Coventry Square Resident Finds Swastika Sprayed On His Vehicle

PHOTOS: A car belonging to a Coventry Square resident was sprayed with a swastika. The resident phoned Police and LCSW this morning after noticing the symbol on his front bumper.

The car’s owner says however the incident could have occurred while he was attending a Sheva Brachos last night on East 7th Street.

Police photographed the vehicle and documented the incident.

UPDATE: Photo of the swastika being removed by Yitz Auto Body.


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There are 16 Comments to "Coventry Square Resident Finds Swastika Sprayed On His Vehicle"

  • party says:

    how did the owner noticed that at night? maybe it happened somewhere else hmmm

  • lakewood resident says:

    to #1 if you read the article it said the person noticed it this morning, and that he went to a Sheva Brachos last night maybe it happend then. it should have never happend.

  • mr. pedo says:

    Yitz auto body are the best, they are always there to help the community in any way. they do great work, reliable, efficient, and fast. may they only have broucha and hatzlocha.

  • To #1 says:

    You should read the article before you post something. Sometimes just reading the headlines just doesn’t cut it.

  • to #1 says:

    he realised in the morning as it says, than when he told police that it could have happen on 7th at night. Go back and reread

  • party says:

    # 4
    it said he phoned police in the morning, does not say he saw it in the morning.

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    gotta love the residents slum-lords bring in right? reaping what you sow??

  • chaim says:

    this & the past nazi swasticas-that we’ve started seeing recently- is just the beginning of WW111 coming ahead R”L due in part to the lack of learning from the past wake-up calls Hashem sent us during the holocaust & WW11 where R”L 6,000,000 innocent men, women & children were taken from this world.

    Which brings us to the #1 question WHY DONT WE LEARN FROM THE PAST & FROM MISTAKES? there’s only 1 answer.

    all these tragedies going on have one thing in common. -a major issue & problem applying to everyone (yidden & not)-
    FACING REALITY i.e. seeing these tragedies happen & not doing anything about it i.e. teshuva, achdus etc… thus we leave hashem no choice but to bring us more tzaros R”L
    why doesn’t klal yisroel get the wake-up message for teshuva from hashem?
    whenever tragedy strikes or there’s a big issue, the person blocks it from his face & convinces himself not to apply the message to him,so that we can just continue our fancy & happy lavish life.

    first WE ALL need to admit to ourselves that i have a issue/problem here, then we need to work on solving it. BUT %80 of solving it, is each person admitting to the problems he has.

    may we all start doing teshuva ASAP & return to hashem so the word tzaros can be removed from the world

  • dan says:

    we need more patrols in our town !

  • some guy says:

    Yitz Auto Body way to go!!!!

  • ignore it says:

    everyone relax, some 14yr old kid did it cuz he knew it would elicit angry feelings. Ignore it.

  • ES says:

    why is everyone getting so bent out of shape because of this? let all the politicians use this as an excuse to get angry and stick up for the Jewish community and let everyone else calm down. what’s the news? that people hate jews? we knew that already!

  • Jackson Dude says:

    I think if you want more patrols your taxes will have to go up..who do you think pays for that …YOU Do
    Cant get more police wit out more money…

  • Lvickywood says:

    Even if there were more police and more patrols wouldn’t have mattered in this case because Coventry Square is privet property and police can’t come there without being called. When they are called too any times the residents get charged.

  • Dexter says:

    Yes. We do live among the goyim!! At least it’s just some graffiti and nothing more:)

  • Mt says:

    Ignore it, ignore it. I’m sure that’s what they did last generation in Germany when they got called names. Broken windows in their stores, and then banned from places. Just ignore it. We’re safe. Nothing will happen, this is our home.
    70 years since holocaust, A very long time of calmness. We are too comfortable. We are too ignorant. We are so SO far removed from hashem and reality.
    Gedolim are passing away. Little boys are in the ICU, learning Torah is about to be banned BY JEWS! Rallies going on so that we can step our unholy feet on har ha bais. Tsunamis, earth quakes, tornados, What’s next? What else can hashem do to remind us that Hes here? I’m talking to myself as well. This is so scary. Please don’t turn your head away from the truth of what’s coming.
    Please pray for mashiach to come. No gog umagog. Just mashiach!

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