Chaveirim Swamped With Calls – Transport Residents To & From Weddings

chaveirim snow tls picAs you can imagine, Chaveirim is swamped with calls- mostly for digging out drivers stuck on the road. A Chaveirim official tells TLS that as of 10:30 p.m. this evening, they have already received well over 200 calls since the beginning of the storm, with approximately 75% of those calls, for vehicles stuck in the snow.

Chaveirim members were also quite busy transporting dozens of family members to and from weddings in Lake Terrace, as well as Toras Aron Hall. At least one of those weddings TLS was told, had few guests due to the extreme weather conditions.

As earlier posted, only emergency vehicles are currently allowed on the road until the acting Governor’s state of emergency is lifted. TLS-CCP.


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There are 39 Comments to "Chaveirim Swamped With Calls – Transport Residents To & From Weddings"

  • wakelood says:

    Its always that specific dude, you know him…the one who gets married in blizzards.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope they didn’t have an outdoor chuppa tonight.

  • Resident says:

    State of Emergency means no one is suppose to drive…ticket them all

  • Can I please says:

    Can someone please deliver my shwarma? What’s the # again

  • bmw says:

    why don’t these people postpone these chasunas??? there should be a bad weather clause in the contract for the hall.

  • lakewood says:

    to number 5- how in heavens r they suppose to postpone the wedding without advance notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goldblatts says:

    a very special thank you goes out to the bucharim of rabbi goldblatts yeshiva who went out of their way in the blizzard to go to the wedding to be involved with the special mitzva of misameach chassan vekallah after they found out they needed guys to help out with matzav.(they get it from their rebbie rabbi goldblatt who is such a special person and rebbie) thank you and tizku lemitzvas 🙂

  • scrooge says:

    you people are heartless

  • resident says says:

    if you read or listened to the weather you would have known what was predicted. To have a wedding last night? a little strange to say the least but a great way to start your life off.

  • Zaidy says:

    I was at tha Toras Ahron chasuna it was a full house . Chavarim did a great job .as for the township thay where listing to the star of emergency.not. One plow on the road no roads plowed not even the 9 or county line or squankum . Its good we voted. For them can you imagine that we might gave strees powed at least once .

  • be happy says:

    Thank you to the bucharim of rabbi goldblatts yeshiva

  • Aizik Akerman Fan says:

    Hey Zaidy, All the roads you mentioned are county or state roads. you should have voted for Sholem Egert. Remember this at the next election. but meanwhile the township roads are not better. I will remeber this in November.

  • Annonymous says:

    I was at the wedding in Toras Aharon and know that the parents were very thankful for Chaveirim bringing their guests. They were quite worried no one would be there. So a big thank you to all of you for your help.

  • Chris white says:

    I was out all night every road I was on was not plowed I have to admit in the 4 hours I was out I saw one plow on Clifton in town that was is

  • wow says:

    yasher koach to the bachurim of rabbi goldblatts yeshiva

  • Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t at the wedding last night although if I knew it was there and needed particapants I would’ve walked from my house down the block.but I do have to say his yeshiva is full of good hearftfull bochurim and I’m not the least suprised the goldblatt boys showed up for the special mitzva of simchas chosson vkallah..

  • talmud chacham says:

    wow great job to the bachurim of rabbi goldblatts yeshiva,i heard they are full of simcha there

  • thanks says:

    thanks to chaverim and theb bachurim for helping out with the lake terrace wedding.big mitzva!

  • big mitzva says:

    wow thats such a big mitzvah of those bachurim

  • shtell dity raid says:

    I’m sorry if I sound ignorant but I never heard of “goldblatts yeshiva where and what is that?

  • great yeshiva says:

    Rabbi goldblatts yeshiva is located in lakewood new jersey on route 9 madison ave bet 6th & 7th streets.It is headed by their esteemed rosh yeshiva-rosh kollel REB YISROEL GOLDBLATT who is an amazing rebbie.Reb yisroel was a big talmud of rabbi eichenstien in edison yeshiva and then went on to bmg to give one of the most geshmake chuburas in bmg.he went on to start his own yeshiva for post eretz yesroel bachurim who are also in the dating parsha.he also has a kollel together with the bachurim in the yeshiva. his besimicha in learning and his simchas hachaim is amazing and it leads to his bacharim.the shuir that he gives shakes the walls of the bies midresh.

  • Good Cause says:

    Rabbi Goldblatts Yeshiva is a good cause to help out. Great Yeshiva . Great boys who grow in leaning & middos. All are welcome to come join the beutiful kehilah

  • nice says:

    reb yesroel goldblatts yeshiva\kollel is a very warm & geshmake place.i am iyh sending my son there when he comes back from eretz yesrael

  • shidduch says:

    i want to get my daughter to go out with goldblatt boys….which shadchanim can i reach for them plz?

  • thx says:

    thx to kurly for helping with chaverim

  • Anonymous says:

    If you’re serious about a goldblatt boy for your daughter then you’re best bet is to contact yisroel “freddy”. Not only is does he learn in the yeshiva second seder he is the official shadchan for the yeshiva and has much hatzlacha due to the fact that he has a close personal relationship with all the bochurim there. I don’t have his number off hand but you could look him up in the phonebook and give him a call I’m sure he’d be glad to help!

  • hello says:

    to #5. Mazel of wedding day is a big inyan. We don”t beleive in postponing

  • Doin says:

    Doiv can u pls plow da the parkway?

  • haircuts says:

    doiv can u plz plow 613 up 🙂

  • shadchan says:

    anybody have the shadchans number to goldblatts

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes look it up in the phonebook under freddy..or you cud call kurlys cuts and ask the barber for his number..or ask someone who knows about the winter or summers.

  • tzadik says:

    r yisroel goldblt is one of the tzadikei hador, such a caring person. its no surprise that his talmidim went outa of their way to help somebody, their just following in the footsteps of their esteemed manhig, much hatzlach to the rosh hayeshiva and his talmidim .

  • a talmud says:

    Reb yisroel goldblatt is an amazing rebbie & person.his love for his talmidim & kollel yungerman is one of a kind.he runs a great yeshiva & kollell and is always there for his talmidim.from a very proud talmid 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    i wanted to go to toldos aron wedding but i was stuck in new york (maybe i shouldve called chavaierem for a ride)

  • new says:

    Btw this goldblatts yeshiva is the new hot spot for bachurim returning from eretz yesrael

  • monsey bachur says:

    This goldblatts yeshiva sounds good

  • impressed says:

    i heard rabbi goldblatt walked 45 min in blizzard sunday morning to go to yeshiva!!!!!!!!

  • kirkland says:

    yes goldblatts its awesome1 and so is chaveirim! lots of chesed done between these two!!! and best haircuts in town by kirlys cuts!!

  • anonymous says:


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