MEASLES OUTBREAK: Dr. Shanik: Schools should reject all unimmunized children; Hundreds getting vaccinated per day in Lakewood since Outbreak

Prominent Lakewood Pediadrician Dr. Reuven Shanik this evening strongly implored Lakewood schools to reject any children who aren’t immunized.

“Schools should not allow in any unimmunized children unless they have a valid medical excuse,” Dr Shanik told TLS.

Dr. Shanik says says since the outbreak, hundreds of children are being vaccinated each day.

Residnts tell TLS they have a hard time getting through to the office since the outbreak was announced, and some say they have waited on hold for over an hour.

Dr. Shanik says there’s only so much they can fit into the 7AM-11PM workday, and the secretaries are working as efficient as possible. Appointments can be made at any of their six locations.

CHEMED says they are also seeing hundreds of patients, and patients keep pouring in. They said you do not need to be a patient at CHEMED to receive the shot.

“Anyone in need of the MMR vaccine can walk into CHEMED between 10am and 4pm Monday, November 5th through Thursday, November 8th,” CHEMED stated. “Please bring your insurance card and vaccination records if they are available. You do not need to be a CHEMED patient to get the vaccine. There will be no need to change your PCP.”

They added, “CHEMED is being proactive and aggressively putting into place measures to stop the spread of the measles virus. Thanks to the assistance of the Ocean County Health Department, New Jersey Department of Health, the New Jersey EMS Taskforce and the New Jersey Primary Care Association a negative pressure tent has been set up in the CHEMED parking lot which will allow for the examination of patients with measles symptoms without further spread of the disease. Anyone exhibiting measles symptoms such as fever, conjunctivitis and/or rash should come to CHEMED’s entrance where they will be directed appropriately.”

Meanwhile, more establishments in Lakewood are taking a stand against the unimmunized – including the Gym Lakewood and Snaps.


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There are 31 Comments to "MEASLES OUTBREAK: Dr. Shanik: Schools should reject all unimmunized children; Hundreds getting vaccinated per day in Lakewood since Outbreak"

  • Berish Woolstein says:

    Antivaxxers should be banned from this planet.
    Elon Musk would love to send them to Mars,

  • Anon says:

    Dr Shanik,
    Can u make a separate extension for those needing the shot so that those that really need Ill visits can get through

  • Bd says:

    What about mesivta and said medrash boys??? My ninth grader just came home to tell me that his classmate is not immunized!! What can be done about this??

    • Immunized or vaccinated? says:

      There are two words: ‘Immunized’ means you have immunization to an illness, ‘vaccinated’ means you got a shot. These two concepts are not necessarily related! Even after being vaccinated, it doesn’t mean you won’t get the virus, just that perhaps can fight it off better, and while have it, can pass it on to others.

  • Catchy says:

    How do all the non vaxxers go to camp. Do the parents lie when they fill out the forms.

    Why does Doctor Shanik allow this to happen originally.


    • Can get waiver says:

      The government has to allow waivers, as there is no one willing to take responsibility for any damage. Therefore, even though they push you, but they can always say you had the ability to get out. (It’s more complex than this, but this is the basics.)

  • peace says:

    machlokes is terible we must make shalom NOW before its two late

    • Who's making machlokes? says:

      Who’s making a machlokes, anti vaxers or pro? Let each “side” say what they have to say, and the other will listen. Saying ‘I do this becasue it makes sense to me’ is nota proof. If your decision is to rely on a particular opinion, by all means, but what makes ‘the other side’ machlokes – where do you see a machlokes – just because they don’t agree with the other opinion?! Have you heard what they have to say? Or even read the tiny tidbits mentioned in the comments on the recent posts about measles here? If you do, you’ll have enough to think about!

  • A parent says:

    Mesivta boys who are not vaccinated. Please keep them home!! Do we need to close down the dorms?

  • Yottle says:

    This is big business!!!

  • Hula says:

    Did anyone throw out their cleaning help because they’re not vaccinated?
    Did anyone stay away from a Simcha or not go grocery shopping or other errands because there are ppl. out there that are not vaccinated?
    Did anyone move onto a private island yet so as to not to come in contact with a human being who is not vaccinated?
    Just wondering….

    • resident says:

      my baby is too young for a vaccine. yup, i’m not bringing him out. left him home when i did erronds yesterday. will leave him home from the next two family simchos. not worth the risk. the rest of my kids are vaccinated. i did my hishtadlus and can do nothing more and risk is only about 3%. but the baby will have to stay home or by his daycare where only babies from vaccinated homes are allowed in.

    • Laz says:

      In answer to your questions.Yes. My baby has a heart condition. Until this crisis is over my wife is not and can not take my baby to the grocery, car pool my playgroup children or any other public places, Including a close family simcha!!! All because of some ignorant selfish individuals.

