Restoration Efforts Continue; 8,500 Lakewood Families Still Without Power

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There are 313 Comments to "Restoration Efforts Continue; 8,500 Lakewood Families Still Without Power"

  • meshiach now says:

    Did anybody see a jcpl truck doing something in lakewood yet

  • not home says:

    is columbus ave on?

  • Power says:

    There is no power please explain why I have not seen a truck anywhere????

  • Anonymous says:

    I saw around 30 trucks parked in the blueclause parking around 3:30 this afternoon. And I’m sitting in the dark since monday 2:00

  • White Oak Chosid says:

    U couldn’t find a JCP&L truck if u searched with candles!

    So Wrong!

    There are still power lines down on the ground on Ridge ave and New Hampshire and no one seems to care.

  • David says:


  • mom says:

    No power in westgate yet. Kids are getting cranky and so are there parents. Hardly any food to eat either. There is school tomoRrow but no buses. How r we supposed to get around?

  • Burech Ber says:

    gevalt gevalt. We have 9 kids in the dark, because the toilet is pump driven there is no flushing, gevalt ad musai, don’t see one utility truck, on Harvard, park and county line. Menashe do something, Yasher koach lemefraia

  • hall says:

    i wish klal yisroel had done teshuva before hurricane sandy was gozer upon us to shake us up with fear

    may we all do teshuva ASAP before anything else happens C”V

  • Chaim Yankel says:

    Westgate back on!

  • Chaim says:

    WestGate has power

  • Anonymous says:

    West gate has power!

  • BZ says:

    New Central area (possibly west gate also) went on approx 2:40 am!

  • Mordco says:

    Power is back to Central Ave

  • jw says:

    West Gate power on at 3am!!! Unbelievable! Thought it’d be days!

  • The Scoop Rocks! says:

    Anyone know of ANY gas stations open ANYWHERE?!

  • dovid says:

    They have said more than once that they will wait till it is safe. Tree’s are still falling. Also they will start working on more important area’s. Hospitals running on generators are more important than getting your house working. And yes I have been with out power since Monday 1:00 pm. It shows me what a brocho electricity is and how I should appreceate it instead of sitting around and complaining.

  • resident says:

    got power in Hearthstone area around 2:40 a.m. considering how many power outages throughout the NJ area I think it was not an unreasonable amount of time until we got our power back. People take too much for granted & don’t realize that there are some people who have been left in I’the dark for weeks after a storm not nearly as severe. I am very appreciative to all of the people who drove in from out of state to help NJ & other states during this emergency. People need to learn to have patience and be thankful for all the people are working round the clock to get things back in order and that they stay safe doing their job.

  • woW says:

    Yayyy our lights are on!!!! Westgate grid wahoooo

  • abi meleibt says:

    Dont you know our town by now? JCPL area a bunch of good-for -nothings …. they go on strike more than they work!

  • Anonymous says:

    Westgate power just came on

  • Anonymous says:

    westgate has power!

  • mom says:

    Not all of westgate is on. We still don’t have here

  • anon says:

    pawnee still in the dark

  • R says:

    MLK still no power!!

  • Author says:

    Warren ave and MLK near Pine st area still electric. As the weather is getting colder its becoming a health issue with no heat.

  • Chacham says:

    Shouldn’t Route 9 traffic lights be a priority?
    Shouldn’t Clifton Avenue, with 100’s of businesses loosing thousands per hour be a priority, and especially food businesses?
    I haven’t seen a single truck in this side of town!

  • grouphock says:

    Thank you to y. Stern from chavairim for all his work for the klal over the last three days! your mamish a malach!

  • Anonymous says:

    where are all the Askunim ?

  • Anonymous says:

    You’re all ridiculous!! They are getting power back on as quickly as they can. Mine went on yesterday around 4:00. Some of my friends power went on before mine..some after. There is a lot of damage out there. Your power will be on soon. It cracks me up the way all you want to do is complain. Deal with it..get a life and stop being so (moderated) miserable all the time. And try being thankful that you survived this crazy storm. My goodness.

  • Ashley Avenue and Arlington says:

    Are still without power. What does one have to do to get our elected officials to take notice and help?

  • RebRambo says:

    To the mashgiach, ‘Hall’, who wishes we had done teshuva: are you insinuating that those that had power within a short time after the storm DID teshuva and others didn’t? I am certain that we all took upon ourselves to change but who are you to know that no teshuva was done? Here is one for size: I am CERTAIN everyone did teshuva which is precisely why B”H it could have been MUCH worse and B”H our families are safe!!!

