EXCLUSIVE: ‘Behind The Scenes Footage’ And ‘Bloopers’ Of The Production Of Rebbee Hill’s Upcoming Film

shaya sceneEXCLUSIVE VIDEO PHOTOS: [UPDATED WITH VIDEO] If you’ve wondered why a crew has been shooting a film on Clifton Avenue, the Lakewood Airport, on Ridge Avenue, Pine Park Avenue, in Ocean County Park and other areas around town for the last couple of weeks, that because Rebbee Hill is currently
in middle of the production of his latest film. TLS has obtained exclusive rights to film the ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘bloopers’ of the production of the upcoming film.

Besides for Rebbee Hill, the other main actor in the film, is Shaya Schonfeld, who was in Rebbee Hill’s first film the Klei Yakar.

However, in large contrast to Hill’s first film, this one will be a full motion picture – live film – and not still shots.

The film is expected to be released Chanukah time.


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There are 37 Comments to "EXCLUSIVE: ‘Behind The Scenes Footage’ And ‘Bloopers’ Of The Production Of Rebbee Hill’s Upcoming Film"

  • Torah Truth says:

    Well, Law and Order it’s not… but interesting…

  • Update says:

    The Video wont play, it says its private

  • Anonymous says:

    GO REBBE HIL!!!!!

  • anonymous says:

    bananas you look lovely! 🙂

  • pineapplebananas... says:

    the Blue Suit looks dashing on you…hatzlacha in your acting career!

  • nice ! says:

    Rebbee hill & rabbi Schgonfeld are such fantastic, incredible talents its a pleasure to klal Yisroel to have these Rebbes put out a full motion picture. May they have much Hatzlochah in their Endeavor.

  • Hill Talent ! says:

    If it’s half as good as Yentel I’ll b happy. Not to mention a customer !!

  • brilliant! says:

    This video Rocks ! Its more exciting than (moderated)!!!

  • hey! says:

    He can call this film “clifton hill” !!

  • Anonymous says:

    Rebbe Hill the modern day Fiddler on the Roof, I hope you enjoy the same success.

  • shocked says:

    you shoulda warned us there were ladies in the pictures! i was mortified to see one in the slide show! how do you sleep at night?!

  • annonymous says:

    To everyone out there: Its gonna be great!!!!! (an actor)

  • Anonymous says:

    To “shocked says”:

    Calmba Downba

    That is a man with long hair. Look at the second pix with him sporting a beard

  • chusid says:

    rebbe hill is my rebbe

  • Josephus says:

    First of all to pinepapple bananas, thank you very much. Secondly to all those out there who are interested, this is going to rock your world. In terms of jewish entertainment I have never seen a more ambitious project. The man in the blue suit.

  • Rebbe Hill Fan! says:

    Wow, I’m so excited for this!! Will it be based off another one of Rebbe Hill’s cd’s? Or does it have a script of it’s own??

    Either way, Chanukah can’t come soon enough!!

  • Siskal And Ebert says:

    Two Thumbs Up!!!!!!

  • wtvr says:

    do our children really need holywood style entertainment. Cant they just be happy with their new xbox chanuka present. . .

  • Long Nose says:

    what’s up with that long nose? I find it degrating!

  • Anonymous says:

    What are ‘bloopers’?

  • anon says:

    Woe is to us that we need full motion films for our children just like the secular world around us. Is there anyone left with a head on his shoulders to think: does this make me a better jew? does it make my family into better jews? Or is it a secular influence with a “kosher symbol” stamped on in. Oy do we need gedolim to guide us. Do wee need people with eyes- the “einei haeida”. I am not speaking to those who can’t possibly see anything wrong with a jewish themed film. Unfortunately they cannot think for themselves and will never know any better. I am speaking to those who do have the ability to think for themselves. Sheep follow the herd. A person has a koach habechirah. Let us wake up and open our eyes ond daven to hashem that he should help us see clearly!

