Many Ticketed Around Town, Chief Lawson Says Not A Ticket Blitz

PD enforcing on riverOver the last 24 hours, TLS has received many emails regarding the LPD ticketing drivers for speeding and other violations. Some wrote ‘This is out of control’. Or ‘They are pulling over 1 car per minute on Clifton Avenue’. TLS reached out to Police Chief Rob Lawson to inquire. Asking in an email if there was a Ticket Blitz currently underway, the Chief responded “No, not a Ticket Blitz. Just normal Traffic Enforcement to keep our residents safe”.


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There are 37 Comments to "Many Ticketed Around Town, Chief Lawson Says Not A Ticket Blitz"

  • Anonymous says:

    I work on Clifton and I see the cops pulling people over every min every time I turn my head I see someone else getting pulled over
    it’s crazy

  • ANON says:

    i once got a ticket for talking on the phone. i was upset but you know what? i don’t talk and drive now. so as hard and frustrating as it may be to get a ticket, i think that when cops give tickets that are earned it only enhances the safety of our roads, as ppl will think twice before commiting driving violations again.

  • dfs says:

    it’s true – if you get a ticket you stop doing the infraction. the only thing is that lakewood cops are over zealous. they follow you down the streets, turn when you turn etc. just waiting until they can find a reason to pull you over.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Lakewood cops are not over zealous, they are doing their job. I have been driving for 40 years and never never received a ticket. Why? Because I obey the laws. If you do the same, you don’t have to worry. If you feel the LPD is over zealous, try driving in another town. the LPD gives as many pardons as possible but driving downtown and on Rte 9 is dangerous. So obey the laws and the rules of the roads and you won’t have to worry either. Maybe you will be able to break my driving record.

  • dont kow says:

    How about we all do this drive carefully and you wont get a ticket pay attention to what your doing

  • dont kow says:

    I bet Officer Butterworth has never given us tickets he loves everyone

  • ICSL says:

    Same thing over and over… if you break the law deal with the consequences. If you aren’t speeding or doing something illegal you have nothing to worry about.

    To # 3 – I can’t believe they will follow you waiting for you to do something wrong, maybe you did something wrong and he was following to see if you do it again or if you made a mistake and will let it go, also it could be he was running your plate to see if you have any outstanding warrants or expired registration or lack of insurance in the central system.

  • Tax payer says:

    We need orthodox cops now, then again don’t break the law by speeding, driving using your cell phone or parking illegally and u won’t get a ticket.

  • Anon says:

    I work on Clifton Avenue and am watching these cops go wild. Sure, they’re enforcing traffic, sure, they’re protecting us… But for each car pulled over on Clifton Ave. there were two police cars with two cops in each…. there just aren’t enough cops out there!! Let’s go! Raise taxes again to keep Lakewwod safe!! (FYI: Steve Langert was walking up and down Clifton Ave while this was going on)

  • hearthstone says:

    if you are late for an appointment, so be it. speeding will not gain faster time. too much danger to yourself and others by speeding. it is quite simple…obey the law.

  • an admirer says:

    its like telling a tax auditor not to audit!!!there just doing there job.and i think there pretty good.

  • BOB says:

    More moaning. Stop speeding and you wont get ticketed. Dont complain about getting a ticket.

  • Dear TLS Readers - From Beyond says:

    I am nine years old but I will never know what it feels like to be ten. You see, I was crossing the street in my home town many years ago, when a driver who was speeding and talking on his cell phone struck me as a crossed at a cross walk. I was killed instantly

    My friends here in shemayim, also have similar stories. One is 11, the other is 6. They too were killed by careless drivers who felt it more important to rush to their destination, rather than follow the law and pay attention to the road.

    I only wish the police in my town were as “over zealous” as these Lakewood police officers are. I only wish they followed drivers, looking for an excuse to punish bad behavior so that it would not be repeated again.

    Sadly, that was not the case, and my life ended abruptly.

    My wish, as I sit here next to Hashem’s Throne, is that Jewish People in this amazing town of Lakewood will band together and promote safe, legal driving habits, instead of using that energy to lash out at the police officers who put their lives on the line every day. I hope that every phone is turned off when the car is turned on, speed limit signs are obeyed, stop signs observed, pedestrians respected and car seats and seat belts used every single time.

    I no longer feel sadness or pain, since I am now with my loving creator, but my parents suffer every day. Think of their anguish the next time you speed, run a stop sign, swerve around a crossing pedestrian, send a text message or talk on the phone while driving, leave your child unbuckled or look at a police officer with disdain.

    If my posting even sways one reader to practice safer driving habits, I have done my final good deed on this earth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lets call it for what it is an out right ticket blitz or maybe even entrapment The cops are way over zealous ticketing drivers and targeting them thats not for the safety of the roads its for $$$ They are not out there evreyday ticketing like this cars are being towed for tickets that were not updated on the state computer system… Thats not for safety thats for $$
    Can we ticket Cops for talking on their Cell phones while driving or texting thats not safe for the road either.

