Poll: The Zimmerman Verdict – What’s Your Opinion?

George Zimmerman- the neighborhood watch volunteer was found not-guilty by a 6 member all-woman jury moments ago in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.


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There are 28 Comments to "Poll: The Zimmerman Verdict – What’s Your Opinion?"

  • Askan says:

    My opinion: there will be insane riots because of this!

  • Lkwder says:

    I’m on mobile version and I don’t see any poll. Am I missing something?

    In anycase, I feel bad for the poor guy.
    He’ll never be able to live a peaceful life again.

    Sharpton is in full swing.

  • UncleMo says:

    No need for opinions. There was no need for a trial to begin with. Had Martin been white, Zimmerman would never have been arrested. He only was arrested because of sick “activists” like Sharpton. The man was innocent from the get-go.

  • anonymous says:

    The jurors proved that they are not scared of anyone.
    They did what’s right!

    Zimmerman is 100% innocent

  • Charlie says:

    I am very much apalled how the frum community of Lakewood can be so much brainwashed by right wing talk radio propaganda.
    George Zimmerman may have been not proven to be guilty however he in now way is the hero that the right wingers make him out to be. He provoked an innocent teenager into a fight. Trayvon was absolutely in the wrong for making the altercation physival (and ultimately deadly) however that doesn’t mean he deserved to die.
    So justice prevailed and Zimmerman is free. But lets not feel bad for this guy. He killed a man when the entire altercation could have been avoided if he had listened to the advice of the cops. It’s a terrible story and please don’t feel too excited or giddy that he got off.

  • Charles Defior says:

    Right or wrong didn’t matter in this case it was a political show !!

  • 100% agree! says:

    The verdict was very simple to come by.
    There is no way they could have proven ‘Beyond a reasonable doubt’.

    I agree with number 3 above

  • RebRambo says:

    Sorry, ‘Charlie’, YOU are dead wrong. Michael Savage felt Zimmerman was guilty.
    And by the way, this is the American justic system: Prosecution, Defense, Jury…

    If the outcome had been in reverse what what would you say??

  • AE says:

    Completely agree with number 5. Self defense needs to be in proportion to the threat. Zimmerman killed someone for no reason whatsoever. His life was never in danger at any point, even in his version of events.

  • UncleMo says:

    I’m afraid Zimmerman would be safer in prison. He was effectively handed a death sentence tonight.

  • jim says:

    the problem is that people like #5 chalie, are brain washed by a Jew hater i.e Michael savage, even after he so publicly insulted a century old jewish circumcision tradition. and such people talk about “being brain washed by right wing talk show hosts” even though they speak such truth

  • avromi says:

    none of you guys were there how do you know his life was never in danger

  • Gd bless says:

    I am really shocked.
    I honestly did not think he would get a fair trial.
    With Obamer throwing his hat into the ring.
    the DOJ encouraging riots.
    and the pressure on the Sanford police was enormous.
    Gd bless this judicial system.
    all those advocating riots should be arrested.
    This country has never been more racially divided since this president got into office.
    Plus the judge was a lib.
    The press has damaged this guys life. Lets move on.
    Do you know how many black on black murders in chicago there are daily?
    Where’s the press?
    Where’s the outrage.
    Double standard is an understatement

  • anonymrs says:

    Anyone who voted justice was not served doesn’t believe in our justice system. He was acquitted by a jury of his peers. Besides, anyone who saw photos of Zimmermans injuries from that night would find him innocent.

  • Rubashkin's Customer says:

    If Zimmermann would have been a Yid he would have been found guilty without a doubt and would have joined Rubsshkin with life in prison.

  • Savage was totally wrong says:

    #5 you’re the only brainwashed person. From the obama/liberal trash. Relax. It is clear that Martin was on top of Zimmerman slamming his head the ground. And that’s the bottom line it was self defense. What ever happen before is irrelevant to that fact.

  • connie says:

    What more did George Zimmerman have to let happen to him before he pulled out his gun !? Did his head have to be split open first?! Did he have have to be beaten to a pulp ? At what point do you “trayvon fans” think its O.K. to defend oneself?

