What would you like the Township Committee incumbents to focus on in their new term?

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There are 62 Comments to "What would you like the Township Committee incumbents to focus on in their new term?"

  • YITZY says:



  • Lkwd1 says:

    Just keep on doing the great job you did till now!!!

  • Little Person says:

    – Stop changing zoning laws

    – Stop the overdevelopment

    – Stop creating cul-de-sacs off busy streets.

    – Transparency

    – Reduced traffic

    – Battle APP fake news obsession with Lakewood

  • Anon says:

    Put a stop to the overdevelopment and overbuilding.

  • Improvement says:

    Simple traffic improvements like addtl turning lanes,coordinating lights,having road work suspended from 8-10am and 2-5pm. Being aware of how road closures disrupt already difficult transversing this town etc

  • mo says:

    widening rt 9 traffic light at evergreen. paving more bad roads please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bernard says:

    Rt. 9 Traffic
    Lowering Taxes
    Upgrading parks


  • Eliyahu says:

    1)Repairing and installing sidewalks.
    2)Bridge over the lake.

  • building 101 says:

    I would love for them to stop the building and crowdedness on streets that cannot handle it! Also, when new stores, shopping centers or buildings get approved, please make sure there is adequate parking. It is so hard to deal with “frum” buildings, etc since there is usually not enough parking for even quiet days.

  • Nathan says:

    A light at Williams and James. Repave a lot of roads.
    Only common sense construction.

    Require the roads to be updated before new projects are built.

  • yungerman says:

    work for the vaad and THE PEOPLE!!!!

  • Yehuda says:

    Traffic problem – Rt. 9 south of Lake, Cross Street nightmare, other easy fixes newhampsire cor. Ridge turning lane

  • frumyid says:

    stop new development. This will allow greater expansion into neighboring towns and stop the stress on our town infrastructure (such as the roads and traffic)

  • Mo says:

    Traffic, snow removal, not higher ing taxes, school issues

  • Aaron says:


  • Don't pass the buck says:

    Traffic – enough with blaming the state and the county. Get it done! Put up more lights, time them properly, add turning lanes, put do not block boxes by intersections, and STOP BUILDING!!

  • Thankful says:

    1) Property Taxes
    2) Property Taxes
    3) Property Taxes.

    Oh, did I mention property taxes?

  • Anon says:

    Lower taxes

  • Lkwder says:


  • LkwdGuy says:

    1-3 – More building, more building and more building.
    4 – The destruction of any remaining tree within the borders of Lakewood.
    5 – Seeing what can be done to increase the travel time on Rt 9 from Chestnut to James from the current 15 minutes to at least 30 minutes.

    Oh almost forgot. PLEASE, more strip malls and shopping plazas!

  • Lkwdgirl says:

    Could something please be done about the crazy traffic and condition of the roads

  • Morris gluck says:


  • Yid 45 says:

    Would be really nice if we can build more developments on Rt 70. Preferably apartment buildings. There isn’t enough traffic in that part of Lakewood. Today I drove down the 70 and there wasn’t as much traffic as on Rt 9, so we could definitely use some more traffic there.
    Thanks again for everything you do!

  • me says:

    1. Widen Rt 9 – never give up – keep pushing
    2. Property taxes
    3. Courtesy Bussing for all (after all taxes we pay, why do I have to pay within 2 mi?? They don’t expect my 5-year-old to walk right?)

  • Hunch says:

    Some very simple easy fixes.

    Turning arrow at clover x Cderbridge

    Turning arrow clover x 88

    Turning arrow pine x RT 9

    Etc etc etc

  • Mark Levin says:

    Lower taxes
    More highways
    Better infrastructure (sidewalks, more paper streets opened,more red lights)

  • Hello says:

    Amazing!! We seriously just had elections and yet we elected the same officials who by the way may be doing a great job considering the circumstances. My question is if you believe we need change vote for CHANGE!!!

  • Please !!!! says:

    Stop the building and open all paper streets in this town …. the overcrowding and overbuilding is insane … please worry about the simple people and what the traffic will cause and do to their value of their house … the ones that don’t know how to higher lawyers and defend their rights … what happend on Albert makes no sense !!!! We need all streets open to reduce the traffic

  • Anon says:

    Reb yid,

    Are u a builder?

  • RebRambo says:


  • yossi says:

    STOP BUILDING and put up a website showing every dollar into and out of the township. Every address what the taxes are – and every dollar out where it goes.

  • Stop building and changing zoning laws says:

    Did anyone mention to stop building??

    Oh, I see- just about everyone.

    What is so hard to understand, the roads are not able to maintain the overwhelming amount of new homes.

  • Sam says:

    please try to let the green light by the 9 and central stay green longer!

    the basic cause of traffic is cars stopping and starting again, if less cars have to stop and start again, it will speed up the main artery through our town

    if u are bothered that the side streets will become jammed, they are jammed anyways

    this is a free solution, why not try it?

    our first step to solving traffic should be clearing up the main artery through town, i think all the cars that try to go around would take the 9 if was a bit faster, thus clearing all gridlock on side streets!!

    its free! why not try it?

