PHOTOS & VIDEO: Lakewood Welcomes Back Deputy Mayor Major Menashe Miller From Iraq

menashe bais faiga arrival tls PHOTOS & VIDEO (Edited Video updated 6:35 p.m.) This morning, Committeeman and Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller, now a Major in the Air Force, has arrived back to Lakewood after completing a 6-week long deployment in Iraq. Miller was greeted by officials from the Lakewood-Jackson border, and was escorted to his home, where a private welcome home ceremony was held.

Miller departed from Lakewood on November 21st. (See exclusive video of his departure here).

Deputy Miller is expected to be sworn in as Mayor tomorrow, as first reported here. Photos by MOFOTO for TLS.


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There are 49 Comments to "PHOTOS & VIDEO: Lakewood Welcomes Back Deputy Mayor Major Menashe Miller From Iraq"

  • whatever says:

    scared the wits out of me.

  • mr busy says:

    did my tax $$ pay for that limo!?!?

  • Lacking Knowledge says:

    Could U Please Explain Wat A Major Is? Could U Help Us Understand Wat The Heck He Was Doing There 6 Weeks?? Is A General Or Just A Chaplain Major?

  • Old Timer says:

    Comment removed.

  • jd says:

    Welcome home! Now get to work and save some jobs please

  • g says:

    #2 no they didnt. but they r paying for your bussing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i hope they did not tow his car when he was away during the storm 🙂

  • gerrey says:

    is mmmm getting the most photographed polictician award of the year

  • jim says:

    old timer-maybe a hint- ems ??

  • Yossi says:

    If he’s our deputy mayor, Why was he in Iraq???????????? Can anyone answer this million dollar question.

  • Anonymous says:

    Welcome back, lets all thank H for keeping you safe from harm while you were in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

  • Older Timer says:

    To # 4 was he on the township committee, or the mayor?

  • menasha says:

    get ready for the snowstorm tues and show Lakewood how to handle a snowstorm!

  • Anonymous says:

    Finally an orthodox jew does something right and their own people don’t have the decency to realize it! Not one comment yet praising this amazing man who was not with his family for the holiday season. Shame on you all. Making fun of of him for being photographed…….? Of course he should be! He did something special. He joined the military. He left his family behind to support those who fight for our freedom that allows you to post these comments!
    THANK YOU MAJOR MILLER AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU. You are a good emissary of the jewish people.

  • truth4ruth says:

    To #6 If I pay an education taxes that all citizens are entitled to free school and bussing but I opt out of the school option and SAVE the DOE from tens of thousands a year for educating my children, shouldn’t I still be entitled to the bussing? What’s your objection?

  • close friend says:

    I know Menash for many years already. The man is truly an Askun that’s dedicated to the kehilla. I live in his neighborhood and the steady stream of people that come to his house after hours and in the evenings is amazing. He is a true oved hashem.

  • RS says:

    Welcome back! You were sorely missed.

  • I Love Lakewood! says:

    I agree with #4.
    Nice work, Menashe. But let’s not forget the others.

  • torah personality says says:

    u should be learning now

  • hey says:

    the limo belongs to 123 auto deals and Moshe Miz was kind enough to lend it for the occasion, free of charge.

    Menashe Miller is a politician and so it is different than any other person who goes to Afganistan as it is their job.

  • Serious says:

    It’s pretty funny when we make such a big deal on serving six-weeks, limos and welcome party’s. We have a town hero who served almost 9 times 6 weeks and not a squeak.

  • anonymous say: says:

    welcome home safe and sound

  • Chaim Tzvi says:

    The 2011 reelection campaign has begun.

  • ET1 says:

    Comment removed.

  • Live and Let Live says:

    #2,NO! your taxes did not pay for that Limo…thank you to the Mizrahi’s…but keep complaining,it may get you somewhere in day….

  • dovid says:

    we heard enough about menashe miller, I want to hear now what he did for Lakewood after being in the township committee for such a long time,
    I don’t think its a good idea to reelect the same people again and again

  • Curious says:

    Do any of these hockers work? I know that Menasheh is a fine person, but how were so many people there in the middle of the day?

  • on the job says:

    what time tomorrow is the swearing in and where

  • mr busy says:

    to 19….. u have no life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    how come there was such a big ceremony for someone who went over for 6 weeks? We have township employees who served for 1 yr over in IRAQ and nothing gets done for them.

  • Here say says:

    to #22 -10 AM , I work can not go.

  • doesitmatter says:

    he is a major is because of his politicle&religious position. i know i was in the service 1969-1974… lets just say i was INVOLVED in a certain 6 day WAR..

  • Lakewood says:

    Yes then Steve drops back to deputy Mayor…. clean house already and make these people only serve one term. Nothing will ever change in this town. Here’s a thought they are part time employees so why do they get a pension and health benefits….. while other part time employees don’t

  • barack obama says:

    Even I don’t get such a convoy! I saw enough lights to power this whole town

  • Anonymous says:

    To TLS: Maybe the words “Menashe Miller arrives home in Lakewood would be more accurate than your actual caption.
    It is not clear what you mean by “Lakewood welcomes” etc. Was there a large chunk of the local populace welcoming him? If not, how is it that Lakewood welcomes him?

  • Anonymous says:

    Will they do that for all the troops returning??

  • Come On NOW says:

    Welcome back Menashe.

  • Oh yeah says:

    Same here… a 6-month deployment, came home and showed up quietly at my kids’ basketball game, I don’t think anyone even knew. And I’m higher rank than him. What a way to spin this one.

  • Dorit says:

    to # 28 the Israeli 6 day war was June 1967 .
    Menashe Welcome Back.

  • oy says:

    to#32 every year the town has a veterans day parade. The town puts on a good parade but the citizens dont come out and support the effort. As matter of fact it is mmm who is in charge of that effort. So yes we do honor all of our vets. Why dont you come out some time and see.

  • maskim says:

    To those of you soldiers who did not receive this sort of welcome, pls dont take it that way. This is just a rare ceremony that individuals put together out of love and admiration of Menashe. This is a reflection of his character not of his service. People tend to like this guy.

  • tea party says:

    Dittoo’s my friend,Welcome back! Your a great American!

  • doesitmatter says:

    to #35 just checking , at least somebody knows whats right…!

  • yagayaga says:

    my sincerest wish that all our men and women come back soon, safe and sound. and hopefully they get the royal treatment too, for putting their lives on the line.

    we live in comfort because of them. Let us not forget that.

  • glitz says:

    To those who serve our country, if it is one week one day, we thank you, for the freedom that you give us.

    Whatever capacity you seve in Menashe, your a credit to your family, and to those who have brothers, sisters, husbands, and grandfathers in the service now. To those who worry about their taxes, perhaps you should leave America. Find another country.

  • Anony says:

    Hey TLS – why did you remove “Old Timer”s posting? He stated he knew a guy who was in Afghanistan for a year and when the guy came home to Lakewood nothing was done for him. Tell me where that was against the TOS of this blog?

  • lkwd101 says:

    Menashe has lots of friends and is an exceptional person – that is precisely why all his friends felt like that had to be there to greet him (although it was 6 weeks and not 6 months – sorry #38 u need to make more friends!)

  • Lakewood boy 69 says:

    To #2 who paid for the short bus to take you to school?

  • Anonymous says:

    the limo was provided as a courtesy to menashe by his friends at 123 auto. no tax $$$ involved.