Lakewood Gym Sponsors Evening Of Relaxation For Chaveirim Members

indoor poolAfter a week of back-breaking work in what was one of the toughest weeks in Lakewood Chaveirim’s history, one local business is saying thank you in their own way. The Lakewood Gym, located in the Shoprite plaza on Madison Avenue sponsored an evening of relaxation for all Chaveirim members – by jumping into their pool or hot tub – at any time they choose.

“It’s a beautiful gesture and much appreciated”, a Chaverim board member tells TLS. “It’s these thoughtful things that go a long way and ‘boosts’ the members’ morale”, he says.

Chaveirim responded to over 2,000 – mostly urgent – calls during one of Lakewood’s worst winter storms.


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There are 26 Comments to "Lakewood Gym Sponsors Evening Of Relaxation For Chaveirim Members"

  • So nice! says:

    Thank you Chaverim.
    Mr Gym- absolutely splendid! What a nice example!
    May you be g’bentched!

  • Proud says:

    how nice what a nice idea they really deserve it !

  • Anonymous says:

    they should get a massage

  • sys says:

    Its so nice to see people that are so appreciative that they come up with such great and random ideas….
    May we all learn from you to come up with ways to help and or say thank you in our own way (even if its so random and has no connection at all with the organization / favor…)

  • How nice says:

    Its a very nice thing that others should copy, but why was HATZOLAH members left out of this offer?

  • Teens at risk says:

    very big kiddush hashem…:)

  • Fresser says:

    Great show of support for the individuals in the organization! Hazak Ubaruch!

  • anonymous says:

    what do all the other first responders in town get?

  • what about us says:

    Hatzolah, Ems, Lfa, Lfd, Lpd we were all out there as well??

  • buff says:

    Y was everyone else left out becuz they were on stand by at the garage and sure everyone appreciates them and thanks them but chaverim went all out do u know wat it means 1600 calls members were out in the freezing cold for hours straight they deserve it thank u to hatzolah ,lcsw,pd ,CHAVEIRIM,

  • So Nice says:

    This is really sweet. I remember, a few yrs ago, there was a business in town thta gave off 10-20% , for 1 month, to all Klal Workers. Hatzalah, chaveirim, shomrim, as well as Rebbes, Morahs, Minahalim etc. Even Now, I think J2 gives off for all Hatzolah. In NY its even more common. This is a beautiful thing at it should be in a Lot more businesses & more often.

  • alte Lakewooder says:

    Hey ! he took care of 1 deserving group. Let someone else step up to the plate & take care of another group.
    People doing chesed always appreciate a heartfelt thank you & that everyone should do.

  • user 131 says:

    Kol hakovod!!! Enjoy!!

  • Anonymous says:

    what a nice pool

  • hello says:

    why are some people so negative and always complaining.
    This post was about a nice thing someone did for someone else and the responses should have only been nice things!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why do some people think that if they dont complain or argue or place a damper on something good it might harm them!
    we live in a world of enough bad and negative – finally something nice – dont ruin the momentum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • voice of action says:

    Great idea #12!! Anyone else ready to step up for our heros – for Hatzolah or the others?

  • yossi greenbaum says:

    this pool is great. i use it daily

  • yossi greenbaum says:

    shooooeeeeeee noviseller is the man. he is a very nice guy

  • Anonymous says:

    To #14
    Yes, this picture is of a very nice pool. Too bad it’s not The Gym’s pool. Not to say The Gym’s pool isn’t nice, to the contrary, but the pool in the picture is reaaly nice.

    To #18 Yes, Shua is a great guy

  • Anonymous says:

    what a one way town

  • Chaim says:

    Can Goyim in Lakewood call Chaveirim for help? Or is the service only available to the Frum community?

  • old timer says:

    I would figure that in a Ir Toirah such Lakewood, the place to relax would be in a Bais Medrosh. The Gym seems to put Lakewood on a non-toiredikeh city list. I hope this piece of news was a oversight.


    well deserved!!

  • Had It!!!! says:

    #22 old timer
    For the sake of your kids please stop the nonsense. aside for a select few, a beis medrash is not the the place used for relaxing! Check out BMG during bein hazmanim. Let me know what the majority of yeshivaleit do. If you have reached such high madreigos, kol hakovod! But, don’t force it down other people’s throats! (bnei torah included!)

  • annoyed says:

    so great to see [well-deserved]appreciation of chaverim….but those of you who have deliveries to your homes,be it for example pizza,medecine or groceries this past week of the blizzard. .you people need to learn any form of a tip would be most appreciated. whatever that is being brought to your home has been done at a great struggle by the person bringing this to you. most of the streets were terrible with sidewalks and steps not cleared.did you offer a tip or even a hot drink to these dedicated workers? yes,they are being paid..but these were unusually hard conditions! i know my son came home exhausted after doing a “run” that took four hours [usually it would take maybe an hour].the biggest tip he was given? 15cents!

  • to # 22 says:

    so sad how narrow-minded someone can be and not feel embarassed to share your rather twisted views! Its people like you unfortunately who are an utter disgrace to judaism and everything it stands for. You obviously know nothing about whats right or wrong or why hakadosh baruch hu put you in this world in the first place (to be honest I cant quite figure it out myself why he would put people like you here in the first place… but im sure there’s a bigger picture, maybe so people can learn who not to be like or something of that sort…) Also it shocks me how such a “ben-torah” finds free time to sit online and share your pathetic 2 cents with everyone. May hashem bless you with justenough sense to realize what an idiot and disappoinment you are. I personally know many Chaveirim members, all amazing people who get out 24 hours a day, rain, snow etc to help out everyone in out community. You guys are amazing and should enjoy a well deserve swim. Theres a special place in Olam Haba’a for all of you. Keep up the great work and keep doing what you do!

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