  • cool masmid says:

    There was no reason in the first place to arrest him (46 days after this tragic death) much less indict him on second degree murder. And thankfully the jury saw this for what it was. Justice finally was met in this case. One can only hope that Mr Zimmerman has a chance to get back to a normal life.

  • pshat says:

    To AE (and Charlie)- you are incorrect- according to Zimmerman’s version of the events, when Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman,he saw Zimmerman’s gun on his hip and reached for it, saying “you’re gonna die” if true, and nothing has proven that it wasn’t true, then he did indeed feel his life was in danger (in addition to having the back of his head smashed repeatedly against the concrete sidewalk). Also, if you followed the testimony, he wasn’t following Martin “despite being told not to” by the dispatcher. That was how the prosecution wanted to explain and paint what happened . According to Zimmerman, he meant that he was keeping an eye on where he was going, and got out of his car on foot in order to find a street address number nearby just as the dispatcher asked him for, in order to send police to the right area of the community (he wasn’t sure of an address since this was taking place in between backs of houses and was not as familiar a street to him as his own). He was actually turning away and back toward his car when Martin reappeared and came toward him instead of running away from Zimmerman toward whichever house he was supposedly going to.

  • Some Guy says:

    You all seem pretty eager to swallow Zimmerman’s account of the event. Do you honestly believe he was being 100% truthful in his story? There were no witnesses of the actual shooting so it was his word against the word of a corpse. I saw pictures of the back of Zim’s head and there wasn’t enough damage for me to believe that it was repeatedly slammed against cement.

  • Be Smart says:

    One thing you can be sure of…
    the Obama administration will file “civil rights” violation charges against Zimmerman this week!!!

  • lamden says:

    # 3 and # 21 are saying the emes

  • anonymrs says:

    Some guy…look at the pictures again…there is a very unnatural and serious amount of head trauma to the back of Zimmermans head…not obvious by the photos unless you were really paying attention to more than just the contusions.

  • D Matthews says:

    Justice was served !

  • Truth says:

    Some Guy says: “You all seem pretty eager to swallow Zimmerman’s account of the event. Do you honestly believe he was being 100% truthful in his story?”

    Even you – if you believe in the Constitution of the US couldn’t have found him guilty because it’s Not what you believe – it’s Innocent until Proven guilty! They could scream that Zim shot him in cold blood, but anything you believe has to be proven. Welcome to the laws of the United States which, unlike elections, are Not based on PC!

  • David says:

    There’s one outstanding fact, that people like Al Sharpton, manage to ignore … Sharpton keeps saying that Martin was just this poor, innocent, ‘babe in the woods’ unarmed 17 yr. old who was killed for doing nothing wrong.

    Well, that’s a flat out lie. He did do something wrong. Assault & Battery, is in fact, a crime!! Martin DID commit a crime! he attacked Zimmerman, was on-top of Zimmerman, and was beating him, and trying to inflict serious bodily injury by beating his head off of the concrete.

    I would like to see some of these pro-Martin talking heads, get their noggins beaten off of a block of concrete, and see if they continue to think that its really not that bad! Yeah, sure.

    Martin attacked Zimmerman. Those are the facts of the trial. Martin, threw the first punch. Martin committed an assault & battery, which could have easily lead to the death or serious bodily injury.

    Zimmerman was lucky he was able to defend himself while he was still conscience !!!

  • Anonie says:

    Charlie- thank you for having the courage to say what the sheep refuse to believe.
    In the end, someone’s child is dead. Would Zimmerman had followed Martin if he were white? Probably not. Was Zimmerman guilty of homicide or murder? No, but he should have been charged with some sort of negligence. Because of his actions, someone lost their life. If I had a man following me in the street and I feared for my life, I would defend myself any way possible. I am ashamed that there is happiness that a grown man can follow and gun down a child without any consequence.

  • Geshmakalypse says:

    David: based on what facts? That was basically the key piece of evidence lacking from the trial. We do not know who attacked who. All we know us what zim. wants us to believe. It is not beyond reason to believe that perhaps Trayvon believed his life was in danger and was in fact “standing his ground” after being “stalked” by Zimmerman. We don’t and probably will never know what happened which is exactly why he had to be acquitted.