Hundreds of Lakewood Mechanchos Gather for Tznius Asifa

toras aron ateres reva tlsLakewood’s Mechanchos are gathering this evening to hear Divrei Chizuk regarding Tznius, TLS has learned. The event coordinators have urged all women ‎in the Chinuch field to attend the event.

The Asifa, taking place in the Ateres Reva hall, will be addressed by the Rosh Yeshivah and Mashgiach.

The even begins at 8:45 PM.


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There are 13 Comments to "Hundreds of Lakewood Mechanchos Gather for Tznius Asifa"

  • RebRambo says:

    Wow! You have got to see the turnout! I am standing at Prospect and Murray watching hundreds and hundreds of cars! Say what you will but Mi Keamcha Yisroel!

  • wen zaidy was young says:


  • wen zaidy was young says:

    Why only mechanchim?
    Only they need chizuk.
    What about the rest of us?
    I don’t understand.

  • Alter Bubbe says:

    The Rabbonim give the message to those who will spread it best, without personal negios.

  • to jogathondudirules says:

    Its not about chizuk – it’s about new takanos

  • yishmoreini says:

    Impressive.. but this town is lacking a lot more than tznius… we need asifas on the following.. bain adom l’chavero, not driving like a mentally unstable individual because YOUR late for Yeshiva or something else, hitchhiking like a drifter (causing unthinkable chillul hashem in the streets) This town is passed through by many different types of people that see this type of behavior and we ask them why they dont want us to build a school in there town? its time for change Lakewood.. Gaboyim please discuss this with your Rabbonim

  • hu? says:

    To jogathon
    No it wasn’t about new takunos. The rosh yeshiva and mashgiach and r cohn all said its an evening of chitzuk amd it was just that . Also when a group of righteous ppl gather they are mivatel gizairos -so who could know which gezairos were mevatel bec of our mechanchos.
    Everyone there got the feeling of being mechazaik and to countinue dressing and acting tzniusdik where ever they are bec teachers make a roishem on other when in or out of the classroom. The lakewood community owes it big time to the frum dedicated mechanchos who are teaching guiding the next generation of Jewish girls to be tzniusdik and I”h welcome the mashiach

  • RebRambo says:

    Yishmoreini – ON THE BUTTON! Well said.

  • oich meer an asskan says:

    The original intent of the asifa was to implement a series of new takanos for teachers with serious consequences for those not in compliance. Due to timely intervention, the message was toned down and changed to chizuk and tznius suggestions.

  • askan says:

    wheer can we here the importamt droshos?

  • Mevakash says:

    Its important to remember that yes we definitly need to strive to be more tznuis. The more erlich we get the better.

    But there is one message that sometimes gets lost by these asifas. Boruch Hashem our dor as a whole, has higher standards of tznuis that surpass prior generations. I do not want to get into details but speak to the older generation what it was like when they were younger (I.E.did all simchaos have separate seating with non see thru miechitzas .) We should be happy about our tznuis achievements. We should take pride in it and let it bring us to new high levels.

    Note my point is not to judge in any way prior generations as many of our grandmothers both In Europe and certainlly in the USA did not attend Beis Yakovs and had far great nisyanos. Their emuna pushta is something most of us will never acheive.

  • kollelwife says:

    I agree and think that if our girls (and boys!) would see us focusing as much energy on other mitzvos, like bein adam l’chaveiro, honesty, etc. they might actually have an easier time actually tznius

  • Rebbetzin says:

    yes we do need much help in many areas but face it: there is definitely a lack of tznius among the women so at least theyre starting somewhere. and i have to say, i was there and it was so inspiring to see soooooo many women all gathering for the same cause!