TLS EXCLUSIVE: Insider Presidential Political Intrigue

romney tlsFox News’ top story tonight is that former presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney will give an important speech tomorrow at 11:30 AM EST, but Fox News does not know the content. The Lakewood Scoop may have the answer.

A senior level Republican has exclusively told TLS that the senior ex-Jeb Bush presidential campaign staffers, who worked for Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012, have been in secret meetings with Romney about upsetting the presidential election if Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination.

Governor Romney is considering running as a third party presidential candidate this year if Donald Trump wins his party’s nomination. But Romney would not run a national campaign.

The ex-Governor has been considering running in only three to seven states, in an election of Trump versus Clinton, to prevent either major party candidate from getting a majority of the Electoral College votes in the general election. If this scenario occurs, then the House of Representatives, controlled by the Republicans and headed by Representative Paul Ryan, would pick the next President. Romney believes that the Republican Congress would pick him.

In presidential elections, the winner of the majority of citizen votes in a state results in that candidate getting all of the Electoral College votes for that state. After the public election, the Electoral College votes. The candidate who wins over 50% of the Electoral College votes becomes the next President of the United States. In 1804, the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified which provided that if no candidate wins over 50% of the Electoral College votes then the House of Representatives picks the next President from the three top Electoral College vote winners.

So if Trump, Clinton, and Romney all run, and Romney wins a few key states that prevents Trump and Clinton from individually winning a majority of the Electoral College votes, then the Republican controlled Congress will pick the next president from the three top Electoral College vote winners. Romney believes that the Republican majority Congress will pick him.

Stay tuned for Governor Romney’s highly publicized speech tomorrow at 11:30 AM.



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There are 24 Comments to "TLS EXCLUSIVE: Insider Presidential Political Intrigue"

  • Jewish man says:

    Are u dreaming?!?

  • Rubio/kasich 2016 says:

    I voted for Romney and I don’t like Trump. But please give me a break this isn’t gonna work. This is ridiculous at best.

  • NJ Terp says:

    Romney ran a horrible campaign, he should have won in 2012.

    They better get over the fact that Trump will be the candidate, or, if they keep playing games Hillary will win

  • Renter says:

    Ridiculous. Why would Congress select the candidate that their constitutes didn’t want?

  • barry says:

    tls has inside info. sweet

  • Big Doner says:

    Great strategy. Go for it.

  • Big Doner says:

    Renter because Rommey understands that congress does not care what the people want. They will do what is best for them and their agenda.

  • Ella says:

    I am a lifelong conservative and Hillary is far better than Trump. We survived Obama and we can survive Hillary. But Trump is a dangerous fascist who has no regard for the Constitution or any of the laws of the US. The GOP will so regret nominating him when Hillary wipes the floor with him. This was such a winnable election for the GOP and they still managed to bungle it by nominating an unelectable amd dangerous candidate, ignoring fantastic chouces like Rubio who would have unites the party and beaten Hillary. Unbelievable.

  • Lakewooddaas says:

    Briliant move playing trump at his own game of threat to hijack gop
    Art of the deal played on trump love to see who is the better poker player

  • lol says:


  • Mike says:

    Tls hosting next debate

  • Yehuda says:

    @NJ Terp
    Romney did not run a horrible campaign. Stop parakeeting Trumps nonsense.

    Romney made one foolish remark. yes you read that right. ONE foolish comment and Romney was done!

    Those that remember, Romney’s boo-boo was the 47 percent video that undercut his chance of becoming president of the United States.

    In that video, candidate Mitt Romney was captured making some inflammatory comments about people who don’t pay income tax in America – the people he says will vote for President Obama “no matter what.”

    How things have changed in 4 years!!!

    The Trumpmeister makes meshuga remarks daily and people love it.

    Romney said something arguably true, and lost because it wasn’t PC

    Go figure!!

  • Jog a thon says:

    The circus continues. Most of us agree that the Republican ideas & values match mostly with ours, but, the party is a mess. Ella is right, Trump will be creamed by Hillary and she’s a horrible candidate. The GOP is a terrible, terrible joke.

  • cool masmid says:

    So now we are now going to have Mitt Romney in the mix. Most news outlets are also reporting Michael Bloomberg is set to announce his attention of running for president. It’s going to be interesting to watch to see how this plays out. Money talks but when you have 3 super wealthy candidates running it’s going to be interesting to see who’s money talks the loudest.