  • INFO says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Coventry still out

  • Anonymous says:

    Does Coventry have power yet?

  • Thankful in Lakewood says:

    I have lived in Lakewood for 39 years and I am embarrassed to think that people who read the previous comments will think that those remarks are the thoughts of all of the residents of this town.
    My home was without power for about 48 hours. The authorities thoroughly warned us that the power could possibly be out for 7-10 days if it did go out. That this storm would unprecedented in our lifetimes!
    I see many comments from readers asking for food and gas locations and others making extremely rude comments about the people working, now for over 36hours straight, to get power back to your home. Be very very thankful that you have a home that only needs power!! The are 1000’s of families that are now without a home!!!! There has been so much damage by the storm and now fires destroying home.
    As far as looking for food ….. You were also advised to stock up on non perishable food to last over a week
    per person in your family. Same with gas, we were advised to fill up all cars and driving should be limited to emergencies only! Not trips to see what is going on or to get out of the house. The only time that I have been in a car since Sunday has been to charge my cell phone!

    Please folks~~ before start kvetching about your slight inconvenience of no power, say a prayer for the people who have lost everything they have or worse yet lost a loved one to this horrible storm!!

  • My Take says:

    B”H my husband hooked up a generator yesterday and we still don’t have power in our neighborhood, but, yesterday morning (before generator hook up) I B”H had hot water (gas heater) and a hot breakfast (gas stove) and plenty of candles, flashlights, crank operated radio that has very good reception, so I heard all the news. so I wasn’t complaining even then. The only thing I was concerned about was that the food in our fridge and freezers should stay cold and not spoil,
    I feel bad for a neighbor of mine who only has well water and it runs on a pump, electricity is needed for that. B”H no flooding here, like in New York, 5 towns etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    There are towns that people have lost homes! Be grateful you have your home still standing !

  • Yossi says:

    Kings-Queens-Van Buren are back on.

  • cholent says:

    Not all of central on. Still down central near miller.called jcp&l they yelled at me “you called already”

  • Former resident of Lakewood says:

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You have no power yet you have cell phones to complain on. My family and friends have been gone since Sunday fixing intersections and power lines WHERE IT’S SAFE TO. Use ur Internet to research what happens when you mix fallen trees, puddles of water and fallen power lines. Ridiculous!

  • hall says:

    the best thing that any of us without power can do & learn from is patience & learn how to appreciate everything Hashem gives us & not to take things for granted-although it is human nature-. let us show the proper thanks to Hashem for everything Hashem gives us.

    try an exercise. take something that you appreciate & need (ex. cellphone, or car etc…) & don’t use it for just a few hours. when you return to it. you will not just start to be makir tov to Hashem for it & appreciate it BUT you will also come to see the amazing nifla’os haborei (wonders) about it.

    may we all appreciate & thank Hashem for everything he gives-& continues to give-us

  • Wonder says:

    I know this might be a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone knows if the airport near lakewood in Atlantic city is opened.

  • SHAME!! says:

    SHAME on every single one of you complaining that your power is not back on yet and you don’t have access to a pizza shop.

    YOU WERE WARNED that a major storm was coming. YOU WERE TOLD to stock up on a weeks worth of food. YOU WERE ADVISED that it will take 1-2 weeks to restore power. AND YET **YOU** were the ones who said “ah, they were wrong about Irene, this will fizzle out”. Well guess what, this is now YOUR FAULT for being unprepared. JCP&L has dozens of trucks and hundreds of crew members working around the clock to fix things. I have seen the control room of JCP&L with its huge map of NJ and there are MANY trucks in and around lakewood working to fix things. You think in a matter of 48 hours, they should be able to completely rewire an entire township? Because that is essentially what they have to do, AFTER they remove the fallen trees, wires, poles and transformers.

  • Embarrassed says:

    I am actually embarrassed to be from Lakewood now. You people are not the only ones in NJ without power. There are 960,320 JCP&L customers without power besides for other energy company’s customers. In Jackson, 100% of the residents have no power. That’s not even ONE house with electricity!! Grow up and act with a bit of middos!! If you are such a baby, what do you expect from your kids??? Go to YWN and look at the pictures of the Sea Gate homes! Just be happy you still have a home and maybe start appreciating what you have.

