tired says:


  • Jerry DeMas says:

    Dennis & Judi should not apologize. The apology should come from person that decided to suspend them. The apology should be directed to the listeners and D&J. I would recommend that D&J leave the station and fine a way to go nation wide with a podcast. They could do it from their homes no matter what state they choose to live in.It’s a terrible state of affair’s when a company cans employees due to political pressure.

  • Happy with my lot says:

    I will buy a lotto and immediately rip it up! hopefully it’s the winner and no one ever knows. imagine if a frum person wins. The Sinas Chinum would be such a Chilul Hashem!

  • On The Right Side says:

    Thank you Dr. Roberts for standing up for what is right and having the courage to say what needs to be said.

  • Harryb says:

    tls. U don’t stop to amaze me ! Ur erlichkeit is so commendable! And uve been like this since the day u opened up tls
    Hashem should continue giving u Bracha/ Hatzlocha nachas from ur Gantza mishpocha
    Keep up the great work !
    Gantz Klal yisroel is so proud to have a website like this

  • Miri Klien says:

    Hi, I have many years experience as an ABA therapist and currently completing my BCBA. Looking for a part time job working with children with ASD or relating position.