LPD Officer Rips Down Eruv, Officials Investigating

eiruv ripped down(PHOTOS) Several residents were quite shocked when they noticed an Officer rip down an Eruv. The Officer, Ed Hornak, was observed by several residents in the Lexington Avenue and Carey area ripping the ‘Lechi’ and string off the pole at the intersection. Before they could approach the Officer for an explanation, he was gone. TLS spoke to an Official eiruv ripped down 2moments ago who said an investigation is ongoing. If you reside in the area, be sure to check with those responsible for the Eruv to ensure it is still Kosher.


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There are 57 Comments to "LPD Officer Rips Down Eruv, Officials Investigating"

  • Gershon Gold says:

    While we are discussing Eruvs, is there any way to make an eruv around the entire Lakewood? Or maybe 1 on the west side of the 9 and one on the east side?

  • Ari says:

    Its a good way for cops to let out their aggression that builds up, better to let it out on an eruv than to cause bodily harm

  • JD says:

    Ed Hornak is an officer who goes by the book. He tickets everyone he sees for any and every violation. Therefore the town was unable to touch him. But I’m glad now his true colors are coming out and an IA was filed against him!

  • weird says:

    Maybe he didn’t know what it was?? Lol maybe he thought he was helping?

  • Anonymous says:

    What are they for??

  • ben says:

    ed hornack hates all and causes problems all the time around town

  • barrey says:

    there must be set up a internal investigations department with civilians from outside the department running it not the lpd themselves, how its run now its bogus

  • CHICKEN says:

    im sick and tired of him!!!! he also bothers hatz guys too

  • Internal Affairs says:

    One thing lakewood police officers must have, is some sensitivity to the community…if he doesn’t loose his jov, they should at least transfer him to another town

  • tea party fo hershel says:

    Long live Rob Lawson. Thank you LPD for all the work you do!

  • Observer says:

    On its face, it certainly looks pretty bad for Hornak.. After all, if he was trying to neaten the area then why did he leave destruction for others to clean..

  • Anonymous says:

    Ed hornak needs sensitivity training asap

  • lakewood resident says:

    OK I posted my oppinion and I guess you are no able to speak your oppion here as it was deleted!! I simply do not understand what the reason is for putting a man made object to rope off a piece of prpoerty can some explain??

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    was this a township approved installment?
    was it on a poll belonging to a utilities company?
    was it on township property?
    was it on private property?

    You cant just go around installing items, no matter how harmless, or sacred on public or private property. lakewood police i believe are very sensitive to all the cultures in lakewood, but the law is the law. and if there is something unauthorized installed on private/public property- the officer HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO REMOVE IT otherwise its, him not doing his job.

  • matter of fact says:

    For years, Eddie has been up and down the blocks by BMG looking to who he could write a ticket. Not that he happens to come across a hazardous situation or someone illegally parked in a dangerous spot. He also hangs out on 4th and Forest continuously waiting and hoping he’ll be able to write summonses. He should’ve been transferred out of the dept or off the street years ago. He makes the whole force look bad, when most guys pride themselves in being nice, friendly, enjoyable officers who happen to do a great job as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    13 mr conservative ed hornak has been a pain in the neck for many residents for many years with never ever giving the benefit of doubt and since when is it lkwd pd’s job to go around ripping down eruvin last time i checked it wasnt part of their job description
    btw w/o a warrent no one not even a police officer has a right to enter private property and the utility companies are ok with it as long as it doesnt disturb their access
    would like you to explain when you read all the comments saying this officer isnt fair and if anything is unfair and nasty why you feel the need to protect and stick up for him??

  • Anonymous says:

    I was @ the scene of an accident were he blindly blamed the jewish driver over the illegal mexican also admitting he could never know whose fault it really was. I stopped supporting the LPD after that, Hope they take him down.

  • Anonymous says:

    the internal investigation unit is actually run by ocean county not the lkwd pd dept itself though they work very closely with lkpd
    its an independent unit

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    To #15- just like there are lots of people(video vigilantes) driving around with camera’s waiting to catch a police officer slip up or do something to stupid- get him fired….
    Same, there are police officers waiting for YOU to slip up… it works both ways buddy.