  • midwestjoe says:

    To thankful. I am glad that you are so full of advice for everyone. Topping of the tank with gasoline is a nice idea, but generators can burn through 10 galones or more in a day. Stocking up on food is also wonderful, but try getting children to eat canned and dry foods for 3 days. I don’t blame JCPL workers, but they claimed to have over 1000 linesmen and over 1000 foresters ready to go. I was driving all over yesterday looking for gas and did not see one of them.

    It is obvious JCPL is prioritizing certain areas, and lakewood is not one of them.

  • Anonymous says:

    In Montreal we never had such a bad situation

  • Chacham says:

    Maybe LakewoodScoop could add a section that users can track the location of repair crews. I wouldn’t be suprised if the number is very low!

  • resident says:

    I find it very upsetting to read so many negative comments. I wish people would put things in prospective. In the scheme of life, if losing your electricity is the worse thing that happens, then you are blessed! Stop being self-centered & think of all the people in Queens who lost everything they owned. I guarantee they would not think twice if they were able to trade places! Some of the comments posted are shameful. Think before you start complaining!

  • My Take says:

    B”H we all still have our homes, Look at places like Seaside Heights, NJ, Breezy Point,NY etc. 5 Towns was flooded etc. Even if I didn’t have a generator running I’d be grateful. I am sure JCP&L are working as hard as they can so be patient. Be thankful for all the chesed in this town, like Tomchei Shabbos who is letting people put their food in their freezers.

  • anonymous says:

    Thank you #36! Too many people who comment here are self-centered,only concerned about “themselves” and NOT the common good and safety of Lakewood (as a whole community)!

  • anonymous says:

    If it was better where you came from, then go back, please!

  • LAKEWOOD says:

    Isn’t it time people in Lakewood realize that this storm hit more than Lakewood, stop whinning and being selfcentered. The power crew can’t work while the winds are over 30 miles an hour. How many of you would go out and work in the conditions we have been having? I’m really getting sick of people complaining all the time about things that can’t be helped, as I said before Stop Whinning and being so self centered, Think of other people for once.

  • Fullbagger says:

    Fill up biggest soup pots with water and boil on stove when steam builds use lid to let out/ old school radiator – house windows will fog but u will warm up – old school radiator , release steam with lid, lite stove with match. Will warm that whole floor but fog house windows is all

  • RAM says:

    Think of how many repair crews exist (including those coming from out of state) and how many more repair situations exist. They are swamped with work and busy around the clock. Some entire power stations are underwater or were. When you do see a repair truck nearby, act grateful.

  • coventry resident says:

    no power but realizing the great people like our neighbor and chaveirim member who keeps the lights going in coventry shul by running it from his car in the darkest moments klal yisroels finest shine bright

  • Mishkoltz says:

    Any lights in Coventry?

  • to midwestjoe says:

    if your kids are hungry enough they’ll eat whatever is available!

  • moshiach now says:

    Just spotted the first jcpl truck they’re up to the first step ,assessing the situation man what lies they told me yesterday that they’re holding by sending out line men

  • thx says:

    the gas situation in lakewood is nuts… completely. but in howell it’s worse. don’t go north becasue they wont let you make a u turn/left turn for tens of miles. When will there be more gas in lakewood?

  • Anonymous says:

    56- no lights in Coventry.

  • Gratefull says:

    Thank you JCPL for all your devotion and hard work

  • midwestjoe says:

    Some kids especially toddlers are picky eaters, kids are kids amd will not eat to the point of it being unhealthy if they don’t like the food. Be thankful if yours are not.

  • Westgate area says:

    Honestly, i always support our local poilice, but I am really wondering why there are NO cops at major intersections!! I see VERY few cops around in general, but the ones I see look lost. Again, I really support out police in everything, and am not bashing them, but can someone explain please!?
    On a lighter note, Chris Christie has postponed Halloween. It is officially a nidche.

  • yid says:

    Be grateful for all that you do have unlike others!!!! stop complaining!!!

  • IfIknewthen. says:

    Glad to see some Lakewood residents challenge the moaning and groaning whiners. This has been the worse storm NJ ever encountered. Be glad you’re safe and have your home. Shame on you for whining.

  • Gratefull says:

    I want give a big thank you to all the hard working people at DPW, LPD, Chaverim, Hatzolah, JCP&L for all they have done on behalf of the grateful citizens of Lakewood. We are extremely indebted to you and wish you only the best in your lives!

