Call to Action from Rabbi Avi Schnall in Response to Governor Murphy Eliminating Non-Public School Students from the $1 Billion Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act

In early July, the New Jersey State Legislature introduced the Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act, a $1 billion bond which would provide additional funding for security for all schools, including non-public schools. On Monday, August 27th, Governor Phil Murphy responded to the legislation with a conditional veto, slashing the bond proposal amount in half from $1 billion to $500 million. Additionally, he changed the proposal language from “all schools” to “district schools”, effectively preventing non-public school students from benefiting from a share in the funding.

In today’s madness of mass shootings and terrorist attacks,all children are vulnerable, especially those attending religious institutions. Yet, the security funding allocated for those children attending religious institutions is minimal compared to that of their public school counterparts.

Do our students not deserve the safety and security measures that every innocent child should be entitled to? Is it not enough that our children are already put at a greater risk? Is it not enough that this year’s nonpublic school security funding remained a stagnant $75 per child as opposed to the public school security funding increase of $65 million? Is there a reason why non-public school students are any less deserving of their basic right to safety?

As concerned parents, let us all reach out the governor and express our disappointment with this treatment of our children. Let the governor know that our children deserve to be safe in school as well.

Contact the governor here.

Thank you for your Hishtadlus,

Avi Schnall


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There are 22 Comments to "Call to Action from Rabbi Avi Schnall in Response to Governor Murphy Eliminating Non-Public School Students from the $1 Billion Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act"

  • Ari says:

    Between Governor Murphy and Senator Booker it seems the new liberal way of doing things is to give lip service to the needs of our community, deliver next to nothing, and expect our support.

    • yossi says:

      Yes that is correct – though this is not NEW. I wonder who will be recommended next time these individuals are running though.

  • Old Timer says:

    Two points.

    1.How about some proposed language to send in?

    2. I am not in favor of increased spending, as our taxes are to high already, maybe a reallocation as all students should be treated the same regardless of school.

  • BuckMartinII says:

    Murphy waited until the last day to conditionally veto this measure and still get the bond referendum on the November Election Ballot. The Legislature already approved the changes to meet the deadline. So much for transparency and access to the process. He made sure that there was no time for a lobbying effort.

  • Fool me NOT says:

    The liberals have the BEST RECORD of fooling the voters!

    They say “what you want to hear”, before you vote, screw you up after you vote!

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me every time, shame on ME!

  • RebRambo says:

    Shall I dare say, “We told you so?” What do you THINK is going to happen when you put liberal infested poloticians in office!?! Ye shall sleep in thy bed that ye make…

  • Joe McCraw says:

    What did we gain by supporting this clown. Lets not repeat the mistake of supporting a die hard liberal.

  • EM says:

    Very important to know before you attempt to send a message: After I clicked on the link and began filling out the form online, I encountered the following snag. At the very end, after filling in a message the Governor, there is a required field to upload a document. Since I didn’t have any, I clicked “submit”. As expected, it wouldn’t go through, and my message was erased too. I can’t deal with this government, I’m just going to vote for a new one next time I get a chance.

  • Askan says:

    What is the phone number to call the governor?? He needs to hear from us not just internet.

  • Frumyid says:

    The VAAD supported him. Have they attempted to reach the governor on this?

  • Avi where'd says:

    You can’t ignore the gov election time and expect him to take your calls now

  • Askan says:

    He is everybody’s govenor makes no difference if you ignored him. He swore to do an honest job. We will hold him to it.

  • ? says:

    They do deserve to be safe however if they are attending a private institution their parents should pay for it, just as they should pay for transportation and everything else that comes with going to a private school. If someone can not afford that well public schools are available to everyone and I honestly don’t understand why is it our problem?

  • Jim says:

    This bond is being talked about because of the fear of mass shootings as we have seen lately. I guess the children of private schools dont matter , it’s ok for them to be a target at the barrel of a gun. Astounding! Teachers union revenge. Anti religious bigotry. Liberalism. Putting the lives of little children in the middle of it. And they claim to protect the children. Wow!

  • Vaad?? says:

    Why no statement from the VAAD?

    • BuckMartinII says:

      I’ve always wondered why the VAAD and IGUD address letters seeking more State school aid to the Lakewood Board of Education and not directly to the Governor. For some reason the Governor is off limits on many issues confronting Lakewood’s public and private elementary and high schools. They need to step up publicly and directly to the Governor.

  • Angry says:

    We should use the money that the Governor used to put illegal citizens to school for free. They get to go to school for free while our kids don’t get protected. This Governer is a disgrace.

  • Vote No says:

    Vote No for the bond. It’s discriminatory.

  • Stacey says:

    To emoji.. you are correct that private school is a choice. The government has an obligation to protect all of its citizens. What did you mean “our problem”??. “We” pay an enormous amount a year in property taxes just like you!. What do we benefit from it?? “We” don’t send to public schools saving millions of dollars to taxpayers. Our road conditions are disastrous. Should “We” just lie down and let them take our taxes and not see a penny benefit “us”.

    Thank G-D we have lobbyists going before our elected officials to educate them of our community needs. “WE” are a close knit community of 100k+ with great people we are friendly and inviting despite what the biased media wants you to believe.

  • ? says:

    Hey angry illegal citizens? Because according to your logic all kids going to public schools are illegal? Is that your reasoning? Those comments could really insult some people. I am very sorry to tell you but people like you are the real disgrace. If you are spending all that money paying for private institutions and can not understand the difference between what u are saying and what really happens well that private education that you support so much isn’t really doing much for you

    • can you read? says:

      nobody said that all public school students are illegal.Are you suggesting none are?Besides goverments primary function is security for all,this is not dependent on anything else

  • can you read? says:

    nobody said that all public school students are illegal.Are you suggesting none are?Besides goverments primary function is security for all,this is not dependent on anything else