Reminder: No Slurpee Promotions at Lakewood 7/11 [UPDATED]

imageAs reported in May, the 7/11 in Lakewood no longer participates in slurpee promotions.

It’s unknown if any other stores made similar policies.

UPDATE 1PM: It appears the store changed its mind, and is offering free slurpees today – while free cup supplies lasts. According to one customer, the store is also limiting them to five per family.

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There are 24 Comments to "Reminder: No Slurpee Promotions at Lakewood 7/11 [UPDATED]"

  • Yudi says:

    I think we should show them how much they need us!!! Let’s stop goin there! No jew should walk on there for next few weeks. Teach them a thing a two!!!! Idiots!


    if you abuse promotions they get taken away. there are many companies that have free returns EXCEPT for lakewood since they feel they lose money on the promotions.

  • Nate says:

    Local 7/11 Stores participate in these promotions to give back to their CUSTOMERS. Unfortunately the vast majority of people that were coming in on 7/11 to get free Slurpees were individuals who would not patronize the store year round. There would be families coming in without saying hello, without saying thank you, with out acknowledging that the store is doing them a favor, and not the the other way around. The store made a decision not to do it because they feel their regular customers are loyal to them regardless.

  • Jbw says:

    Oh boy… here we go..
    TLS, Can we please close the comments on this notice?
    It’s just a slurpee, people. Even if you are 100% right, please… get over it. Such entitlement… over a slurpee..?!

  • Must be said says:

    What a massive chilul Hashem! Yudi, instead of concentrating on how to “show them”, let’s concentrate on how this came to be and what we can do to improve. There is obviously something wrong with out specific local population that caused this rare execrations in their promotions.

  • geshmakster says:

    jbw we need more people like you. Who cares if they are right or wrong its just a slurpee that costs about $1

  • little me says:

    where is this one located?

  • Give back to lkwd says:

    I would like to propose someone sponsor free Slurpees and the store will be overwhelmed with people give them a taste of their own medicine

  • Mark levin says:

    The slurpee giveaway is an opportunity for them to give back to a community that supports them
    This 7/11 lacks in Hakaras hatov, we support that 7/11 and if u even request an extra straw they bawk at u

  • Garry from passaic says:

    It’s not abt the dollar it’s giving back to the costumers that give them business and we give them most of it even if some costumers r being rude ect… everyone should call the Company and complain enough with the anti……..

  • Shalom says:

    It costs more in gas to sit in traffic and GET to the 7-11! Seriously, enough already!! The Slurpee cost about $1! You’re gonna risk giving this whole town a bad name for $1???

  • Straight Talker says:

    Let’s be real here people, this is a classic case of good old anti-semitism. You’re gonna tell me that the blacks in Harlem or the hispanics in wherever, aren’t storming their local 7/11 branches on July 11? Give me a break, it’s just that if they dear do somthing like that there, (moderated)… just sayin.

  • Straight Talker says:

    It’s not about the dollar everyone, it’s the ideology.

  • Boo huh says:

    It’s not the $1.29. It’s that stores mentality. I used to frequent this store allot. There are many Lakewood ppl buying there and most times well behaved.

  • Cool Masmid says:

    #7- little me: Just if you do end up going, remember it’s 5 per family. Thought to tell you.

  • Lakewooder says:

    I got a free slurpee with my daughter as well, and other free stuff.

  • Just wondering says:

    Was just there, got my free slurpee. All prepared, I was in and out in under 30 seconds!

  • Mi Ha'ish says:

    Why would anyone bother going to 7/11.. QuickCheck is waay better! They even had free slurpees for TWO weeks when they opened, and they always gave the customer a smile. I started doing all my convenience shopping with QuickCheck.

  • DW says:

    The personnel in the 7-11 on River Avenue are definitely anti-semitic. I was there a little bit after 5:00 PM. One employee came to the door at approximately 5:05 and locked it only allowing people to exit. He claimed that there were too many people in the store which is understandable. However, he allowed all non-jews who came to the door to enter and no jews. When questioned he claimed that the machines were down and needed to replenish, pointing at a woman’s cup as she left the store. The woman made a questioning face and showed us that her slurpee was just fine. This was clearly just an excuse. When the store was almost empty he let the last few people out of the back door and didn’t even come to the front to communicate with the long line waiting at the door, which was 99% frum jews. The three employees then got very “busy” in the back of the store and with mopping the floor. The person mopping kept mopping the area in the front of the store over and over again! After approximately a half hour they finally opened the doors and kept tight control…I have never witnessed such outright antisemitism to a large crowd like that….

  • Me says:

    Anyone report this incident? Not that it’s gonna help….

  • DW says:

    I would but who should it be reported to?

  • Chopper880 says:

    I avoid going to this 7/11 in particular. The clerks are nasty!!!! Why go there when you can go to Wawa or QuickCheck and get service with a smile.

  • U R What U Smell says:

    Slurpee, shmurpee. Who could stand the acrid smell of all that non-kosher “food”. Yecch.