PHOTOS: Group from Lakewood heading to Texas to assist in Emergency Operations, and help families in Houston

A group of trained emergency personnel are heading to Texas to assist with the emergency operations there, and to help families in the Houston community.

The volunteer emergency personnel this evening received the blessings of the Lakewood Police Department, as well as from Askonim.

The group will leave Wednesday morning, and head directly to the hardest stricken areas, under the guidance of the National Guard and other operations coordinators.

Also part of their mission is to assist the families in Houston. The group stocked up this evening on items such masks, cleanup and medical supplies. (Food is already being supplied.)

“We’re also going to assess the situation and see what else is needed, and how we can be of assistance,” one of the members told TLS.

Just two blocks from the Kollel in Houston, homes are reportedly under approximately eight feet of water.

A group of emergency personnel from Los Angeles and New York have also flew down to assist, and dozens more from Lakewood are also on standby, and ready to head in with advanced equipment if needed.

The floods have already claimed the lives of 15 people.


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There are 15 Comments to "PHOTOS: Group from Lakewood heading to Texas to assist in Emergency Operations, and help families in Houston"

  • Jack says:

    Wow god bless them an protect them. The rest of us can say some Tehilim!!!!!

  • Lakewooder says:

    I wanna see & nj1015 report this!

  • Old lakewooder says:

    Sorry to point this out but how will Marlboro cigarettes help out the situation?
    Hatzlocha , otherwise!

  • Sam says:

    Probably because all the cigarettes in Texas are waterlogged

  • Commenter says:

    No need for Marlboro cigarettes… they have Vintage Seltzer. 😉 Kudos to them for taking their care and concern to real action. Inspiring to us all.

  • Houstonian says:

    Thanks for coming but your information is all wrong. BH the neighborhood housing the Kollel was spared the worst flooding. First Seder resumed Monday morning. The other frum neighborhoods were devastated and truly need help.

  • #stop the lkwd building says:

    I would love to go and help!

  • Moshe Friedman says:

    This is Moshe Friedman, the Director of the Lakewood Kollel in Houston. There has been lots of devastation in Houston but just to clarify the Kollel neighborhood and surrounding areas didn’t flood! Our neighborhood is baruch hashem safe and dry and the Kollel yungeleit are not in need of assistance…unless you can help them with a tough sugya towards the end of Beitza. I’m assuming that this group is coming to help the real victims of Harvey!

  • Good luck says:

    Good luck.

    (The cigarettes also threw me off- don’t smoke)

  • Mike says:

    Good Luck!!

    Perhaps remove the picture with the carton of cigarettes, promoting a unhealthy and dangerous habit is not smart.

  • Amil Zola says:

    Texas said that relief efforts should be coordinated via their state agencies due to infrastructure failures. Bridges and roads are failing due to the floods putting those delivering supplies in danger. I hope these individuals are coordinating their efforts to ensure the safety of their drivers and listening to what Friedman said upthread.

  • Steve in Houston says:


    I have been in Houston assisting with Hatzola of LA and NY for the last few days. Boruch Hashem as far as the kehila and kollel in danger that is currently untrue. The frum families where many have lost EVERYTHING have no need for physical help right now what they need is MONEY and chizuk. Groups heading now will only get in the way and will not have ANY effect in helping. Seems to me like they are doing this for a photo-op. They should stay home and help their local communities or get people to donate to some of the verified charities being fundraised.

  • Avraham says:

    To Moshe Friedman:
    I am sure that the community near the Kollel can use extra food supplies. I heard that there is a shortage of kosher food.

  • mayo says:

    BENTZZ!! remember to take suntan lotion for your left arm!! trucker ben driving south again!!

  • Harvey harvison says:

    To Moshe Friedman: Along with NCSY