EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Boy in Coffee Incident Apologizes to Homeless Man; Residents Take Man for Haircut, Shopping and Put him up in Motel for the Storm

hug homeless man“I feel like a million billion dollars….this is the best day in my life….thank you Lakewood, New Jersey…”

These are some of the statements from the now-famous Lakewood homeless man after he was apologized to, taken for a haircut and taken to Walmart for new clothing.

homelessAfter hearing about the coffee incident, Lakewood residents Ari Boyer from MBD Moving in Lakewood and Jerry B. decided they were going to make this better for the unfortunate man, Ron.

This morning, the boy in the incident profusely apologized to Ron, and then they hugged each other, wishing each other “G-d bless you.”

ron 2“You look beautiful with that haircut,” the boy told Ron.”Oh my goodness, I feel three or four years younger,” Ron replied…”I appreciate your apologies, I really do.”

After the haircut, Ari Boyer took the man into his car and drove him to Walmart to go shopping for new clothing.

ron after haircut at walmartThe residents will also be putting up Ron at a motel for the weekend, to ensure he stays warm and safe during the impending storm.



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There are 27 Comments to "EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Boy in Coffee Incident Apologizes to Homeless Man; Residents Take Man for Haircut, Shopping and Put him up in Motel for the Storm"

  • Unkown says:

    I bought him lunch about 3 weeks ago 7-11 on rt 9 hes a good guy ….

  • chaim says:

    someone should send the link to that hispanic guy on Facebook who basically through the whole town under the bus and every jew under the bus because of one 16 yr old kids moment of stupidity.

    Us Jews art perfect, we are human , we make mistakes, and when we do e usually try our best to fix them. Sometimes we can’t and some times we can. We try to always best we can but sometimes we fail .

    Thank you TLS for updating this story

  • WOW says:

    Amazing stuff. I jusst have this sad hunch that this won’t be as widely shared as the original story was.. So sad, but what an amazin ending

  • Eddie says:

    Wow Proud to live in lkwd near the The Orthodox community ! Some people do crazy things and it shouldn’t make all look bad I’m happy that the kid apologized and someone else made it up to him.

  • command post says:

    Alot of ppl may not know this: Ari Boyer is from the hidden Tzaddikim of our generation. His generosity is humnbling, his hiddenness awe-inspiring. May he & his beautiful family have lots of nachas, Hatzlocha, Parnassah & gezunt Ad Bias Goel. MBD Rocks !!

  • Chana Lewin says:

    It is truly good that this boy has made amends with Ron. I am glad that he will at least be warm for this weekend’s storm. I would also like to see stories on how his is doing later this year. Do not want to forget about him as he clearly needs the continued help of our great community.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just for those wondering if those wounds on his face is from the hot coffee, it is not. It is from the way he sleeps on rocks and falling. And never treated the wounds.

  • Chana Lewin says:

    @2 chaim. We should just forgive the guy that posted the original story, and not make him more famous. He may have actually done us a service if it provides an example to the youth of how their bad behavior can have negative consequences.

  • Mike says:

    The author might want to elaborate on what the “coffee incident” is, for those who might not be familiar with the story.

  • Roy says:

    It’s a sad story yes. People have to realize there are many more people living outside that are the brunt of humiliation. If everyone could do just a little to help, nobody would be homeless.

  • sharon says:

    I’m glad you attempted to right the situation but that was a God awful thing to do to someone!!
    Truly should’ve never happened

  • JustWondering says:

    People need to be aware of how the acts they do are perceived by others. There was one person, who did a horrible act, an unacceptable act, and yet this went viral and has caused damage to the entire community. This is not reflective of the community at all, but that did not hinder the negative impact it has had.

  • Argo says:

    This story has now been posted to the same website where the original anti-semitic post was published. It’s shameful that the guy’s post there used so much hateful language. Hopefully the ending will neutralize some of the hatred this story originally generated.

  • bubbie zelda says:

    AGREE WITH #13 100 %.

  • Ken Bohrer says:

    I read this story on USA TODAY and became so angry. This incident has nothing to do with religion. It’s about showing decency & empathy towards others. What a degrading act this student did! Why-what was the purpose? At least he apologized.

  • Jorgen says:

    10: “you won’t get a reward from your Father in heaven” Where in heavens name did u get that from. Stop making things up!

  • Long Time Lakewood says:

    This was a great lesson to us all about “Ayin Roah Ve’ozen Shoma’as , vvechol maasecha basefer nichtaavim” Even if our deeds don’t show up on the internet there is Someone who always sees and always remembers.
    Kol Hakovod to Ari, but how in the world did that first incident even occur?!?!

  • Give peace a chance says:

    NOBODY is perfect. And contrary to what some IGNORANT and HATEFUL people may be saying,…all walks of life/religions/colors/etc. sometimes make bad choices or decisions. Unfortunately, a 16 year old kid from the Lakewood community, did just that. It doesn’t matter if the kid was a jew, black, white, hispanic or WHATEVER. It was a terrible mistake and the KID realize that he did a VERY BAD thing. And instead of some people focusing on the BEGINNING of the story, they should look toward the PRESENT, and how the community is COMING TOGETHER now and trying to help Ron (the homeless guy)

  • MidwestJoe says:

    To number 19. You are mixing up 2 issues. There is the community as a whole, who have no need to apologize, as they did nothing wrong, although it is admirable how some are stepping in to help out.

    Then there is the individual who committed the act. Yes he was 16, that does not excuse his actions. Most 16 year olds would never think of doing this. Unfortunately, there are many who like you (although you meant it positively), conflate the community with the individual.

  • parent and taxpayer. says:

    glad to see the 16 yr old apologized, sure that his parents were upset. happy to see people helping the man out.

  • Erin says:

    The community should not be punished, nor should a group of people blamed for the act of one 16 yr old boy. His actions were heartless, cruel and not the normal actions of any 16 year old across the country. I don’t care if he was Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, black, white, purple; all walks of life have youth that will make a choice to intentionally hurt another. The boy and his actions (both bad and good) should be the focus, not what race or religion he is. What matters is that he recognized what he did was wrong and took steps to make amends. Despite his cruel act, some good came from it and a valuable lesson learned. God Bless the poor victim in all this.

  • Mary Ledwith says:

    Help this man go thru social serves to find him decent housting evendors if juse a room. Maybe a Lakewood Synagogue or church could take him under their wing till some aide or benefits or kick in. I am sure he does not know how to even start the process. It would be interesting to why he became homeless and just surviving from day to day. It can happen to so many who are just living on the edge.

  • kathy says:

    Happy ending to a sad story. We need to stick together in these crazy times we live in. God bless everyone who helped this man.

  • Erika says:

    In addition, it’s wonderful what Ari did, and shows his beating, kind, compassionate heart.

    That being said, why didn’t the teen who actually paid him to pour hot coffee over his head buy him a meal, haircut, shave, a few nights in a hotel?????

  • ron claxton says:

    I am homeless in mobile, alabama. There is no help for the homeless in alabama.

  • Debra says:

    The apology was great and deserved but it shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Be kind people its infectious.

  • CommonSense says:

    Why aren’t you publishing my comment? Censorship is a sign of weakness.