PHOTOS: Satmar Rebbe Reb Zalman Leib visits Lakewood

During his visit, the Rebbe performed a Kvias Mezuzah at the 

101 Chase Avenue Office building.


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There are 13 Comments to "PHOTOS: Satmar Rebbe Reb Zalman Leib visits Lakewood"

  • chaim says:

    Nice!! What did that cost?

  • A Bissel Seichel says:

    Mazal tov

  • 14th Street e says:

    No wonder we are battling with our chinuch values for our kids that want to wear light color suits, custom made, brand name clothing. We all miss the Lakewood of old. 20 years ago there was maybe one Lexus in the whole town.

  • Bd says:

    14th St
    Please explain???

  • George Mosesohn says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the person wearing the light blue suit (who does a tremendous amount of chessed BTW) grew up in Lakewood more than 20 years ago.

  • Just saying says:

    Lakewood is tiring into Williamsburg

  • Old man says:

    14th, it is not worth battling about what your kids wear. And I was here 20 years ago and it wasn’t all roses. There was people fighting with their kids about what to wear than too. And I assume most of those people look back and think it would have been better to have not fought about these things.

  • Chaim says:

    It’s no ones business what someone else wears. Worry about yourselves.

  • Smiling says:

    @14 is talking about the light color costume made bekitcha! That wasn’t here twenty years ago…..

  • 14 street says:

    Nothing against this chashuva bal habas. Why aren’t there pictures of the rebbe visiting chadorim in town and giving kovod to our rabbeim. This kind of article and pictures being posted gives our children the cheshek to run after this type of kovod.

  • me says:

    unclear? why the need to pick publicly at what ones wearing? looks like a nice event

  • Confused says:

    It’s beyond me how quick ppl are to embarrass them,selves with silly comments. While the expression in Wall St. is “clothes make a man” it certainly doesn’t apply to Lakewood in 2018. I’ve watched this light-blue suited man daven many times, and I wished I could say the words of psukei d’zimrah they way he does. I’ve seen him give head-checks to tzedakas, before he was in the financial position he presumably is in today. I’ve seen him leave the forever-ringing phone in the car so he can jump into beis medrash to learn for a few minutes smack in middle of the work day. Him and many other light-blue suited fellows. Can someone please explain why there is something negative about wanting a tzadik to hang the mezuza on a new office building? Is there a problem making a lichaim with someone he looks up to and zchus avois that are immeasurable?

  • yosef says:

    why all the judgementalism?are you jealous?why are you so quick to judge
    ?This guy is a tremendous baal tzedakah probably supporting your own kids schools. Fargin him and enjoy your day!

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