Baalei Batim from Orchas Chaim Donate Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Raise for Rabbeim; Simcha Fund Announced

ozeriIn an unprecedented move during their annual dinner last night, Yeshivah Orchas Chaim announced that parents banded together to provide a raise for the dozens of Rabbeim and Menahlim for this year and the coming years.

After listening to an address by Reb Dovid Azeri at the Agudah convention encouraging Mosdos to give raises to their Rabbeim, some parents in Orchas Chaim decided to put the idea into motion.

A couple of Baalei Batim (not being named upon request) were approached, and immediately donated tens of thousand of dollars towards a raise for the 53 Rabbeim and Menahelim.

However, in just days, the momentum grew tremendously, and Baalei Batim managed to put together hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure the Rabbeim had a steady raise each year.

With the amounts donated and pledged, the Yeshivah announced a steady raise of $10,000 each year, starting with $5,000 this year. In fact, enough funds were already raised to cover the full $5,000 raise for this year.

“It’s truly amazing,” an Askan involved with the project told TLS. “This is besides the tuition and dinner pledges.”

In addition to the raise, the Yeshivah has also opened a parent-funded Simcha Fund for the staff.

Each Rebbe making a wedding will receive $10,000 from the fund, and $2,500 will be given to the Rabbeim making a Bar Mitzvah.

Two of the sponsors of the program have already pledged to give $50,000 for the next three years, and more and more parents are getting involved.

“Hopefully parents from other Yeshivahs will follow, bringing much-needed relief to those we entrust with our most valuable assets,” a parent told TLS.



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There are 29 Comments to "Baalei Batim from Orchas Chaim Donate Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Raise for Rabbeim; Simcha Fund Announced"

  • Neighbor says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! If there is a will, there is a way. It really does not matter on the type of parent bodythat you have. Whether you have a parent body that can afford it or not if there is a will there is a way. It might take harder work for a school that does not have some of that parent body but it is definitely possible. . Our rabbeim deserve not only in this school but in every school

  • jog a thon says:

    This is unbelievable. I’m so proud of R Yanky and the Choshuver baalei batim of that wonderful moisad. I’ve been shraying for years that the current salary scale is not attracting our top talent to Rebbe jobs. Kudos to R’ Ozeri for bringing up this issue to the masses. ashreichem Orchos Chaim Ba’alei Batim for bringing his speech to a reality. And, BTW, I was at that dinner briefly last night. I never, in my life, saw a Yeshiva dinner, of any type, jammed like that one was. And set up beautiful. And it comes from the top. R’ Mandelbaum is a wonderfully talented individual and he puts his all to the success of this fabulous moisad. Chazak V’ematz !!

  • Harry says:

    Most schools in Lakewoid do not have this type of parent body hat can afford to do this.

  • S says:

    This is really amazing – but my question is: what about the moros? So many morohs today are supporting their families while giving lev vnafesh to their students The work that morahs do along with their extreme devotion to their students is unprecedented. The idea that morahs should live in poverty while giving everything they have to the future of klal yisroel is preposterous. Something must be done to ensure that good teachers remain teaching and to encourage future morohs to go into this field.

    From a morah who is sadly considering leaving her job to enable herself to support her family…

  • Harry says:

    Please explain. Is this 10k or 5k ? It sounds like this is 10k per year ? It sounds beautiful Does this mean a Rebbi wil
    be getting an adfitional 100,000 over t he next 10 years ? Sounds a little expensive unlesd this is a real rich school

  • Nice says:

    Nice to see that people are using the gifts of the economy that Hashem has given us in recent times, to do chesed and help others. These people, and all the others that use their financial success to help the world be a better place should merit to see abundance of wealth and happiness. This should help the rabbis focus on teaching our children without having the strain of financial hardship.

  • An OC Parent says:

    The OC parent who led the initiative is such a special special person. I am just an acquaintance of his and I always marvel at the amount of askanus he does in exchange for no kavod and no reward. I grew up with him as a young boy and he’s always been a very special person.