  • israeli says:

    GO ROMNEY GO! I wish this would happen!

  • Big Doner says:

    Trump is everybodys meshugena! But he is a good Meshugena. Out to help the regular average yo yo. Great choice.

  • Loops says:

    One more point to add on to your true post; Romney lost because a large amount of stupid evangelicals couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a Mormon.
    Also, your incredulousness on how Trump gets away with these comments compared to Romney is not really a question. Romney was not getting the 47% who don’t pay taxes. He lost a few more percentage points for the comment and a few more from those who can go both ways. Trump so far hasn’t gotten more than 34% of Republicans and likely will never get any more. Ina two race with Hillary, no Democrats voting for him and countless millions of Republicans abstaining, I doubt Trump will even pull 40%!

  • little wierd says:

    Ha “fox” news anchors didnt pick this info up but” THE LAKEWOOD SCOOP ” “anchors” picked up this scoop lovin it . btw they make it sound so simple is it that simple ?????

  • Boogies says:

    Im baffled by which states Romney thinks he can win that didn’t go to Obama? He lost every swing state. Unless one needs to get fifty per cent of the vote in each state to get its delegates I don’t see which states he’d win. He lost every swing state against a horrible president that was polarizing. Romney would need to win some states which he had lost. Unless it also brings a Bloomberg into the race I am skeptical that there is any sense in this idea.
    Obama won because he had a much better ground game then Romney (with rampant voter fraud in the swing states). Romney lacks charisma, and is unappealing to minorities and Hispanics.

  • Boogies says:

    Romney can possibly pick up some states in the south. This will only work if Trump can win some states which Obsma had won. Trump and Romney would need to pick up 270 electoral delegates. Obama got 332 in 2012. This will only work if Trump will win states like Pa, NJ, NY – states that Obama had won.
    There is always a chance that Trump just drops out of the race to stick it to the republicans.

  • @ #18 says:

    Some said the same thing when the scoop was the first in the world to report that pollard was being released. “Why would the scoop know about pollard if even CNN and Fox don’t.” They were right on. Good job scoop.

  • oldmansfury says:

    Romney lost the election because of that statement and the fact that religious right wing republicans would not support him. Ms Clinton is courting the support of groups depending on the government dole and winning their support, just check out who supported her in South Carolina.
    Bloomberg won’t run as an independent because he would split the democratic vote and give the republican candidate the election, his people have already announced this.
    It’s sad that the mainstream republicans lead by Romney are so afraid of a Trump candidacy that they would rather destroy the GOP.
    Any political maneuvers that would deny Trump the nomination and his supporters would stay home election day handing the presidency to Clinton.
    If you think Israel was ignored and its prime minister snubbed by Obama, Watch what happens in a Clinton administration!
    One of the most popular and loved president ever, Teddy Roosevelt, attempted to regain the White house as a third party candidate under the Bull Moose third party and the split it made in the Republican party gave the election to the democrats on a platter.

  • ANON says:

    Today has nothing to do with the 2012 elections where Romney was running against an incumbent. So Romney could definitely win some states.
    I’m sure this didn’t happen in a vacuum. The party is trying to do whatever it can to get rid of trump. I’m sure Romney spoke to the house republican leaders and strategized together. So this could definitely work. Only trouble is trump has such a groundswell of grassroots support among republicans it’s gonna be hard to go against that.
    From trump standpoint he desperately needs to start forming alliances among the party leaders like offering positions like they do in Israel just to shore up the foundation of his candidacy

  • JustWondering says:

    This doesn’t make sense, Romney would not win one state, and the outrage for usurping the Democratic Proccess would be unprecedented.

    The fact is Trump has a lot of good points.

    1)Middle class wages are lower than what they were a decade ago.

    2) The trade deals the U.S. has made has led to a trade deficit with every major trading partner. Unsustainable long term.

    3) Corporations have trillions of dollars stuck overseas, the tax rate on these transfers needs to be lowered so the money can stimulate the U.S. economy

    3) Major corporations have been moving overseas in droves to escape U.S. tax rates. A plan needs to be put in place to reverse this.

    4) The companies remaining in the U.S. have been both moving manufacturing overseas, eliminating manufacturing jobs, while importing IT workers to replace American workers (technically against the law, but the justice department has not prosecuted the offenders)

    IT wages are lower than they wee a decade ago. This is only because there is an endless supply of cheap imported IT workers.

    Trump is the only candidate that addressed these problems.