Reader’s Scoop: Attention Builders: What’s Up With The Street Names?

Readers-Scoop-Logo smallAttention Builders: If you’re going to name the streets in Lakewood after your children, please choose normal names for your kids. I recently moved into a development here in Lakewood, and didn’t realize how silly my street name sounded until I was ordering something over the phone and the lady asked me to repeat the name about three times.

I will not start naming all the ridiculous sounding names of streets which popped up over the last 10 years here in Lakewood, but anyone who lives on one of those streets knows exactly what I’m talking about.

So builders, the next time you name a street, please have a little pity on the residents and the people jotting down the address on the other end of the phone. 

Thank you,

A Shprintza Street resident.

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There are 67 Comments to "Reader’s Scoop: Attention Builders: What’s Up With The Street Names?"

  • Yenta (cant even write my other name) says:

    Just be happy you aren’t the builders child. You can move off the block, I can’t change my name!!!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    It could be worse – you could have moved to Toadsuck, Texas, Cat Elbow Corner, New York, Knockemstiff, Ohio or even Cheesequake, New Jersey.

  • alte Lakewooder says:

    Sorry – if it’s good enough for the builder’s child, it’s good enough for a street name. As far as your phone experience is comcerned – she would have the same problem with Hadassah or Breindel. It’s unusual to her.
    If the street name bothered you so much you had the option not to move there. Even now, if other residents agree with you, I am sure there must be a provision on street name changes.

  • builder@Lakewood says:

    As a local developer in town, I’ve had to make that decision many times. It comes to a certain point when you simply run out of ideas on names. If any TLS readers have any suggestions that they would like to see as upcoming street names, please post them here and explain why it should be used.

  • Anonymous says:

    how about 613 Torah Ave.

  • blair thomas says:

    sanchez way, keller place, tomlinson lane, & revis island!

    its called new jersey pride!

  • my voice says:

    OK, I’m not going to be PC with this comment can’t we leave politics and religion out of the naming of streets , there are plenty of other names that can be used without getting into that area of contreversy that no one would have a problem with

  • anon says:

    It simply takes a mojority of the residents on a street to petition the township for a name change. If residents would take the intiative, we would quickly see an end to these quirky names.


    how about graffitti street. – gang way, and – smoke up drive.


    no snow plough avenue, shovel yourself road,

  • anonymous says:

    Maybe we can have roads like this in Lakewood:

    Lonesome Road and Hardup Road in Albany, Georgia
    This Ain’t It Road, in Alexander City, Alabama
    Liquid Loco Street
    Candy Cane Lane in Redding, California
    Ha-Ha Road in Woolwich, England
    Shoot Up Hill in Kilburn, England
    Gunpowder Lane in Pueblo, Colorado
    — Rehoboth Beach, Deleware
    — Elgin, Illinois
    — Louiseville, Kentucky
    — Prospect, Kentucky
    — West Atlantic City, New Jersey
    — Tarrytown, New York
    — Union City, Tennessee
    Buttertubs Drive, Dingle Bingle Hill Terrace, and Jingle Pot Road in Nanaimo (British Columbia)
    “rue des mauvais garcons” (Bad Boys Street),

  • bugaboo says:

    #7, the Jets are a NY team!

  • Fresser says:

    Oh goody! A brand-new crisis! The ‘Mail-Order Lady Can’t Pronounce My Steet Name Crisis’!
    Grow up.

  • Anonymous says:

    how about : Go down Chumash way ,make a right on Mishnah Rd. a left on Gemorah Drive then either bear right on Rashi Lane or bear left for Tosfos way & for a dead end (cul de sac) it should be TEIKU rd.

  • i miss bmg says:

    In the frum neighborhood of Atlanta Ga. the builder named the streets; Merry Ln. Christmas Ln. Jody Ln. and Bramble Rd. (his wife was Jody Bramble) The cross streets are Holly and Reindeer.
    Be happy with shprintzel and kletzk!
    I always wonder, who decided on “Squankum”?
    Also, on Squankum there is an Easy St. Nice.

  • Anonymous says:

    “shocking variance” ave.
    “who cares if you’re living on top of each other” road.
    “dangerous for children to cross” street.

  • How about nature? says:

    I like birds. Why not name streets after the native birds -bluejay blvd., titmouse drive., hummingbird lane, mourning dove ave., chickadee road, goldfinch street etc.?

  • hershel herskowitz says:

    The easy street sign is spray painted to the corner utility pole because every time they put a new street sign up it gets stolen. Kletzk hill road in westgate very often gets a response in return saying, “Let’s kill road”?
    We need to name the streets according to the sentiments of the homeowners. Appeal street, Short sale way. How about a Scoop Street!!!!!

