BREAKING: Lakewood High School student charged after threat to ‘Blow up’ or ‘Shoot up’ school; (WITH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) [UPDATED]

Authorities are investigating a threat at the Lakewood high school this morning.At approximately 10 AM police and investigators were called to the high school After receiving a report of a possible threat to the school.

The student was apprehended taken into custody at the high school.

Attorney Inzelbuch provided TLS with the following information:

“This morning a Lakewood High School student sent via email from his classroom to the Lakewood Police Department a threat to cause harm.

To their credit, within minutes the Lakewood Police Department was on the scene coordinating with the District’s security team and Superintendent .

The Lakewood Police Department has determined that there is no viable threat.

The Lakewood High School and Middle School are on “lock down“ at this time in an effort to fully explore the threat and, utilize, this unfortunate event for future training.”

K9 is assisting with the investigation.


I can confirm that we are on scene at the Lakewood High School investigating a suspicious email that was sent to our department a short time ago.

At this time, the school has been placed under “lockdown” by school administrators as a precaution only.

We are speaking with two students, who are believed to be involved or have knowledge of the email as well as ensuring the safety of all students and faculty.

We anticipate clearing the scene shortly and more information will follow as it becomes available.

UPDATE 11:55AM: The lockdown has been lifted. Two teens were arrested, Inzelbuch said. One who wrote the email, and one who allowed his computer to be used.

UPDATE 1:15PM: LPD moments ago has provided more details about the incident:

“At this time we have cleared the scene and the “lock down” has been lifted.

Earlier this morning we received an email, via our department website, that made reference to “blowing up” or “shooting up” an unnamed school. Upon receiving the threat, Detectives immediately took steps to identify the location from which the email was sent. Within a few minutes we were able to determine that it was sent from the Lakewood High School and had the name of a potential suspect.

The information was relayed to our Officers assigned to the schools as well as responding personnel. After advising school administrators, a decision was made to lock-down the students in place by school officials. Officers and K9 units from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department ensured that the school was free of explosive devices.

Further investigation by Detectives Mike Cavallo and Lynn Miller, revealed after speaking with two 17-year-old students, that the email was sent as a hoax. One of the students sent our website the email but used the other students identifiers. Both students were attending a Business Law class at the time the message was sent from a school computer. It was later determined that the student who’s identifiers were used did not play a role in the hoax.

As a result, the juvenile who was determined to have sent the unamusing message was charged with Creating a False Public Alarm and Terroristic Threats. He was released a short time later pending a juvenile hearing.”




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There are 22 Comments to "BREAKING: Lakewood High School student charged after threat to ‘Blow up’ or ‘Shoot up’ school; (WITH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) [UPDATED]"

  • Will I am says:

    (moderated) was scary

  • Jackson says:

    We’re they Legal or illegal students? ?

  • Jay says:

    Maybe it was a Purim joke.

  • A says:

    What does it matter if they were illegal or legal students? @Jackson especially to you

  • Michele says:

    You have peers fighting to get laws in place to stop this then you have these that are providing proof why adults should not take them serious. Who’s parenting these children?

  • J says:

    Legal or Illegal, what makes the difference. It was a threat, one student involved and hundreds of others that had no clue what was happening. Legal or Illegal shouldn’t matter, there’s good and bad on both sides if you may know.

  • #proud yeshiva bucher! says:

    Looks very scary
    @tls gr8 video coverage Ty

  • BrooklynTransplant says:

    Kuddos to the police.
    TLS good reporting.

  • Ron Benvenisti says:

    Impressive job, LPD. You could teach the FBI and Broward Sheriff a thing or three.

  • Bruh says:

    It’s impressive how quickly LPD and other assisting bodies were on the scene investigating. Also, what does it matter whether the students were illegal or legal, they made a threat and now they’ being dealt with.

  • ListenUp says:

    The diff is that If they are illegal then GET THEM THE HIMMEL OUT OF HERE!

  • Donald Trump says:

    I would have probably run in there even without a weapon to diffuse the situation as only I can. Will talk to Turx to get more info on this story before I have the parents come down to DC for an Oval Office discussion..

  • P says:

    For “Jackson “ and “Listen up” the answer is legal a white male same as the one who made the massacre in Las Vegas and Texas church yes a Legal person made this threat hope this answer your ignorant question

  • pam says:

    wow the comments. 1st off a child cant not enter school if they r illegal. 2nd even if they were, what does it matter?!? Parents of the boy who sent it should have to pay for Everyone that was at that scene, even the dogs. That child should b expelled from Lakewood schools n hopefully will sit in Juvi n think about what he did. Hopefully since he is 17 he will be charged as an adult, then maybe others will realize its not a game.

  • A says:

    As a mother, I shouldn’t be scared to send my child to school but I am. I can’t afford to get him home schooled and I could i will but Thank God it wasn’t a real situation. With everything going on now they should not take this situation lightly! Have them expelled and prosecuted!

  • A says:

    He was obviously joking around. He’s graduating in a couple months calm down.

  • P says:

    My son attends the Middle School and they did not talked or mentioned anything from yesterday’s scare…. what a great opportunity to have talked to both schools and teaching them the seriousness of what a horrible joke or prank this is….. this can be an eye opener for anyone who would consider pulling a stunt of this magnitude

  • K says:

    Have the police show us the actual email. People are assuming etc.

  • G says:

    Don’t let this define his life. At the time he thought it was a joke. Now he’s regretting. Let him back in the school system.

  • G says:

    So you want to prosecute a student that was joking around. But you let a kid that went to school waving a knife back in. Explain yourself Lakewood Police Department.

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