Reader-Submitted Dashcam Video: Can You Tell What’s Wrong?

VIDEO: If you can tell what’s wrong with this dashcam footage, we’re off to a good start, and the severity of the issue can begin being addressed. If you can’t, you’re part of the problem!

The dashcam video footage was captured at the intersection of Route 9 and Kennedy Boulevard.

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There are 24 Comments to "Reader-Submitted Dashcam Video: Can You Tell What’s Wrong?"

  • driver says:

    and several people blowing through a red light in this town surprises you? I’m just surprised that there aren’t more accidents.

  • JH says:

    The idiot in the grey car tried to cross a solid line because he didn’t want to wait in line , however the cars rightfully didn’t allow him in, so he decided to cut the line at the end , and made an illegal left turn from the middle lane.

  • me says:

    this is nothing new, in this town everyday is a driving adventure.
    I only wish people would be caught doing these things and then maybe people would drive a little smarter.(wishful thinking I know)

  • h says:

    Impressive move!

  • pine n MLK says:

    Can we get a dash cam on pine n MLK @ 2:15 that would be fun to watch

  • New Yorker says:

    He is a good driver who improvised when he realized he cannot get in line. He moved along without obstructing traffic or endangering anyone, He was in a pickle and did a good job getting out of it.

  • anonymous says:

    this happens all day around this town!! whats the big surprise now???

    People in this town should be required to go through a 6 hour driving course and another 6 hours of common sense course

  • anonymrs says:

    He did a good job? How about moving onto the next traffic light and going thru the Chemed parking lot to get to route 9 north? How can you praise someone who cuts people off and drives recklessly as opposed to choosing to be safe and going a little bit out of his way to do so? Go back to New York of you think it is acceptable to drive that way!

  • NS says:

    He was not in a pickle. He could have continued straight and made a left turn at the next street LEGALLY!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone that is shocked after watching this video, clearly doesn’t drive the streets of lakewood….

  • Anonymous says:

    To #*, you must be from PA.

  • teddy says:

    why did the other drivers not let him in the lane?

  • disgusted but not surprised says says:

    #2 is right, #12 it is illegal is cross a solid white line so they would be accomplices to an illegal move. Second it is not only illegal to make a left turn from that lane…it is dangerous and arrogant . Time we work on our patience and realize that yenna’s time is just as important as ours, and there is never a reason to jeopardize anyone in out haste to get to Shloimys/Chemed whatever. Finally it was NOt an impressive move.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did anyone even notice the two cars who went right through the red light from the other direction?

  • Bubbie says:

    How about all the people who enter an intersection that is not clear (otherwise known as blocking the box) so that when the light changes, nobody can move. I’d very much like to see an awareness campaign. If it’s not illegal in NJ (in NY it’s a fine and points) it’s certainly rude and inconsiderate.

  • Blue Shirt says:

    I got into a very bad accident a year ago. I was going through a green, leaving the Villas, and there was a van that was signaling to make a left after I passed. A car came from behind the van and made a left in front of the van… hitting me.

    I was out of work for two months, and am still in pain in both wrists (and probably will always be). I fell behind on my bills, and even though eventually my insurance paid me back for lost pay, I was put into a very bad situation. I had about a months worth of expenses in the bank, but when that ran out. I had to max out my credit cards. My credit is still bad because of that! My car also lost about $1,000 of value, and no one will ever pay me back for that. All because someone was in a rush, and thought the van in front of them was taking too long to make a left!!!

    Traffic laws are there for a reason! Drive carefully!

  • Not surprised says:

    A few weeks ago, while waiting for my child’s bus, I was appalled to see a car completely ignore the flashing red lights and stop sign of a bus across the street – the car just sped through. Imagine my shock when not one but TWO MORE cars did the exact same thing! Elul, tishrei, eh, rules don’t apply to me, I’m frum. The bus driver was horrified as well. Aside from the obvious danger, there’s also the chilul hashem – two things that are unfortunately largely ignored by the frum residents of Lakewood.

  • Anonymous says:

    did anyone notice the time/date stamp on the footage? it was shabbos, yet everyone is bashing “lakewooders”, &” go back to ny”…

  • Very Interesting says:

    Defensive driving practices cannot be employed enough to counter the epidemic level of Narcissistic driving practices unique to this town.

    Never assume the other driver read the same Driver’s Manual you read, and shares the same understanding of the road.

  • 40 years in lakewood says:

    1] illegal driving IS appalling and dangerous.
    2] #18: date /time stamps are not always accurate, & can be difficult to fix.
    3]what i find distressing in the clip, and in real life at that intersection, is the very few vehicles able to turn left, because of the lack of left turn arrows on Kennedy Blvd

  • 40 years in lakewood says:

    #15: blocking the box IS illegal in NJ. it is NJSA 39:4-67 obstruction of traffic. it is a 0 point moving violation. in NY that offense is 2 points

  • anonymous says:

    #14, the other way still has a green light. The lights are different times for each way.

  • anonymous says:

    Anyone can see what’s going on.. changing your mind which lane you want to be in or were supposed to be in, crossing over the solid line, trying to pass on the right, I could go on and on… this is pure Lakewood chaos. I get massive anxiety just trying to get to ‘the other side of Lakewood’ when I have to go through town.


    This is crazy and everyone should learn how to drive and be mentchlach.