  • Anonymous says:

    Who keeps posting these silly comments about officer Butterworth??????????

  • Anonymous says:

    was it nice to see 2 officers Laughing hysterically as they pulled over a women on clifton ave not knowing where to pull over she was shaking and nervous and the cops enjoyed watching her in her time of misery…very proffessional.

  • concerned says:

    T he cops are doing their job. But on thing concerns me why today? Is it because of the elections?

  • concerned says:

    what happened to my comment?

  • sheaino yodea lishul says:

    they need $$$$ the boe budget was just voted down!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I lived in Lakewood for 28 years and never been pulled over by cops in this town or anyother town in NJ. Maybe you guys are doing something wrong.

  • Concerned about Tax Hikes says:

    Did Officer Butterworth fill out his Census Form? Did All the officers fill out their Census forms? I mean – We’re gonna need more funds to pay their salaries….

  • proud says:

    Maybe try the tznius line here? Ps THAMK YOU LPD FOR KEEPING US SAFE

  • brian says:

    Anyone who thinks this is crazy or the LPD is over zealous must be from a different planet. I have lived in town over 30 years. The police have allways been very professional. They are doing their job. What is crazy, is the way some people drive. Follow the law and you will have no problem.

  • anonymous says:

    Whether this is a ticket blitz or not is irrelevant. If the police go out and ticket people who are violating the law, then they are doing their jobs. If they are doing it to also raise money, then this is one of the few instances where upstanding, law-abiding citizens don’t have to foot the bill for those who break the rules. I would much rather that speeders and unsafe drivers get fined rather than my taxes get raised.

  • JD says:

    it is the cell phones—please stay off the cell phones-it is impossible to drive defensively when you are on a cell phone

  • 1st & Lex says:

    The cops should leave the good townspeople alone while they drive their cars and should leave the vagrants alone when they drink by the bus terminal.

  • clifton ave says:

    I work on Clifton Ave and If I was a cop with a ticket book I could write 50 tickets a day. I see kids standing up in moving cars, mothers driving and talking on cell phones, cars double and tripled parked, people running stop signs, illegal u turns plus many more. I also only see a small portion of these people stopped and less given tickets. I bet the people complaining either received a ticket or had a friend or family member receive one. These are most likely the same people who complain about the Mexicans but hire them when they need cheap labor.

  • Frum Protector says:

    The police officers are doing a service that is greatly needed. Many scoop respondents, that are quick to criticize the Lakewood Police Department, are either blind or just miscreants. The number of accidents in Lakewood speaks for itself. Just review the number of accidnets over a one month period and you will be amazed at the egregious driving behavior demonstrated by drivers in Lakewood. Lakewood’s finest are doing their best and are extremely fair when it comes to the issuance of summonses. Regarding the summonses issued during the past 72 hours on Clifton Avenue, I challenge the critics to go to the Lakewood Township Municipal Court and review the summonses that were issued. Critics of LPD you will quickly see that the violations issued are all substantial. We are not talking about frivilous violations here. but substantial violations that impact life safety. Accept the challenge, review the summonses, and wake up. There is no “ticket blitz” and never has been. As a matter of fact, the sworn personnel of the Lakewood Police Department are extremely lenient. Your second challenge is to take a position at any intersection along Clifton Avenue and observe the number of violatioins that occur. My friends you will quickly recognize that your finest are extremely fair and tolerant. This message is being sent to you by a true “Frum Protector.” Finally, Ptl. Butterworth is a fine young officer that deserves your respect and admiration. However, he is just one example of the quality of the department’s personnel. Have a Good Shabbos this weekend and be comfortable. You are being protected by a good police department. You will hear from me again when the need arises. Be Well From The Frum Protector

  • I love Lakewood! says:

    I recognize the need to write tickets in this town. We’re over populated and we need to be more patient while driving through town.
    What I don’t understand is why the cops (in Lakewood & other towns, I hear) are forever, and I mean forever, on their cell phones. You see it constantly and it really portrays them as young and frivolous and not respectful.
    Please, thanks for all you do for us, but practice what you enforce!

  • to #20 says:

    care to wear a skullcap?

  • Anonymous says:

    they are giving tickets for the silliest things there is not one car driving down clifton not going 35 mph which I got a ticket for doing

  • uh oh says:

    this is someones way of reminding the oilam that they better give him their support. i hope the yeshiva endorses him soon or we will all be in trouble till june. and after that if he loses who knows what he can do as angry senator.

  • JD says:

    #28—WELL SAID

  • chabatzker says:

    I think they are mad about all the bad press other wise they can just give a warning

  • Anonymous says:

    Are their tickets for vehicular manslaughter?

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Lakewood police. They deserve a big raise. They should get new police cars and bikes and get more paid vacations. There. Can they stop now?

  • mature lakewood resident says:

    Go LPD. Go LPD, keep on writing these tickets, till these drivers realise its not Hefker out there .
    The chutzpa of these people speaking on thier phones whilst driving and lack of respect for others is not the torah way.