  • Anonymous says:

    Whispering pines has power back

  • Anonymous says:

    Lights on on Lakewood Commons.

  • let me put it like this says:

    Those that have electric will post positive comments and those that don’t will post negative and those that don’t have electric and post
    Positive comments it just takes you longer to snap but you’ll get there because you’re human and this is crazy

  • Gas says:

    Does anyone know where we can find gas near lakewood?

  • Got Power says:

    Spruce/Marc Area just went back on!

  • Anonymous says:

    Capitol hotel All power out as of 205 Wednesday

  • Anonymous says:

    what is killing me is on MLK half of the block has power then it stops and Pine river has power , thier are no downed wires etc… so why cant they hook up this last section

  • Anonymous says:

    64- was wondering the same.

  • appsue says:

    I’m trying to stay off the roads –so if anyone knows when downtown gets power back please post. Thank you

  • Mishkoltz says:

    Has anyone put their stuff in Tomchei Shabbos freezer?
    Do they still have room for more?
    Till when are they open?

  • madisonjk says:

    Interesting…west gate has power and 14th street still has no power!!!maybe west gate is the beneficiary of zchusim from 14th street, besides their own!!

  • My Take says:

    Are elections going to be nidche too?

  • hi says:

    Our eneregy companies are working round the clock. Some drive in from Indiana, Texas, etc. We salute them for working round the clock, in the cold, in the winds, etc.
    Please when you see an JCP&L truck – say “Thank you!” They will be pulling 24 hour shifts for the next few WEEKS so we all can have power

  • moshiach now says:

    Maybe we should block some of the hundreds of power trucks leaving lakewood for other towns and tell them to get to work here why is the beach more important?

  • yid2 says:

    Are the lights on route nine working?

  • Anonymous says:

    does anyone know if spruce/ chelsea/ sharon got back power yet? at work now and cant check my home……….

  • Ashley Avenue and Arlington says:

    Still NO power

  • Eli says:

    Thank you JCPL! We appreciate the 16 hour shifts you guys are putting in for us and all new jerseans!!
    G-d bless you

  • aron says:

    O. Jcpl website says 62%out

  • Kas says:

    The electric came back on just before 11 am this morning in the vicinity of Cross St and Route 528. I hope everyone else gets their service restored soon. I was without power for 42 hours. I am presently going through my refrigerator to get rid of stuff that probably went bad during the outage. My refrigerator temperature was 45 degrees once power came back on. I still have no Optimum cable tv service–but that is the least of my worries. I do not know if the township will be collecting garbage and recycle stuff tomorrow. I will put it out anyway. My thanks to everyone on this website for keeping us informed.

  • manager says:

    Pizza plus is wide open with fresh pies

  • R says:

    MLK, Warren, and Rose Park Crescent still without power.
    And to all those complaining about the complainers; RELAX!! Most of us are posting info to keep each other informed of what’s going on, not to complain.

  • e 8 th & end says:

    Nu where are the jcpl truck we still don’t have power our food is spoiling & i need to charge my Phone & thank God we all basically made it through

  • Be Smart says:

    Lights back on by Lawrence Ave. as well as Squankum Rd. as of 3:59 PM

  • Shawarma lover says:

    Just left Eat A Pita. They have a generator and awesome delicious food! One of the only places on Clifton open.

  • chill out says:

    Sitting in the dark and eating cold food gets to the best of us. I have electric and water but i really sympathize w/ those who don’t. Doesn’t mean those who kvetch aren’t grateful for what they do have. It’s funny how everyone is “bessere menschen”. But no sympathy for their very own neighbors. Don’t be “embarrassed” to be in Lakewood, accept others as being human.

  • Anonymous says:

    J2 is open.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there anyway to find out how long we will be out? Coventry is still out…

  • High St says:

    We are the new Westgate……

  • Incompetence says:

    ashley avenue, Arlington Avenue and Wynatt and Lincoln are still out. Does JCPL even know we exist?

  • anonymous says:

    Ridge area-no electricity since monday noon time-does anyone have any info?

  • anonymous says:

    red oak white oak still no power!! haven’t seen a single jcp&l truck even attempt to fix the situation!!

  • Shabbos says:

    Anyone know what Kosher Groceries are open? I hear both NPGS were? Are there others? Scoop, can you make a running list? Thanks