EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dr. Rich Roberts talks about the cancellation of his famous carnivals

After our report last week about Dr. Roberts announcing the end of his famous carnivals, there has been an outpouring of Hakaras Hatov for the Roberts family – who has graciously hosted and sponsored the carnival for all these years.

Many have asked what his ‘real reason’ was for cancelling the event, and some have even offered their suggestions as to how Dr. Roberts can accommodate the carnival.

Watch the exclusive video below, where Dr. Roberts details the issues surrounding the carnival.



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There are 22 Comments to "EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dr. Rich Roberts talks about the cancellation of his famous carnivals"

  • says:

    Video not available?

  • Dave says:

    Thank you Dr!
    The carnivals were amazing over the years.
    But there were a few dangerous and caotic situations recently that we saw, as the carnivals grew.
    For safety reasons it is time to move on from these.

    I’m sure you will come up with many more creative ways to contribute to the community

  • Yudi says:

    First of all, I want to personally thank you for all the good you do for our community!!! There are really no words to express my gratitude to you. May hashem give you the strength and ability to continue doing your amazing work in helping out klal Yisroel!
    I would like to suggest an idea: maybe you can make it in the cheder again but this time it will have to be with reservations. Which means if it is really so important for a family to come because they are struggling financially so let them plan JUST A LITTLE in advance call to reserve a slot! I honestly don’t think that all 13,000 ppl that come really NEED IT they just come cuz like why not, it’s cool and free so why not go. But if you will implement this rule that you MUST reserve before hand, only the needy ppl )and maybe few others as well ) will call. Thank you again!

  • Bd says:

    Wow Dr. Roberts!! What selfless human beings you and your family are!! You are absolutely right, noone should give ideas of how they can benefit (two days carnival, sponsor amusement park tickets) etc!!! As the saying goes Beggars can’t be choosers. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes for these carnivals. Whatever decision you make it should be with siyata dishmaya, and thank you once again for all the years we benefitted from your generosity.

  • thank you says:

    Thank you dr Robert’s for going out of your way to explain in detail. When it came out that you were considering stopping iT, My feelings were although disappointed, I felt that we have so much appreciation for all the years we benifited from your generosity! I want to take it one step further that if I may speak on behalf of the community I think it’s fair to say that 99.9% feel the same way!

    Please don’t even hear the few ungrateful ones!


  • SG says:

    Thanks So Much Dr. Roberts!
    You have done so much for the community, and it’s greatly appreciated!
    Whatever you decide, it should be with Hatzlocha!
    May HKBH Bentch you with continued success!

  • A parent says:

    Thank you !! Family Roberts, may Hashem bless you for all your chesed, and kindness that you bestow on our community. Your love for your for the community… you are a real mensch!! A hero!!

  • Willy says:

    Dr. Robert’s, I would like to start off by saying that you gave a great explanation on why to cancel the carnival.

    It was really thought out.

    I would also like to say that my family has never attended your carnival, because BH we can go other places and pay money, and I thought it wasn’t right to crowd your carnival and take things away from others.

    That said.

    I have to say that what I did do every CHOL HAMOED, is go on the Lakewood scoop and read all the compliments and thank yous that you got from all the people that went.

    I have to say it brought tears of joy to my eyes, that 1 person can make so many kids happy.

    If I can suggest to Dr. Roberts.

    Please this is a true turning point in your life.

    Please don’t stop, HASHEM will give you the strength to pull it off.

    There are so many kids in Lakewood looking forward to the carnival every Yom Tov and they won’t have where to go.

    I am a true admirer of Dr. Roberts even though I have never met you or spoken to you.

    Your actions speak for themselves.


  • ben zvi says:

    Thank you again Dr. Roberts. As I mentioned to you in person at the recent carnival my kids look forward to this every yom tov. I even switched my work schedule this year in order to let my kids have such a great time. A special thank you goes to Mrs. Roberts who is an equal partner in all her husbands chesed and tzedokoh initiatives! BEHIND EVERY GREAD MAN IS AN EVEN GREATER WOMAN!!!