  • noah says:

    you make the decision to buy not the builder

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    how about after fallen NJ soldiers? – could bring some positive attention to the town?

    how about name them after donuts?
    even thats better then shmedlburgersemchah hallabread lane.

  • Biyad says:

    There is a street in monsey called Quackinbush – someone heard a quack in the bush and presto – new name!

  • Anonymous says:

    It would be a tremendous K”H to name for fallen soldiers.

  • bentorah says:

    We are finally seeing some good humor around here!

  • Anonymous says:

    How about these to help our wonderful drivers? “One Way” street, ” Stay in Your” lane, “No Left Turns” blvd., “Learn How-to” drive, or maybe even “Out to Lunch” township?!

  • Oich a deah says:

    How about “The rent is too high” St. 🙂

  • fedup! says:

    #24 and how about “no parking this side Avenue”

  • hmmm.. says:

    I think the street near the lake should be changed to Gefilte Fish Lane..

  • Brook Rd says:

    Butterworth Blvd

  • fresser says:

    i wud name streets “challah” “cholent””kishke” “liver” ect the corner of kishke and liver is where i wana live!

  • ha says:

    hmmm you are funny

  • the truth says:

    ATT. all those that live on blocks with funny names you can easily change the name by getting a majority of those that live there to agree to a name change and the township will change it for you its no big!

  • tree trimmer says:

    How about some to save my job!!
    Tree Trimmer Lane, Notalottatrees Drive, Mayer Langert Street, Ave, Trunk Stump Rd, FullaBark Way,Shady Parkway,
    And what’s with the people whose trees hang down over the sidewalk so you cannot walk without knocking off some leaves.
    I think there’s a nice granma in the Township office that can work out Street names with you if you talk nicely.


    In all seriousness. That ida about making a kiddush hashem and naming for fallen soldiers is good. If teh twp could come up with sme creative attention grabbing and positive note messages, lakewood could get some good attentions… another step in the right direction for the town which needs to improve its image in the stae.

  • Anonymous says:

    im worried if i live on “cholent” st. i’ll get cholent every night for supper !

  • CommonSense says:

    How about

    Vinyl Drive
    No More Maple Street
    Cluttered Ct

  • resident says:

    I think the problem isn’t really the name, the problem is that the name reminds you of the builder who you hate! Especially ……………

  • Zack says:

    Especailly Lakewood builders. They sell Anderson windows, builders grade however and than have the chutzpah to put a no name slider that is garbage. Would they do that in there own house? Surely not. That slider is surely going to give u headaches. From the glass failing to the bad latch and flimsy screen. The way they sneak it in is a chill hasham.

  • Old Goyim Billy says:

    # 20
    You bring up a wonderful suggestion, During WW II 17 Lakewood boys went off to war and never made it back home alive, These young men and a few others from the WW I and Vietnam also gave their life’s so that You and I can enjoy the freedoms that we now enjoy. WE owe them more than just the grave markers in Greenwood Cemetery and other location. It is now time we name a street in their honor for their supreme sacrifice.

    Township Committee and Local Builders it TIME— get this done

  • Old Goyim Billy says:

    Dear Builders and Township Committee
    Please name any future Streets after these HEROS

    List of those killed during WW II and date of death

    Alfred Applegate- 5/19/1944
    Emil Bass-11/19/1944
    John Bedell-5/8/1944
    Dowell Buckley 12/1942
    Frank Buckley- 5/12/1944
    Robert Carlson -7/28/1944
    Joseph Conover -1/25/1943
    Phillip Decarlo- 1/1945
    Myer Druneroff- 8/9/1944
    Alex Feldstein-10/4/1943
    Frank Hutcheon-12/22/1943
    William Irons-3/19/1945
    Clifford Janz- 12/7/1941
    Lincoln Kessler-4/23/1944
    Norman Lewis- 10/1943
    Earl Melton-12/7/1941
    Ned Robak -Date unknown
    Ole Roos-6/8/1942
    William Schauffler – 7/20/1943
    Alfred Schroeder- 2/7/1944
    Milton Silvers- 12/7/1944
    Thomas Wardell- 4/14/1943
    W.L. Washington- 10/20/1943
    Britton White -5/7/1945

  • I'm with Billy says:

    Great idea, but some of those names sound familiar.
    Does anyone know whether Lakewood has: Applegate; Buckley; washington; Lewis and White streets?

  • Mark Levin says:

    there were also many chasedai umos haolam that we could name after, many people who have helped us. or how about orlean drve after rabi yehuda orlean , builder, each time u are stuckm put it out for the oilem and you’ll get many nice ideas. also there were many old time lkewooders we could name after like wolkoff drive wolpin ave gelbstien street , or even krupnick way , gertner place or how bout senator moynihan or henry kissinger ?