  • chaya says:

    Solve the traffic in Lakewood by widening the roads and not allowing any building of new homes if the roads around it can’t handle the additional care of traffic.

    Lower the community taxes which are already the highest in the country

    Every resident of Lakewood pays taxes that goes towards your paychecks now let’s see what you can do for them

  • BROOKL says:

    Lower taxes
    Traffic/Improve RT.9
    Over development

  • dov says:

    $17 for the Verrazano Bridge is crazy! also the price of a loaf of bread is high. And finally, please dont let the PO raise the price of stamps. Otherwise Meir and Menashe are perfect!!

  • Eli says:

    As if this will actually help.

  • Alan says:

    Lower taxes.
    Build only based real traffic patterns.

  • Yossel says:

    Take responsibility for getting the streets of Lakewood passable again. Don’t blaming the state & county for the mess were in.
    Don’t approve high density housing in areas like Cross st. Where the roads can’t deal with the current traffic.
    The greatest Chessed you can do is save our precious time from being wasted in traffic.

  • Sunny Lakewood says:

    Open up Cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets. We need to have the “through way system” where on the streets go through. It’s time to do something big for a change.

    • goodenglish says:

      Open up Cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets??? Did ya ever think the folks who PAID for those properties actually LIKE those cul de sacs???
      Or do we need traffic spilling all over?

  • Quality of Life says:

    Please stop the building of more developments in this township. It doesn’t make a difference how much the officials line their pockets, the rest of the township gains nothing but Tzar, headache, waste of time in traffic, etc. There should be a 100% moratorium until further infrastructure can be developed.
    Thank You

  • Bubbie Zelda says:

    AGREE WITH NUMBER 2. And you should with HASHEM’S help have good health to accomplish everything that you undertake to do. Amen .

  • loops says:

    Ease traffic by

    1) Enforce common sense zoning laws.
    2) Enforce parking laws
    3) Enforce driving laws.

    Mayer and Menashe, have you ever thought about the damage our stressed out driving has on the chinuch of our children?

  • Just saying.. says:

    No more cul-de-sacs and only streets wide enough that cars can park on both sides of the street and cars driving on the streets can pass each other without snaking down the street. Start connecting dead end streets.

  • newcomer says:

    stop allowing developments with only one way in/out. its dangerous!! we need more turn signals and turn lanes
    . its no wonder neighboring communities are reacting as they do; they are scared of the overcrowding, the crazy driving, etc. being anti lakewood style development is not necessarily anti semitism

  • Doug says:

    Some ideas.
    BMG south side campus.
    Bridge over the lake.

  • easy fix says:

    turning lane at clover and 88 a must

  • Willy says:

    I don’t know why anyone would give the township any advice on what to do.

    Do you really think that they care about the people that live on Lakewood.

    The same politicians get voted in every time and they are not held accountable for anything.

  • Oklahoma Pawnee Rebbe says:

    PAVE PAWNEE/SEMINOLE ROADS!! THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE 10 YEARS AGO, SO ANY EXCUSE ABOUT THERE BEING TOO MANY PERMITS OPEN ON THIS ROAD IS PURE RUBBISH! The ever increasing millions of tax dollars keep flowing into this town’s coffers, but for some strange reason the quality of life in this town keeps deteriorating. Is paving roads that cannot even be walked on, not to mention driven on, asking too much?!

  • sam says:

    didnt vote for incumbents .. wont till streets are paved.

  • Karen says:

    Traffic light on Massachusetts and prospect instead of blinker with a turn light. Getting people to stop running the school bus red lights. And enforcement of driving laws. Running stop signs hitch hiking which is illegal.

  • goodenglish says:

    People didn’t move to Lakewood for high density unregulated OVER DEVELOPMENT! Enough is enough.

  • KY says:


  • C'mon! says:

    I’m glad everyone is giving their 2 cents. Do you really think ANYTHING will change in this town???

  • jack glenet says:

    First hire someone with a masters in business to look at the books.
    Because based on the tax income this town makes annually, it’s upside down.

    If the answer to where the revenue is going, is major expansion, put a freeze on all new projects if you can’t handle the existing ones. The condition of dozens of roads are really bad, pot holes are everywhere.

    Our parks look like they haven’t been upgraded in 15 years.
    The public school buildings need a facelift.
    Downtown is dilapidated.

    Bottom line is misappropriation of funds have turned are town old and dirty, while we in New Jersey have the highest prop tax in the nation!
    But remain in debt unlike other cities and states.

    It might be time to ask for some help from people who made it work.


  • Shaya Bassman says:

    how about a digital sign by chesnut and route 9 facing north telling you your eta to 1)the hospital (mmcsu) 2) james 3)route 88 4)seventh st???

  • Moish24/6 says:

    Stop asking us what we think…it wont help anyways

  • its dangerous says:

    A light at Massachusetts ave. and Prospect st.

  • dovid says:

    I believe we need traffic calming measures like lowering the speed limt like they did in NYC, that would lead to no accidents of fatalities. in addition we need more affordable housing we should make sure that 50% are affordable even if that means giving them extra height levels.

  • simon sez says:

    reduce property taxes. install delayed green with left turn arrow at kennedy going east onto 9 going north

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