    To #16:
    how can a police officer be a pain in the neck if you follow the laws/rules? i have not come in contact with a police officer in 2years already. i live by the laws, and i drive by the laws.

    A police officer has permission to remove something if it is on private property ie; telephone poll, if the property owners have an issue with it. and they dont need any warrants or permission to remove something if its on township property.

  • Observer says:

    the IAU is run internally to the best of my understanding.. not the OCP..

  • steve malzberg says:

    if this was a arab religous thing the whole world would have been screaming

  • tom says:

    a real vetaren askan told me this officer is really haraasing everyone he can .. how is it ppossiable nothing can be done about this guy ???

  • anon says:

    He is being choshesh for the biur halacha about reshus harabim!

  • Anonymous says:

    to observer 20 its possible that lkwpd has thier own iu as well but the county definatly has one and if u want a somewhat unbiased internal investigation your better off going straight to the county. the pd doesnt like it as theyd rather take c/o things in house but obviously they r biased and the county though on first name basis and friendly are less biased being under different management

  • Anonymous says:

    I know him personally, and he’s a very nice guy, don’t know why everyone is jumping on him.

  • ahaaa says:

    when i was in a MVA, Ed Hornak was the cop handling the case and he was very, very nice. i am quite shocked to see that he ripped down an eruv. He mustve been having a rough day and lost it.

  • anonymous says:

    the problem is that the wood and strings were hung from a telephone pole which is the property of JCP&L or other agencies, depending…If you want to hang these items, check with the agency that owns the pole before doing so. He did not complete the task at hand because he was unable to do so and would have finished the task if he was able.

  • Anonymous says:

    luckuly it ws only a string he ripped down out of frustration ‘ once again this guy has a gun do we need cops out there with such behavior?

  • MOSHE SHMEAL says:

    excuse me! just bec he gave u a PBA card dont mean hes a nice guy!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:


  • former askan says:

    Comment Deleted

  • Lakewood Citizen says:

    The majority of the posts are ready to tar & feather Patrolman Homak.{In the Revolutionary War,Patriots tarred & feathered Loyalists.} Before judging the patrolman, wait until the facts are provided.
    I suggest follow all rules.

  • Anonymous says:

    To #1- According to many poskim including R Aharon zatzal it is impossible. Because they rule Rt 9 to be a r’shus harabim it prevents the intersecting and sometimes parallel streets from having an eiruv. The laws are complicated but it is similar to Brooklyn.

  • Lemmel Zeeskeit says:

    That’s the guy who finds every opportunity to ticket people at bais Sholom.

  • Anonymous says:

    “The investigation is ongoing”
    Could we get a clarification what type of investigation is ongoing? Is this a real independent investigation or……………….

  • kgb says:

    watch and see how very soon we will have to apologize to him for exerting himself in the humidity in its peak and he was very concerned about the pole being used for something he has no clue about

  • Poisek Hadoor says:

    Unfortunately, since route 9 runs through Lakewood, the only way to make an Eiruv around the whole town would be to put “Shearim” at each entrance to town. That would be literally. Must be able to be closed. Won’t happen.

  • moshe says:

    1st thing is lpd has their own I.A. I know 1st hand how its run and managed. All i can say is that its not managed with an unbias interest. Our community needs to demand a civilian managed I.A. review board a.s.a.p. People continue to praise the lpd as being so wonderful. But when our community is faced with crisis involving the p.d. we start to scream for justice. I assure you this incident will be a wroperlyash. #19 you are very wrong. In the future when faced with a complaint about any staff member of the police force contact o.c. prosecutors office to file a complaint. At minimal you can be assured the complaint will be addressed properly..

  • LG says:

    I was hit by an illegal mexican who was unlicensed. She was clearly speeding and hit me. When I told this to Ed Hornak, he completely disregarded my side of the story and claimed that tire marks showed that I was wrong. I asked him to show me the tire marks (there were none) he claimed the cars positions at the time of the crash said it all (even though we moved over before he came to allow traffic to flow). He ticketed me, she went scott-free and I’m still very upset months later…

  • Teacher says:

    An Eruv is a string around an area which allows us to be able to carry on the Sabbath . We Jews are required to rest on the Sabbath and carrying in a public domain is not considered resting acc to our bible. when the string is up along with a lot of very complicted laws (not for here) it makes it a private area . Kapish?

