TEHILLIM: Infant in Critical Condition After being Struck by Vehicle Backing Up

infant struck 7-6-15PHOTOS: A Lakewood infant is in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle backing up in a parking lot, officials confirm to TLS.

The approximately one-year-old boy was in a stroller in a local parking lot at around 4:45 PM, when a vehicle backing out of a parking space struck the stroller, knocking the infant to the ground, officials say.

Hatzolah paramedics rushed to the scene and found the infant lying near the vehicle with severe injuries.

The boy was transported by Hatzolah Paramedics to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in critical condition, officials say.

infant struck 2 7-6-15Authorities are investigating the incident.

Please take a moments to be Mispallel for Chaim Pinchos ben Rivka Sarah.



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There are 15 Comments to "TEHILLIM: Infant in Critical Condition After being Struck by Vehicle Backing Up"

  • think again says:

    It is now “Bein Hametzarim”, the “three weeks”, and unfortunately many “accidents” occur during this time EVERY year…
    We MUST do something NOW to stop the terrible “gezeirah” of this time of year.
    At the very least, be kind to everyone and respectful, give tzedakah every day, and after davening say some tehillim.
    B’suros Tovos and Refuah Shleimah to all in need.

  • Max says:

    Actually a little different than was posted. A Doctor was only feet away and immediately performed CPR and stabilizing the child until Hatzola came.

    Refua Shleima and Besuros Tovos

  • Slow Down & Wise Up says:

    It’s a tremendous lack of faith that people are in such a rush and nervous frenzy. Relax, you’ll get to where you need to be exactly when you are supposed to be there. The day is designed well in advance of your plans. How many people are still alive because something or someone caused them to be late? Only your reactions can screw it all up to the point of the un-imaginable. Think about how true it is and slow down, relax and by doing so, prevent the un-thinkable. Show that you have faith in your Creator. We are just passengers in a plane with an expert pilot, relax and enjoy the ride. You will get to your exact destination at the precise time. Don’t push it.

  • Concerned says:

    I was there, it was a horrible unnecessary accident, people need to be super careful when backing up and anytime when driving!

  • anonymous says:

    Is there a name for tehilim

  • Chana says:

    Stop blaming people and just daven for the child. Learn what you can from the incident but no need to put blame on driver or anyone else.

  • mk says:

    We all must realize that this is from hashem unfortunately this person was the messenger
    We should daven for both the child and the driver
    I can only imagine what the driver is going through

  • anonymous says:

    First on the scene was a young fellow, Avi (moderated) from Lakewood. He B”H acted quickly when he heard a loud noise and saw the mother calling for help. Finding the child unresponsive, he did was he learned in the few EMT courses that he took. Someone else called Hatzoloh and got a doc from the nearby building.
    We should daven for this child and thank Hashem for the quick response of the community.

  • 3eqwefc says:

    I dont think the Hatzalah members would like their names publicized
    ask first

  • Anonymous says:

    He’s not a Hatzoloh member and I did ask.

  • Moshe says:

    It helps to always try and park in such a way that you can pull forward from the spot when leaving. this might entail either pulling thru a double spot or backing in. You have more control and better vision when you arrive at the parking spot, then you do when leaving. Try this and see if it’s not better.

  • Anonymous says:

    If anyone hears any updates, can you please post it? Unfortunately lately we have been hearing so many tragic stories (especially on the Lakewood Scoop) and we all say tehillim and feel so sorry for the family and we don’t hear when things stabilize or get better and it can get demoralizing. We will keep saying tehillim but any updates on this child (or any other unfortunate story) would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • ifiknewthen says:

    The proper way to back up is to look both ways over your shoulder. If you see a person approaching your car, wait for them to pass. Too many people are on phones and not paying attention to cars backing up. My car has a back up camera which is very good. But, I still look over my shoulder because the camera only shows what’s directly behind my car.

  • Ruth says:

    The baby is stable and possibly could go home next week.

  • Devorah says:

    Baby is in stable condition. He will heal. Thanks to all for your prayers. He is still in hospital, but hopefully will be released soon.

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