  • :) says:

    we loved your carnivals! thank you for giving your time for a detailed explanation!

  • cool masmid says:

    Dr. Roberts,
    I thought maybe to suggest an idea that would work at least for Chol Hamoed Succos – to make an afternoon Simchas Bais Hashoeivah at the Cheder building with live music… and soft drinks etc. and with this kind of entertainment…
    if you will, there’ll be a lot of come and go so I think that the overcrowding issue is off the table, also it’s an indoor event and it’s once a year so it’s a little less involving for you but you will still maintain the kesher with the Lakewood children who love and admire you so much.. The little girls I believe will be happy to watch from bleachers. I think it’ll be really nice experience for all and takes care of a lot of the points you mentioned above…
    Yasher koach for teaching us what it means to be a meitiv to another yid.

  • Moshe says:

    Mr Roberts,

    Why don’t you do it by tickets? Even if you keep it as a chesed but only tickets are allowed in

  • Blue Claws says:

    Dr. Robert’s, yes it’s really time to upgrade to the stadium. Don’t worry about your age, this will keep u young. If your concernd with the added cost, you will find a couple of corporate sponsors. There are also sophisticated people in Lakewood who can help launch the outing on a very professional scale, like a mini state fair. Hashem will bless you to have 25,000 attendees at next Chol Hamoed event. You should have a lot of nachas and happiness from your own family.

  • Feel bad says:

    I did not watch the video. I see the set of what looks like The Medrash Says on chumash in the background.I was thinking just like Noach did tremendous chesed for every live animal,in the world.You also do chesed for the entire Lakewood.

  • Lakewood Mom says:

    Just wanted to say thank you–I haven’t been attending the carnival since it moved to the Cheder and my children started getting older and B”H financially we were able to swing some trips, but we really appreciated and enjoyed it when we went. It was a highlight of our Chol Hamoed and my kids really felt treated, and so did we!
    yasher koach!

  • Thankful says:

    We are so grateful to dr Roberts for all those wonderful chol hamoed events! Thank you for enlightening us to all your hard work on our behalf! You should be blessed!

  • zvi ungarischer says:

    we thank you for making simchas yomtov to thousands i think maybe rent out a amusment park for the oilm

  • Never Been There Personally.... says:

    I’ve never been there personally, but I too watch from afar (via TLS) and am in awe of the carnivals from concept to execution and everything in between!

    Haven’t watched this video but if Dr. Roberts wants to continue the carnivals, I was also thinking along the pre-registration lines. Besides controlling how many people come (with a cap at whatever number is deemed safe/doable), there would also be a reduced workload and purchase-load since all prizes and refreshments etc are bought for and all arrangements are made for a specific amount of people, without the extra work and purchasing and preparation “just in case” more people come.

    Wishing the Roberts family much Hatzlacha and Bracha in all of their endeavors!!

  • Chaim says:

    Dr. Roberts,
    I too would like to thank you for your generosity in helping thousands upon thousands of our community children have true joy on Yom Tov.
    I would like to suggest (as someone already posted above) that perhaps you can look into renting out an amusement park e.g. Keansburg Amusement Park. you will not need the shows/performances nor give out prizes and nosh. Just free or subsidized admission. Of course you cannot overcrowd the park so tickets will be given out a week beforehand.

  • Adam says:

    Wow! And don’t forget about all the kids helping out! What a special zechus. Keep the zechusim going! Not everyone who has the ability to do such a special thing realizes its importance.

  • Dovid says:

    Dr. Roberts,
    I have never attended the carnivals yet however I am inspired by your attention to detail and commitment to your klall work!

    Whatever works for you is obviously your best option.

    If the carnival is stopped it would be a chesed for anyone to create a few venue options – even for profit or profits to charity as to keep people occupied

  • Yossi says:

    You are a true inspiration to see and listen to. The enjoyment you get by giving to others is a lessen to us all. May you continue being able to do such wonderful work for the Klal.

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