  • dop says:

    You should file a complaint with the state dept of personel, the ocean county dept. of internal affairs and lakewood dept of internal affairs and let them know you filled with the state and they will take care of it because when the state comes in they get scared. I did it and i won the case the cop was giveing a 1 weak no pay vacation and can not go up the ranks due to whaty he did to me.

  • ed horn says:

    officer butterworth will train eddie hornak and make sure he does not cut anything else off. someone should promote officer butterworth to sgt.

  • 197 says:

    Paul Daly is the officer in charge of the internal affairs dept of the lakewood pd, call that dept tomorrow at 732-363-0200 first press 1 and then 2 for the professional standards/internal affairs dept and explain to them that you think of what officer hornak did, good luck,

  • Lakewood 306 says:

    Butters should go straight for Captain, don’t even stop at sergeant

  • Lakewood Mom says:

    Thank you #40 for your explanation for the benifit of #5 and #13 and all the others who are not familiar with Jewish law. I wondered as I scanned the comments why nobody bothered to answer them. #5, #13, and all others – as #40 noted, that explanation is much abreviated. There is actually an entire tractate in the Talmud which elaborates on the laws of eruv. If you would like more clarification, I would suggest speaking to a rabbi in person…

  • Old Timer says:

    #9 Please define in detail ” Being sensitive to the community ”
    I’m curious?

  • Anonymous says:

    I am #5 thank you for the answers. I have lived in Lakewood all my life it has had many changes the 30 plus years of my life and it would be helpful to know what some things mean. I know about resting, my neighbors have asked me for help with things they could not do on Sat. but I guess it is a distant marker?

  • Anonymous says:

    I am sure this cop had a reason and it was not act of anger. Maybe it was falling down into the road. Who knows but the scoop should do a follow up with why this happened. Go to another town and you will see how sensitive the LPD really is!

  • emt says:

    The pole is public property the officer can remove the strings from public property

  • jully says:

    He must be a bitter cop that thought he will build his self esteem that way

  • Re: removing illegalities says:

    the officer should be assigned to removing [cleaning] illegal graffiti around town, which is usually put up by illegals. that will keep him out of trouble for a while.

    There were no orders from courts nor owners to remove the strings and posts [and dump the on the ground]

  • Bonnie says:

    I’m sure there was a reason for the officer to remove the Eruv. This is such a joke. You say the LPD needs to be more considerate of the community? That’s a bigger joke. It’s well known that the LPD cater to the community, as they are ordered to do. Maybe they should stop, so you all would have a real reason to complain.

  • string says:

    I know Ed Hornak and he follows the law to the T. He doesn’t give breaks or does he go after people. If your not breaking the law then don’t worry about Ed. He also wouldn’t rip down an Eruv unless is was creating some type of Hazard. Is it possible that he fell down on it’s own and Ed was just pulling down the rest of the string to prevent an injury. Also he may not have know that he was removing anything of importance.

  • Anonymous says:

    to anon 53 also he may not have known that people saw him do it .
    since when is their a mitzva of dan lekav zechus on an ayno mishelunu???

  • he's a loooooooooser says:

    and yes there IS permission to put the strings on the poles.

  • No Shaychus says:

    The truth is, in a iown as diverse as ours, all new cops should be given training about the needs of all inhabitants here, including Jews, Hispanics, African-Americans etc. I thought they get it anyway. They seem to know about Shabbos, Yom Tov & Hachnosas Sefer Torahs.

  • WOW says:

    I can’t understand why people think that LPD are insensitive cops. Why do they get blamed for doing their jobs? How many times do people do wrong and expect to get a warning? Laws are laws for a reason. If laws aren’t followed then complete chaos sets in. Who are you to determine what LPD should be doing? Try going to another town and pulling the same nonsense.