    To the parents of other schools in town, perhaps Orchaim Chaim does have a more well off parent body but that is no excuse not to do anything!?! What about a $5k raise? Remember, this was not started by the hanhalah. This was started by the parents!

    And to the Morah who posted above, you are 100% correct that you deserve better than the minuscule amounts the schools pay. Our Morahs are the teachers of the future mothers of klal yisroel. We ought to pay them better as well.

  • working guy says:

    i’m a working guy trying to make ends meet. i am just over the income limit to get programs. when will someone help people like me. no i’m not a rebbe but i’m also working hard to support my family. there are so many programs to help the low income/rebbeim but there is nothing ot help a hard working man like myself. my only comfort is that i will get schar in shamayim for working many long hours to support my family and not getting a single present/donation/program like the teachers and rebbeim do. i don’t mean any disrepect but i just want to make people aware that people that work in an office are struggling to covers bills as well especially since we have no programs or special kollel discounts…..

  • Not sure says:

    Amazing!! Very nice. It is just hard for the avg parent to give anymore towards their childs education. However, If all the personally owned schools would show the parent body their books so we can see the revenue stream and outflow of funds maybe parents would get more involved in these types of programs when necessary.

  • Neighbor says:

    To jog-athon, if there is a will there is a way. If any school feels that this is the right thing then they will be able to do it. It might take a little bit or even a lot more work for some Mosdos more than others but once again if there’s a will there’s a way. And regarding the Moros, what they do is unbelievable however for generations and generations the Milam date tonight guys have a specific and special place in Chloe’s I’l what they do is unbelievable however for generations and generations the melamde tinokos have a special part in our nation. Whether you like it or not, milamdei tinokos are the Rabbeim. Not the Moros . While Moros are vital, their job is not one of passing down f from generation to generation the cheshkas and ahavas Hatorah.

  • Neighbor says:

    I apologize my post was AutoCorrect did and I will write again what I meant .forgenerations our milamdei tinolos have been the ones we entrust to instill the ahavas and cheshkas Hatorah to our sons. While Moros are vital, their job is not as the rebbe

  • Baal habayis says:

    Wow, I’m thinking of leaving my office job to become a rebbi at OC 😉

  • S says:

    Neighbor – what would you say if the good and talented morohs upped and left their jobs? Were beginning to understand that it’s not just anyone who can really run a class properly and deal with the myriad issues that come up in classrooms today. Whenever I mention to people that I plan to leave teaching because the salary is unsustainable, I hear – “No, you cant leave teaching, think about your students!” But, my family and children come first.

    I also want to know how schools can justify spending thousands on PR and fancy extra cirriucular projects when they wont pay their own teachers respectable salaries.

  • Anon says:

    I’m a business owner looking to hire some assistants and can’t understand how some morahs or assistants work for minimum wage (or even lower for someone I know), but it’s hard to find someone that would do some basic computer work for $15/hour

  • Neighbor says:

    Handi, you took the words right out of my mouth. You could not have said it better. while Moros are very important, if you feel that your family will not have what it needs because you are not being paid as much as you think you should, then leave. I don’t blame you, but there will always be those who understand how it has always been. I hope you find a job that Will pay you better. In my life I have learned something, nobody is indispensable.

  • jog a thon says:

    To S. Ur 100% right. And, in the future, plz never lower urself to answer or respond in any way to Insensitive posts like the one by “Neighbor”. We feel ur pain and R sorry to see u leaving the profession u excel in and is helping all of Klal Yisroel. Hatzlocha in all that u do.

  • hard working guy says:

    beautiful and well deserved! However I’ve been hard at work for years to bring in a parnassah for my family and it might be a lot harder than being a rebbe who has programs and money toward tuition… Rebbeim deserve the raise but i don’t know that them being on programs and all the perks they get.. are that bad after all!

