VIDEO: Hundreds Join Yehuda Green for First Day of Slichos

slichos yehuda green 2014In what is possibly from the most unique Minyanim for Slichos worldwide, hundreds this morning packed the West Side Institutional Synagogue in Manhattan for a heartwarming Carlebach-style Slichos lead by singer and composer Yehuda Green.

The Slichos was accompanied by several musicians and lasted several hours.

The experience was an uplifting one for many, as evident from the video.




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There are 15 Comments to "VIDEO: Hundreds Join Yehuda Green for First Day of Slichos"

  • Jog A Thon - Sponsor Me ! says:

    I was there. It was amazing. I wish there would be even a k’ayn of this locally. I wouldnt have to shlep into NYC.

  • ANON says:

    Sorry but selichos isn’t supposed to be a concert. So thank god it doesn’t happen “locally”.

  • Huh? says:

    What’s this business of making a concert out of slichos? Make a concert than daven slichos normaly.

  • S.T. says:

    kind of takes the meaning out of slichos

  • sorry to say says:

    This is appalling. I am not known for my strict views but this is just disgusting. It is throwing our Mesorah out the window.

    My Rov explained this week in Shul that someone that is “Me’abed Atzmo L’daas (Harms himself, commits suicide rch”l) gets no Chelek in Olam Ha’boah. Why are we so strict on him? He explained because he took a great opportunity and wasted it.

    He then said people that go to or make such concerts on the frst night of Selichos are doing the same. Wasting the precious opportune time for teffila.

    I for one will not be purchasing this singers cd’s or attending his concerts anymore.

  • Jog A Thon - Sponsor Me ! says:

    Ur confused. Just like u sing aye aye aye w/ the chazzan, or u sing a niggun by kedusha, we sang along w/ the chazzan. Just a little longer. Its NOT a concert.

  • Torahtruth says:

    Don’t we say Lishmoah el Harinah ve’el Hatifilah?

  • to huh says:

    Um and there were instruments which are just not in the spirit of selichos, not to mention the woman dancing behind the non-mechitza. Don’t try to justify a tremendous chilul hashem. This is a huge breach in our mesorah.

  • Shmerel says:

    Harbeh derochim Lamokom

  • Jog A Thon - Sponsor Me ! says:

    Excellent point, truth; Rinah & Tefilah it is.

  • Ashrei Haam says:

    I disagree. No doubt it was an emotional and inspiring evening, but I certainly don’t see the spirit of sleichos there.

  • Menashe says:

    The slichos in the city is just for a more modern crowd, the mech it’s there is kosher but not really up to most peoples standards in lakewood . So to each their own but call a spade a spade

  • Eli F. says:

    I go there every year ,cause i get a lot of Chizuk and there’s alot of achdus seeing all walks of life together, dancing together…..talking about a “concert”, wedding’s these days are concert’s . the singer at today’s wedding’s think they are a star and forget about the chosson. wedding’s should be leibedig, but not a rock concert.
    a good gebensht year to all Klal Yisrael

  • Huh? says:

    Whatever… The main thing is achdus between us all!

  • yehuda farkas says:

    Each to their own….

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