      • bilingualmom says:

        It is probably a good idea to not take young babies out into public places unless necessary, even for those who do not have a heart condition. But people who choose not to vaccinate their children usually do it for the same reason that you make decisions for your infant – because it is what is best for their child. That doesn’t make them any more selfish than it makes you selfish for doing what is best for your child. Unfortunately, it is taboo to talk about the harm that it is caused by vaccines to children every year. My child nearly died from seizures that began within 24 hours of getting the pertussis vaccine (whooping cough vaccine). In fact, so many children were being neurologically injured by previous version of this vaccine that in 1986 Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, giving the vaccine manufacturers immunity from lawsuits. However, the pertussis vaccine continues to neurologically injure children – children such as my son- just at a lower rate. But it still adds up to thousands of children over the years. It is the public who is in fact ignorant about why so many parents choose not to vaccinate their children. Most of us are more accurately “ex-vaxxers” (meaning we DID vaccinate our children, until one of them was seriously harmed).

  • justme says:

    no, we did not move to another planet. we did not avoid simchas. These are not definite exposures. We dont know for certain. Having our children sitting next to an unvaxxed child for 7 hours or so is alot more of a change of exposure.
    Immuunized or vaccinated? : 97% of properly vaccinated are immune. That number drops by a few % after approx 20 years. We do out hishtadlus. Hashem does the rest.

  • @Hula says:

    Yes, when I went grocery shopping yesterday I did not take my baby with me as he is too young to get the MMR Vaccine. There is only so much you can do and only so many precautions you can take but I will try to do whatever I can to minimize potential exposure!!

  • just me says:

    Dear Dr. Shanik,
    Please do not stop! My daughter was vaccinated and within her teenage years all the titer were gone as if she was never vaccinated. Please make yearly titers a requirement for every man, women, and child just to make sure we are all vaccinated. And when the government produces another 300 vaccines like they are planning, please make sure every one entering any shul, school, or store has all 300 shots. In short, this entire coordinated effort to bully everyone into your camp has worked! You won !! But, i’m just curious if we are going to here about the one child that died from the vaccine as we heard about the one child who died from measles?? This nothing short of mass hysteria. A brilliant move on your part!

  • my says:

    no i did not go out with my 2 kids who didnt get their 2nd shots!

  • cuzisedso says:

    on both ends, please do not forget who is the ultimate boss of measles. do your hishtadlus and then TRUST that regardless of what you did Hashem did not give over the key of life and death to doctors or to anti vaax advocates and most of all CALM DOWN

  • Amil Zola says:

    What about the cleaning ladies? Are they getting vaxed?

  • Wondering says:

    I have to laugh at just me says calling Dr Shanik a bully. Rather I would call him a tzaddik who looks out for the community. My daughter in ey was told that they don’t worry about the actual sickness as much as complications from it. In the older times mothers were home so it didn’t impact parnassah like it would today (men would have to take off of learning also so the wives wouldn’t lose their jobs.) I also don’t understand why the antivaxxers don’t sign their real name if they feel they’re in the right on the issue. And if eventually they’ll have to be vaccinated according to Yeshiva rules what’s the point.

  • E Weiss says:

    Anti-vaxxers your argument about cleaning ladies is nonsensical.

    According to WHO, the US vaccination rate is 92 percent while in Mexico it’s 99 percent.

  • E says:

    Anti-vaxxers your argument about cleaning ladies is nonsensical.

    According to WHO, the US vaccination rate is 92 percent while in Mexico it’s 99 percent.

  • cuzisedso says:

    “just me” sounds like you think Dr. Shanik is the one who braught the measles to town and not anti vaxxers. he is probably also responible for global warming and he probably also made that fake picture of the man on the moon.This mass hysteria has nothing to do with a highly contagious disease that has already claimed two lives in the past week and is spreading rapidly through our communities. It’s all part of the conspiracy. Probably the rash was painted on with some baby powder and a red crayola marker.

  • a concerned mother says:

    Thank you CHEMED for enabling so many people to receive their vaccination so quickly.

    Thank you to everyone who is working tirelessly to protect everyone, especially babies and immune-compromised people from the measles.

    It’s shocking that people are not vaccinating and doing everything they can to protect their family members and the entire community from an avoidable serious illness.

  • Rochel says:

    Hundreds getting vaccinated a day is not people who are not vaccinated, it’s the people who are preventatively getting vaccinated ahead of schedule

  • Amil Zola says:

    Esays, so you are presuming that all the domestic workers in Lkwd are Mexican? What about Honduran, Salvadorian, Guatemallan, Russian, Hungarian? Do you see where your ‘logic’ is faulty?

  • nyj says:

    and there is a measles outbreak in mexico as well!! How do you explain that?

  • Popular-Priced Tzaddeek says:

    Ants believe in the v enefis f getting measles.
    They should start a measles GMaX where like-minded could brung their kids to get natural immunity on a convenient schedule. A doctor could then certify them as ok.

    therwise, they should open Mosdoth for non-vaccinated!

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