  • smile says:

    go motti moerman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • all the way from israel says:

    haha motti

  • YECHIEL says:


  • Miguel says:

    Anon #21:

    IMO it’s attitudes like yours which help push our children off the derech. Wake up and smell the century. This is not 1870’s Eastern Europe. There is a velt out there which, like it or not, we need to compete with. You can shelter your kids just so much, they will find what they think they’ve been missing one way or another. Now someone comes along to give them a kosher alternative, and all you can do is yell and scream. Your reality check is bouncing.

  • wanabee says:

    Do you think we can really compete with the outside world by offering our kids Jewish movies? We can’t possibly offer the attractions that the secular forms of entertainment with their immoral ideas can. No kid who experiences both will ever settle for the Jewish movies. Rather we must show our kids the simchas hachayim that a frum Jew has and the difference between a yiddishe mishpacha and a secular family, or what passes for one. This is the only way. To came up with alternatives for every secular form of entertainment is futile and ineffective. Yes, if there are kids that are already exposed to the secular world we must not bury our heads in the sand, and must deal with them in their currency, but to initially expose one’s children to these forms of entertainment will do no good, and if anything, will be a gateway to lead them to want to experience the real thing. No sane parent would supply his child with marajuana in the hope that it will shield his child from the temptation of heroin. A mature person must think honestly about what he is doing, rather than take the easy way out and go with the flow when it comes to his childrens chinuch.

  • cost accounting says:

    How much will this production cost? It seems like it will take a decent sized bdget. Do they plan on recouping all their expenses, or is someone donating part of the cost?

  • The Guy In The Long Hair says:

    Josephus, you did great! Can’t wait to see you by the premier!
    This project is wonderful. And to anyone who has religious issues with it: Just because something is shown on a screen it doesn’t mean that its automatically bad.
    This film has so much talent involved! I can’t wait to see the final cut!
    -one of the actors

  • hello says:

    who paid for thr cops, and to the one about women in the picture that I didnt see they gave birth to you

  • BlastFTpast says:

    Hey, Rebbe Hill!
    Don’t forget the little guys in your Oscars acceptance speech!

  • farbisseneh lakewooder says:

    TLS why is it that you moderate or withhold when someone speaks out the truth, but you allow these farbissene frumackin to post their dubious farkrumte tainos? what are they doing on this treife internet anyway?

  • Miguel says:


    I was never advocating that this is what will protect our children. I was commenting on the attitude displayed earlier, which is the typical knee-jerk ban-it type response. I do not think that making these types of movies is going to save anyone. But to oppose it for the reasons that were given is the type of attitude that leads the wrong way. Again, just my opinion.

  • Anonymous says:

    to all you farfrumta who have no business looking at a computer in the first place
    a)it would seem to be hipocritical for you to read and post on an internet blog being your so carful about what comes into your home
    b)no one is asking you to purchase it and bring into your homes if your so worried(though im sure youll be from the first to “borrow” and copy it which is gneva)
    this is aimed at all those realistic normal people who realize that todays children need to be offered alternatives to the shmutz which is prevalant in todays society if your personal family is so sheltered and theyre happy with your chanuka presents you give them great but why impose your tunnel vision narrow minded shitas on the rest of the frum wolrd??

  • teidy says:

    al u pathetic ppl keep ur comments 2 urself… internet is assur wat u doin on this site??

  • who even cares? says:

    Firstly, to number 19 – if his wife doesnt find it degrading, I don’t see why you should have a problem with the nose.

    To number 27, chill out. Relax. I have attached herewith a complete spreadsheet which clearly delineates where the funds are coming from and to where they are allocated. KIDDING! Just hang tight, wait for the film to come out, and when it does, take your kids, sit back, relax and enjoy.

    And to the commentators who feel this is inappropriate, ok – you’re doing great. Keep it up. The more interest we have on this forum, the better it is for publicity.

  • to who even cares says:

    apparantly u do… and if u want publicity go advertise in the bp weekly!

  • AN ACTOR says: