Having issues with AT&T in Lakewood?

Over the past few days, AT&T cell phone users in Lakewood have been losing calls or unable to make calls due to a drastic drop in service, users have told TLS.

“I had a critical patient several days ago and could not get through to medical control or the emergency room,” a Lakewood paramedic said.

Another user told TLS, “Yes, I am having a whole lot of trouble with AT&T. Calls don’t get placed and sometimes messages don’t go through. I tried calling AT&T, and the call got disconnected in the middle! Thanks for addressing this issue.”

Some have expressed their concerns on Twitter.

In polls earlier this year, residents expressed concerns over Verizon Wireless’ weak service in Lakewood, but another poll showed users still found it to be the best carrier in Lakewood.

Which carrier do you use, and how is the service?



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There are 36 Comments to "Having issues with AT&T in Lakewood?"

  • Avraham says:

    I have AT&T service in Lakewood. Lately it’s a mess, most of the time I do not have any service at all.

  • jay says:

    Redpocket has the same issue as it runs on AT&T Service

    • service says:

      Red Pocket runs on either At&t, Verizon, Sprint or T Mobile. depending on which plan/sim card you choose.

      I’m on Cricket Wireless (AT&T MNVO) and have been having lots of coverage issues for the past few months. Anyone Else having issues witrh Cricket?

      • Yes! says:

        I started having problems with my Cricket Wireless last week. It drops calls, blocks calls, and does not let calls go through.

  • Harry says:

    I cannot call or receive calls when I’m in my house
    Only texts
    Gets better when I’m on the road

  • Sam says:

    I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one having issues. The past couple of days, I’m having trouble making calls. etc. Today for a long time I couldn’t make even one call!!

  • david berlin says:

    i have cricket which runs on ATT and was having the same issues (myself and my mother) I went into my phones settings and hit reset network settings and everything went back to normal, we havent been having issues since. (doing this will reset all of your network settings like Bluetooth, wifi, not a big deal will just have to setup those devices that you normally pair with your phone)

  • Verizon says:

    Verizon in Brooklyn is having the same issues, incredibly frustrating. The issue in their case is that they have dropped 3G service and Brooklyn was the first to go apparently. This information is what you get when you walk into Verizon stores or call them up. I wonder if it is a similair story with ATT & T.

  • Pickle says:

    I have service with Cricket which uses AT&T bandwidth. I was told it will be resolved by oct, 14th.

  • Me too! says:

    I have been experiencing the same problems with Cricket since Friday. A coincidence?

  • Shmerel says:

    They tell me every day that it’s being fixed by the end of the day….

  • crazy says:

    Yes trouble making and receiving calls. It doesn’t ring when I dial and people are telling me they are getting my voice mail directly with out it ringing when they dial me.
    i tried calling at&t but the call wouldn’t go through.

  • Att user says:

    I am also an ATT and indeed its been horrific the past days…I was actually trying to call them too! service was off all the thete something we can do as a joint public of the town??if the Lakewood can help, it would be more tham greatly appreciated!

  • lkwd res says:

    the service is terrible the past few weeks. i hope someone can do something about it soon

  • Mj says:

    I have cricket service which runs on at&t. Since friday was barrly able to recieve or make phobe calls or texts. I spoke to cricket. They said the closest tower is down. Should be resolved oct 13.

  • lakewood res says:

    Yes, the AT&T service has been absolutely terrible this last 2 weeks.. I drove around my development the other night just to try to get enough service to make a call…

  • The truth says:

    I have been getting “no data available” noises all day long. I had no clue if I was getting texts or the same message. I spoke to att and used protech. They said they will CV on next me to a different cell phone tower. When that was done, it was better for an hour then it started all over again and I lost connection during calls or trying to connect calls. Today I told att it doesn’t work and they said I have to go to the store and get a new sim card. Then I found out that they had been charging my parents for insurance $8.99 and protech. I told them no insurance when I replaced my phone. Protech was added in the Toms river store and no one said there is a $3 fee for this feature. The guy there said let me give you an app because we dont have knowledge of your phone but they do. He did it on the spot and didnt tell me about a fee. Att seems to add charges every time I deal with them and they tell me no charges were added to my account. Very dissatisfied with their company.

  • M. Josef says:

    I thought it was my phone. Happy (sad) to see it’s not only me.
    Anyone have any info if it will ever get fixed?

  • E S says:

    I have cricket it’s been down since last week they told me it will be fixed by the 11th.

  • Kenneth Lichtenstein says:

    I have been having problems since last Thursday. I have been calling ATT since then. Sometimes they tell me that there are problems with the towers, and sometimes they tell me that there are not any problems with the towers. Then one rep created a ticket and escalated it to their network engineers. Someone from the ATT advanced technical support ICU unit called me and asked me to give them the time and date of three failed calls. I emailed them the info. Then she called me and told me that the resolution is that the engineers recommended that I get a 4g phone because they are cutting out their 3g service. I went home and checked online and saw that my iphone 5s is a 4g phone. I called back and the rep told me that there’s a tower problem and that the expected resolution is 11pm tonight. I think that they have been saying that all week. I am missing important phone calls, and it is extremely time consuming trying to call them to fix the problem.
    What should we do? Maybe everyone needs to call att and ask to be transferred to advanced technical support and ask them to file a ticket and have it escalated to their network engineers.
    Are people also having the problem with 4g phones?

  • Eli g says:

    Cricket Wireless told me that one of the towers is having issues and will be fixed by today. They told me that the issue has been going on since yesterday even though I was experiencing issues since Friday. So good luck to us.

  • Eli g says:

    Too many people on their treife smartphones clogging up the network

  • Eli g says:

    I have the issue on 4g

  • Kenneth says:

    I direct messaged attcares on twitter. They sent me a link to troubleshoot my device. What in the world? Is there any way to contact someone at att that could see the problem with their network and fix it?

  • Yaakov says:

    Yes same here. A disaster for me last 2 weeks. Horrible

  • Yitzy says:

    They say 4 towers are down in the area should be fixed tonight. They also advised that it would be beneficial if all those having trouble would call in…

  • Sam says:

    The at&t cell phone service has been a total disaster lately. I thought that it was my phone so I went out and bought a new phone it wasn’t – it was AT&T’s bad service. I’m switching to version as a result.

  • RR says:

    My carrier is H20 & they use AT&T and the service has been terrible the last two days. I too, had calls dropped, it takes forever for a call to go thru & often it doesn’t even go thru. At least I see I’m not the only one having this problem. What can we do about it?

  • Abe says:

    I’m having crazy trouble with my Verizon phone.. Calls dropping, not going through.. Not receiving texts and calls.. No data… Anyone else??

  • Sara says:

    The phone companies (I know this is def verizon at least) are trying to get everyone to get smart phones. So for those who have a basic phone, you with a 3 GB or less, you may be experiencing calls dropping, calls not going thru, not receiving calls or texts, strange dates on your phone.. etc

    Please contact your providor! And if the phone providors were to receive a few thousand calls a day, we can hopefully see a change!

  • Kenneth says:

    I read online that it’s very effective to file a complaint with the fcc. Google fcc complaint and you could file a complaint online.

  • Askan4trouble says:

    Having a data issue with cricket barely a connection…calls and texts I have no idea as I don’t use it that much but I’m finding the issue only in one area

  • mnm says:

    since the presidential test my at&t service has been off kilter.

  • Thankful says:

    Thankfully I have Sprint. 🤣 I never thought I would say that.

  • avrumi says:

    Same here! my data has been terribly slow anoyone know if theyre doing anything about it?

  • Boogies says:

    I got an inside scoop! Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer hired the Russians to tap our phones so that they can meddle into the upcoming midterm elections. The good news is that it looks like it’s going to be brought before the Supreme Court. The democraps are trying to get Kavanaugh to recuse himself because he used AT & T when he was a teenager.