Freeholders Visit Lakewood, Address Republican Club

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS of this evening’s visit by Freeholder Incumbents Jack Kelly and Jim Lacey to the Hilton Garden Inn, where they met with Lakewood’s Republican Club. Among some of the Officials in attendance were Senator Bob Singer, Mayor Steven Langert and Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller.


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There are 24 Comments to "Freeholders Visit Lakewood, Address Republican Club"

  • Kamtza says:

    Why isn’t Hershel there?

  • Bibi says:

    Maybe he wasn’t asked to be in the picture.

  • candid camera says:

    Hershel took the picture.

  • casual Thursday says:

    The mayor is letting Hershel know he’s welcome even without a tie.

  • harold herskowitz says:

    I wasn’t invited. I am sitting in Leisure Chateau right now. I was very close by, I could have gone, had I been invited. I wonder if my name came up. Ya think?
    As a famous person once said, “I would not want to be a part of any club that would let me join. If they believe that senator Singer truly represents the ideals of the Repub lican party. If they believe that favoritism, waste, and fiscal irresponsibility are the ideals that the GOP was built upon, then by all means let them have their party. We will show them what the true Republican party represents. On June 8th.
    Please remember you do not have to be a registered Republican to vote in the Republican primary. You just need to show up at the polls, and state that you are from now on voting in the Republican primaries.

  • Republican says:

    Hey herschel,
    It looks like there are 40 people tops there. Most of them are not even from Lakewood.
    I wouldn’t worry bro. They lost the election already. Every single person I know is going to vote for you.
    The only way bob will win is if he gets someone to throw out your votes. Matter of fact, that looks like they were giving him a farewell party for 29 years of helping them, and himself.

  • me neither says:

    I was also not invited (then again, I wasn’t invited to my last z’man’s chavrusoh’s son’s upsherin).
    Was there sushi?

  • vote early and often says:

    HH are you campaigning there?

  • Tyrone says:

    Don’t mean to bust your bubble hh, but do you realisticly think you have a chance in Lakewood?? Just because in the gov elections there was a “rebelion” that was clearly due to the massive anti toieva campaign. I’m sure you are aware of the way our kehila is run. So tell us do you know something we don’t? Do you have some major endorsment from benei berak or something?? What’s up you sleeve? (Or maybe what’s in your coffee?) PS this is not an attack or attempt to slander or degrade anyone I just want some clarity. Pps this is the real tyrone … Ppppssss this post may be edited.

  • just asking says:

    hH :could you please clarify what possessed you to run?It looks a little akward that your pushing your own campaign..usually a Vaad or an established institution supports and fuels a campaign…(Ex:a baal tfila goes up when requested by the gabbai…the shulchan aruch also states halochos regarding….daas hakahal…)We would be honored to have a response…

  • ask me no questions and tell me no lies says:

    Who told Bob to run? This is a democracy.Fill out a petition and you can run. Daas hakahal will be fully met at the polling booth. We also will all be honored if you get r’shus before posting a comment. What possessed you to comment B’rabim? Who asked you to comment?

  • Tyrone says:

    Now that you bring it up… What is the halocha regarding hanhogas haklal vehair? This is not the first time in history that a kehila needed a “shtadlan” … Who picks him? The rov? Shiva tuvei hair?? Anyone know the answers???

  • Tyrone says:

    Does “democracy” have a mekor in shulchan oruch? Do ehrliche yidden do as they please? A hefker velt? I would think that a tora Jew who lives according to the tora would consult with the tora (a rov) b4 casting a vote. Yiddishkeit is alive and well even in the land of the FREE!

  • Kim wannabe says:

    rebellion is all we have left. and if the toieva was enough to oust corzine, there is enough here. ten lichochom v’yechkam od. Rav Yakov bio p.295 or something around there ayin shum

  • yesh v'yesh says:

    You mean like in the governor’s race?

  • a hefker velt? says:

    What do Rabbonim say about going online?

  • Tyrone says:

    A shvera sugiya ich halt nisht kop . A gutte nacht

  • me too says:

    Without Tyrone, what’s the point.

  • another fellow taxpayer says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter who we vote in – we will ALWAYS continue to pay ever higher taxes!!! Not one of them – fun unzere or otherwise has ever proven themselves trustworthy on reducing taxes!!!

  • Smell the coffee!! says:

    In this town it dont work like that…its the vaad who has the say. u do the math…so who are u kidding when u say that HH should have the go ahead of the roshei yeshiva etc. it aint the go ahead of the mashgiach, roshei yeshiva or any rov..its the VAAD who has this town by the horns and do u really think they will endorse HH over bob singer? so stop talking shtusim..nobody in this town wants to be told who to vote for anymore..the people have spoken at the overnor elections and the people will speak again…..

  • just asking says:

    I was just asking……still waiting for an answer….not more questions….(Anyways that tzooshtel is bad…..the yesoid of a comment is to represent a yuchid…vihameivin yuvin)

  • voter says:

    i will vote for harold ummmm um i mean HERSHEL!

  • Julio says:

    I woul also ihf I wa a citizehn.

  • dovdov says:

    HH if you lose we can all get up and move as then they will really be taking us for a ride!