  • cool masmid says:

    #4- your point is a good one but the reality is its not going to happen at least not with the same enthusiasm as it is with respect to Rabbeim simply because the thinking is, if its teachers too then how about teacher’s helpers and subs and the school secretary and the school nurse and the bookkeeper and so on….let’s give’em all a raise and no one is buying into that … Also the argument that is being made that if we don’t take care of the Rabbeim of today we are going to be in big trouble….I don’t think that argument can be made as forcefully with regards to teachers…’s just a reality as we will always find good teachers…

  • hard worker says:

    To working guy.
    I can’t agree with you more! While they deserve all the money in the world and should get all the money…. but somehow its a lot of us who don’t have the house and don’t have the latest car simply because we work hard don’t have programs and can’t afford it.

  • not stupid mom says:

    nothing is better then having a happy rebbi. they should be comfortable that their gashmayois is taken care. so they can give all they got.

  • Just another Working guy says:

    Come on! These are our kids rebbeim!! They spend more time with your son than you do so cut them some slack & let them have a much deserved raise!

  • MD says:

    i hope it is just an oversight in the article that the English teachers are not mentioned. I fully agree with the what the teacher’s wrote (I am not a teacher). it is serious discrimination if they do not receive something. (we are not at the point where it will be equal and that is life, but they should also be receiving raises)

  • Another hard working guy says:

    Yep, here is another one of those hard working guys who B’H does not qualify for any programs and yet has to struggle to cover bills. Come Yom Tov, the beginning of the year is especially tough. Sorry, but with the way things are structured so Rebbeim can be on every program, several mosdos(including the one in tis article) provide FREE tuition for Rebbeim’s children- I just don’t see that they’re so bad off. No, they likely don’t have a chance at getting wealthy being a Rebbi but they are doing better than I am, with my professional job and nice salary. I respect them very much but I think as others above have said- perhaps all these wonderful ballei battim should look at their employees and ensure they are truly covering their bills before being the worlds greatest “anonymous” philanthropists……. What I see is that many of these same ballei battim are big sticklers with their employees and do not adequately pay them because of local supply and demand. Tzedokkah begins at HOME. FYI, I do not work for a local employer, so I’m not kvetching about my employer- and he is not an OC parent etc.

  • Ms says:

    I totally understand the Moros comments.. We must start paying talented Moros better… It has become a situation where the talented and brightest are all becoming therapists so they can support their husbands learning.
    My wife was a teacher and had to leave the world she loved and that she excelled in as the pay and schedule were not manageable…
    It is time for our girls schools to pay well so they can hire good teachers!!!

  • Harry says:

    How can girls school give big raises when the same bale batim who donate to boys schools,wont give money to girls schools because its not called hachzokas hatorah

  • working for two mosdos says:

    First lets see all parents pay their portion of tuition (after all scholarships) then we can talk about raising money from them to give well deserved raises.

  • Cheder Parent says:

    I was at the dinner because one of the honorees is a friend. I will say one thing. I have never seen a school dinner that mobbed. You could not get into the hall.

  • A Grateful Parent says:

    The Rebbeim have the most important and challenging job out of ANY of us. If they end up making more than a baal habas- guess what? They deserve it!!! and also the one who benefits the most from your Rebbe’s raise is your child! (By the way, we are a working, no programs family.)

  • Father Of Daughters says:

    #10, Yes for generations melamdi tinikus have a special part. However, thiey were never paid too much. it was always a very low paying job. I am not complaining. BH klall yisroel has more money so why not pay the rebbeim more? They uphold our nation However, noone should naivley think that what we currently pay is bad. Its the most well paid of any generation.
    #18, Re “Also the argument that is being made that if we don’t take care of the Rabbeim of today we are going to be in big trouble”. Why will we be in big trouble? There was quite a supply of capable rabbiem even prior to the whole movement to raise salaries. In fact I do think there is a teacher crisis. i do believe the teacher supply is dwindiling much sooner than the rebbe supply. I don’t know too many girls coming out of seminary who dream about being a school teacher for 18k a yr. And I don’t think too many boys want to date that crowd. Once again I am not knocking the movement. Its commendable to pay rabbiem who put lev vnefesh into their work more $$$. But to base that argument on supply & demand is a weak argument. And frankly moras do deserve the same.