  • snip says:

    #18. You want birds, we got birds. White Dove Ct. and Blue Jay Way in Beacon Ridge. Call RE/MAX. Don’t “chicken” out 🙂

  • Builder says:

    I am planning two streets. Lets hear some ideas!!

  • BIG Z says:

    how bout them jets LOL

    it would help but i dont think it would matter cuz i mean the try with MLK and look how good that turned out they might have to start with #’s then just block A then block B and so on

  • go chavrei says:

    in skver all the streets are named after presidents. soon we will have a hershel way…

  • grassmere off 9 says:

    PAY TRIBUTE TO HALF OF LAKEWOOD’S ECONOMY: Bubby and Zaidy Lanes, Machatainista Way, In hock to my ears Drive…..

  • Anonymous says:

    #35, great idea! I just think that the competition for Cluttered Ct would be too great! We should probably just rename the township Cluttered Ct!!

  • BIG Z says:

    i do have an idea but i dont think it would fly in that area….but u could try naming the street and blocks and what not after companys and try and get sponsorships and make some $$ like i no in holmdel they have AT&T drive…i know Nike loves that kinda stuff LOL

  • alte Lakewooder II says:

    Since we are talking about Lakewood – why not gedolim names – like Rabbi Moshe Feinstein St, Rav Yakov Kaminetsky Place, Rav Ahron Kotler St or even drop the rabbi and/or the last name or only use rabbi with last name or only use last name – so many choices or perhaps tanoim & amoraim.

  • to Old Goyim Billy says:

    I like your idea of naming streets after the brave men of “the Greatest Generation”. Just leave out the date of death—it’s a street ,
    not a tombstone.

  • to #40 says:

    there is a lincoln st named after lincoln kessler as well as a ned drive and a williams st all named by the community after those ww two heroes

  • just joking says:

    Why don’t you look at a monopoly board for name ideas. Just because A.C. has them doesn’t mean we can’t too.

    Or you can just think back in history to anybody in time that was good to the Jewish people.

    The names in Westgate are ridiculous. We are NOT in a shtetl anymore. But we could show hakaras hatov to those who helped us.

  • anonymous says:

    How about Cookie Monster Drive

  • hello says:

    how about Irish way

  • yankle says:

    Maybe delayed green street would be a good idea. Or no turn on red street

  • M.R. says:

    How about all the different whiskeys liquors /Wines ?or will ppl start drinking more !

  • Mom says:

    Hey, hey, hey… my daughter’s name is Shprintza. too, and proudly so. I see nothing wrong with the name for a street.

    Some more ideas: How about Getzel Grove, Peretz Park, Yom Tov Terrace, Pesach Place…. Vos shemt men? Westgate’s names are wonderful!

    Attention all builders: This blog is a gold mine for street names. #40 did a terrific research job and those are great ideas as well.

  • Jeff at OLV says:

    Whatever you name a street, try to avoid a name which is close to a pre-existing street name in town. Confusion should be avoided. I recall several years ago an ambulance wandered for a long time trying to locate a non-existent address on Coventry Drive, when the actual address was on Coventry Court.

  • Fresser says:

    Fresser did not post #30. If someone wants to choose a posting name, please take one that’s not being used. Thanks –

  • shaya says:

    its not tzneious-dig to have ladies/girls names that are currently living in the same town.

    why not follow westgate – kletzk, ropshitz etc…

  • Ifiknewthen says:

    Why not national landmarks or parks. Yellowstone Way, Mt. Rushmore Lane, Sandy Hook St., Rocky Mount Ln, Statue of Liberty St., Old Faithful Way. Lighthouse Ave. You won’t even have to spell them for others.

  • Anonymous says:

    hey Fresser , just go back doing your job . btw what do you like ? pizza , french fries ?

  • Anonymous says:

    No 52

    Lincoln Street and Washington Ave were named after the presidents . William Street was named well before the start of WW II,White Road is a continuation of White Rd in Jackson that was named for the founders of Whitesville in Jackson Township. A check of old township maps and document located at town hall will back this information.

  • to # 16 says:

    the Easy street on Squankum – its not so easy to find

  • Anonymous says:

    How about Metedeconk Trl. in Jackson , NJ – I can’t even pronounce it , forget about spelling it ( I just copied & paste )

  • julie says:

    What ever happened to good old American street names like Elm Street, Main street, etc? Why suddenly are streets named after children – particularly those with names that are hard to pronounce! I would understand if this was Germany, Russia or Israel – but it’s the good old US of A.