New NJ Bill Would Require Schools to Provide Police with List of Bus Stops to Protect Children from Predators

school bus tls 2To further protect students from offenders, Assemblyman Ron Dancer has introduced legislation requiring school districts to provide local police officials with a listing of bus stops so that police will be aware of those that are near the residences of predators.

“With today’s computerized listings, cross checking the school bus stop list against the Megan’s Law registry will provide another layer of protection for children within seconds,” said Dancer, R-Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex and Monmouth. “It would be invaluable for police to know a registered offender lives in the vicinity where children wait at a bus stop each morning or are walking by his residence. This is another tool law enforcement can use to help prevent a tragedy.”

Under the bill, A-3606, a school district would only be required to provide a listing of the location of all school bus stops to the municipality’s police department. In towns without a police department, the list will be given to the New Jersey State Police.

Dancer said such information will assist police in prioritizing their patrol time and routes for vigilance in the neighborhood or vicinity of an offender residence where children are being picked up or dropped off from their school bus and walking home.



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There are 12 Comments to "New NJ Bill Would Require Schools to Provide Police with List of Bus Stops to Protect Children from Predators"

  • chaim says:

    ” In towns without a police department, the list will be given to the New Jersey State Police.”

    Which town-in NJ- doesn’t have a police dept.? do you think a town can manage without police to help & protect its citizens.

    why wouldn’t a town have a police dept.? too small?

  • Am Haaretz Corner says:

    Im looking at the ratings at each comment and notice that no matter how true and possitive it is there is always at least 1 THUMBS DOWN. Is that automatic that ea. comment gets one wheather deserving or not?

    Why rate something negative for no reason?





  • Miss Informed says:

    No need to make a list…..
    Just print out a map of Lakewood and put a dot on every corner, that should cover it.B”H

  • oldmansfury says:

    #1 Yes, there are small towns in NJ that do not have PDs of there own and are covered by the State PD.

    And yes this is another stupid feel good piece of legislation brought to you by one of our elected officials who can’t, or won’t, fix the real problems in this state.

    The police already have access to Megan’s Law list and so do we as parents. Do you think that every day the police are going to be cruising by every stop where an offender may live or work as the kids get on and then later off the bus?
    If you do, ask yourself this: When did you see or hear of an officer enforcing the cell phone law? There is too much other important matters for them to attend to. If you want to know if there is an offender near your kid’s stop, look it up yourself and you be alert. And to compile a list of all the bus stops, will take time and man hours placing another cost on the Board of Ed which translates into taxes for us.

    So Yes, #2 it is a ridiculous idea!

  • snow bird says:

    Millstone . State patrol there.

  • more laws says:

    Waste of a law and paper

  • Ron Benvenisti says:

    In a previous article called: “Moving Forward: Redefining Government in the Digital Age” that appeared on TLS the day after the election;

    I spoke about the numerous benefits of data-sharing between agencies. In this case its the Police and BOE using shared information that already exists to provide our children with an enhanced level of protection. Glad people are listening and I applaud this effort and hopefully many more to come.

    “By consolidating and reusing information technology assets, staff and constituents receive a vastly improved level through self-service access to information. The cloud based platform provides a reduced system maintenance burden with more secure access and privacy. Agencies and affiliated organizations (like a Chamber of Commerce or Town Committee) can save millions in technology and staff costs.

    More revenue, less taxation, increased economic opportunities, less waste, more agility and scalability in providing vital services and more transparency all around. This is not a utopian vision. If it could be done for a municipality as large as New York it can be done in the smallest towns. Township and City mayors, county administrators and agency leaders need to start bringing this vision to life for a better quality of life for its constituency. The means already exist and the data is readily available now”.

  • Mike Romeo says:

    Are you crazy..that is a great idea but do you have any idea how many bus stops are in this town? it would be impossible to keep track of who is where and what bus stop is close. That is crazy..
    oh and to the one asking what town doesnt have police depts, some small towns in NJ are patrolled by the NJ SP and some have agreements with other towns to patrol their towns because having a police dept wasnt needed at the time they were organized

  • Lakewooder says:

    Hey Ronald, you are so right!

  • Former Lakewood Resident says:

    To those who commented that there’s two many bus stops in this town and that there isn’t enough manpower to patrol them all, lakewood would not be affected by this bill because it has it’s own police station located within the town and is specifically for all of Lakewood. This bill if passed would be be for small towns located in bigger towns who don’t have their own designated police station such as ramtown, farmingdale and other boros of bigger towns, as there are a many of them in NJ. If you lived in one of those small towns you would appreciate this kind of bill. Not sure why it’s posted on the LAKEWOOD scoop, I suppose it’s just to keep others informed of what’s going on in other parts of NJ.

  • Former Lakewood Resident says:

    I meant to say TOO instead of two before anyone corrects me.

  • idrives says:

    This wouldn’t be bad for Lakewood tosadopt anyway

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